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Once such fake news is manufactured the British famous mainstream media, such as the newspapers, for example, THE DAILY TELEGRAPH is now at their disposal to publish anything.

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Institutionalized Tribalism: Ethiopia’s Constitution and Ethnic Federalist Government Increase the Risk of Instability in Ethiopia

I love my fellow Ethiopians and my Ethiopia unconditional

Crimes and attacks by ethno-nationalists continue to specifically target the Amhara. Those living outside the Amhara region have been the most affected. In these places, like in Oromia and Benishangul-Gumuz, they have been told to go back to their own region; that they were settlers and newcomers, not belonging in that region, even though some had been born there.

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Why Deaf Ears and Closed Eyes? The scheme to Balkanize Ethiopia

Ethiopia's ethnic-based federalism

In the ongoing war in Tigray, the TPLF beheads the corpses of Tigrean-Ethiopian military, intelligence and other top officers killed in battles. The strategic intent is to embolden the people of Tigray and persuade the impressionable international community that the TPLF fighting force is intact & invincible; and that, Tigray and Tigreans are targets.

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The blinking of Ethiopia

Ethiopia Elections 2015

We won over the mafia group. Our military performed its duty in a very exemplary manner. Ethiopians are walking tall because our Army proved once again they are the true lions of the jungle and proud inheritors of Adwa.

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