EU Human Rights Committee hearing on Ethiopia

EU Human Rights Committee hearing on Andargachew Tsege, Zone9 bloggers and Ethiopian government human rights abuses.

4 Responses to “EU Human Rights Committee hearing on Ethiopia”

  1. Ashetuarega says:

    I would like to thank Amenesty international for there effort to secure Mr A Tsege unconditional release .I also like to thank Anna Gomez for her long term commitment for human rights in Ethiopia since her visit and continue to stand against the minority’s ethnic barbaric weyane government,now it is all to do the British government to act faster with out any delay as our freedom and human rights activist A Tsege well being secured .

  2. Abeaselom says:

    I don’t know why the cancer TPLF representative came here and tried to defend the day light crime of the Tigrian mercenaries ? In fact their is no shame in Tigrigna.

  3. I like Gomez. But the whole hearing is such a disappointment. They want to wait two months while all the loggers and Andargachew, Reiot , sit in captivity. Where is the empathy of these so called human right protectors? Where is their urgency. And shame on the representative of the Ethiopian Embassy. He looked like he only read what the Chinese have written for him.