Hailemariam Desalegn’s Lie (Sadik Ahmed)

Hailemariam Desalegn's lie Sadik Ahimed

Hailemariam Desalegn the bogus Ethiopian Prime Minister lie (by Sadik Ahmed)

9 Responses to “Hailemariam Desalegn’s Lie (Sadik Ahmed)”

  1. aluoik says:

    This man has totally become irrelevant and a complete, not to mention a jerk, but also an uninteresting person.

    Even, even his owners have bee in a big dilemma as what to do with man that they made him according to their desire, need, and command and control. What else this man is useful if he can not self-aware and self-realize himself? What else this man is capable of doing if he can not do basic and elementary tasks independent of the command and instruction of others?

    To what extent have his owners deprived him of brain function and mental activity this is left with nothing buy empty skull?

    One little thing, basically makes us different from animals is that human do plan and see themselves into the future. So, why this man can not see himself into the future? What have his owners particularly done to him and this man lost himself?

  2. Adhanom Gebru says:

    Diromko Hailemariam yetefelegew le ashangulitnet new. Nift chinklat new.

  3. Mario says:

    HMD is doing exactly what he is told to do, by woyanes/TPLF. Nothing more, nothing less. He is instructed to tell lies. Unfortunately, he is not even good enough to tell those lies in a manner to persuade anyone.

    Because of his lies and his inability to do anything good, Ethiopians are now forced to say, “God, we were better of during our previous pathological liar, PMZ”.

    The look of him and his lack of charisma makes me nauseate every time I see his image or listen to his lies. Surely, woyanes/TPLF have found someone to hurt every singly decent Ethiopian.

  4. sara mekonene says:

    ena eko yamgarmg esu sawya beha new eracu males tagalbto balut

  5. hassabu_1 says:

    HMD is a condom of the TPLF regime and more worryingly he lacks class. Whenever he opens his mouth he utter full of garbage that vividly shows his level of understanding. He might be a reasonably good water engineer; however, his soft skills, logical thinking, gestures and trying to personify the ex-PM are way below the required level of a PM of Ethiopia.

    His mastery of both Amharic and English languages are lamentable. He can not converse coherently either with paper in his hand or without.

    It is such a shame a person with such caliber let alone being PM he shouldn’t even consider as a candidate. Nonetheless, the deceased Melese told us he had no qualm to have an illiterate Minster so long as the individual is trusted to promote TPLF’s agenda.

  6. AMSAL KASSIE says:

    Hailemariam Desalegn is just a puppet.He has no power at all.Ermias the former Minister told us how Hailemariam hates Sibhat Nega and Arkebe Ekubai before he became PM.Now he is just doing what he is told to do by TPLF:He even dare to say that there is no body in Ethiopia jailed because of their political thought.How can you even think this guy believes in God?Shame on him and his family.I am sure his children will be disgraced by him in the long run.No body is terrorist in Ethiopia except TPLF.Stealing,killing,arresting innocent people in Ethiopia is continuing under Hailemariams administration even though he has no power he will be responsible.How can he sleep after all this lies?where did he get the information about many people been killed,busses were shattered and businesses were vandalised?Is he talking about some other countries or what?TPLF made this guy more lier than ETV:We know what our moslem brothers asking,we know what the opposition are asking.For me HD is a messenger of TPLF period.Even his wife knows that for sure and she will be responsible as well.Long live Ethiopia and Death to TPLF:Viva G7,EPPF,EPRP,THE 9 PARTIES,ANDINET,AEUO,OBANG METHO ETC.I AM ANDY AND ESAT IS MINE.

  7. Tsemai Dassenech says:

    I have never and ever seen such disgraceful trash person in my entire life. what a garbage!!

  8. Tsemai Dassenech says:

    I have never and ever seen such disgraceful trash person in my entire life. what a garbage!!