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  1. dhugasa ewunetu haqi

  2. የምታደርጉት አሥተዋፅኦ እጅግ በጣም ያሥመሠግናችሗል በርቱ ምንግዜም ከጎናችሁ ነን ቢሹ

  3. It is time now for all ethiopians stand together and push the struggle to liberate our mother land from the devil woyane regime.
    God bless ethiopia
    Down with woyanes.

  4. we Ethiopian have hope Wendy Sherman sham on you. that your message-

  5. ‹‹ትኩረታችሁ ምርጫ ላይ አይሁን! አዲስ አበባን ትኩረት ያደረገ ህዝባዊ ንቅናቄ መስራት ያስፈልጋል!!
    አንድነቶችና .. የሰማያዊ ልጆች .. አንድ ላይክ ፔጅ በመክፈት፣ እንደ ድምፃችን ይሰማ ዓይነት ህዝብ ተቀብሎ የሚተገብረው ሰላማዊ ትግል ማቀድ አለባችሁ። ምንም ዓይነት ማደራጀት ሳይጠበቅባችሁ የውስጥ መስመር በመዘርጋት ትኩረታችሁን ምርጫ ላይ ሳይሆን ህዝባዊ እምቢተኝነት ላይ አድርጉ።››

    ጋዜጠኛ እስክንድር ነጋ ከቃሊቲ!!

  6. ECADF is nice, for those of us who have shortage of informatione.

  7. i don't no I Am an Oromo First "ethiopianisim is Imposed on Me"

  8. Betaem truneh mesay weyane leamara sew eyenkobelele now

  9. Zer Legebere New Andargachew

    @moroda kebede turkawi neh ende


  11. : i couldn't connect with you.


  13. hey all

  14. Eyamareh Ynorale


  16. Please Opositon party from Ethiopia, you work Together and Creat one Ethiopia. Remuve Woyane( TPLF) Please…Please………

  17. Please Opositon party from Ethiopia, you work Together and Creat one Ethiopia. Remuve Woyane( TPLF) Regme. Please…Please………

  18. Am saeed Syrian. Man living at abudhabi

  19. Sweden Ethiopians historical actiions and thereby must be supported by all Ethiopians who wishes be free from the bloody tplf occupation. They have to get moral and material support. All Ethiopians are respnsible to liberate their land. Bringing the bloody murderers to justice is a good start. Sweden Ethiopian Thank you. You did great job.

  20. the discussion does’t seem coherent and often time participant digress from the main discussion point

  21. so many of the discussion were out of the topic misses the point of the point. guys lets be specific

  22. hy guys what r u talking about


  24. hey call me with this number pleas every one 3016054952. We need to talk about Ethiopia and help.

  25. Menew tefacheu selam lenate yehuenelacheu!!

  26. I am proud of my People yes yes yes ale gena ale gena ….mot le TPLF!!! mot le bandawoch !!

  27. Andet set yetenagerchew betam lek nate….malet mesadeb ayetekemem ezhe yalew sedetegna gena alewtam bekel beze seat ayetkemem hezebu eser bate berhaben bewh tem eyteskaye new selzeh asebu? ketechale beselfu laye beharebgna tesefo selserut sera bezerzer benbebe bezu areboch guedachewn yaweku neber ensuem bekelalu yerdute nebr chegerum mefteha yenorewal beya asebalu este mokeru berasachen quewanqewa benawera ayegebachewm azhe yalut sewoh bebezat yemeluten sesema eyewachew ethiopianochen eyrebshu new yemelut ..tenshem behon men ale harebgna yemenager sew felgacheu betsdemetu teru new!!ke jedda

  28. This discussion is the only way to struggle the violence of Ethiopian citizens. I would like to rise question for Ethiopian government `where is this types of subjection of his citizens happen?`

  29. Continous the way of strugle.

  30. all of you are correct ; especially unifying the people& the country has beautyfull effect for ze dev’t of us but till now u u’r self have the propoganda of diversity


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  33. Hi, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just curious if you get a lot of spam responses? If so how do you protect against it, any plugin or anything you can recommend? I get so much lately it’s driving me crazy so any support is very much appreciated.


  35. Geta yebarkh

  36. I believe that ECADF one of the best media for Ethiopian but the recent Esat.
    Journalists attitude on quoting individuals as member or supporter of EPRDF is not.
    True even some of the Quoted Artists were present on 1997 Kiniget protest I am sure.
    Tewelde was at home. Stop quoting people without evidence the back fire will be dangerous.
    I respect ESAT Sisay and Tamagne.
    Terefe NC OSA.

  37. Menew tefacheu beselame new?

  38. Menew tefacheu beselame new?

  39. @ Enndelbu አባይ በ ጣና ላይ ያልፋል እንጂ ከ ጣና አይነሳም ።.የሚገርመው ደሞ አለመደባለቁ ነው ።.

  40. which parlama speak Sebehat Negga ?,I am looking right now <live <tv, from Berlin there is no such kind of Personality

  41. In my opinion every body in Ehiopia is ready for change as always , we have lots of political parties and leaders.What we missed was a media to connect this political parties and leaders with the people , so thanx to ESAT it's time now to do some thing strong to change this dictator regim.The Ethiopian people now will get ample informations about FREEDOM.The lack of informatin make z strugle to b down.Now it's a real time 4 change.I would like to recommend ESAT journalists to make a programe about Freedom and to organize a debate or a forum b/n political parties.I would like to congratulate ESAT TV for broadcasting after 1 year strugle in Ethiopia.

  42. Here is my suggestion for you ESHAT people, you are doing a fantastic jop. Do not listen to those who are blinded by the bribes they recieve from the Ethiopian dictator government. Keep on presenting true news and stories. Remember, stick to the truth. Please be sure to have a very clear discussion with Gebre Medhin Araya, both in Amharic and also in Tigrenga again. The people in Tigray must know the real TPLF drama. Better to do it as soon as possible. If I felt angry and start having a negative opinion about this govt because of what they did to their own people in Tigray region, you can imagine the effect this message will have on the people from that region. They mudered so many in that area beyond believe. I never thought they killed so many people in that area. I still could not get over the horrible story I heard via your program. Other than you did in the past A different kind of interview should be coordinated again. Please do it as soon as possible. If something happen to Gebremedhine Araya, you will regret it later. I personally think Gebremedhin and Gedye Zeratsion are both creadible and completely against the government. Please ask them also to directly communicate their view to the people of Tigray.

  43. Merigeta Addis’s comment is okay, but how come he judge on some issues that he dono about? Especially, he comment on the Tehaddiso movement, those people deviate from Ethiopian Orthodox church teachings, that is why they are called Tehadiso. I dont like he commenting on most of ethinicity issues too. Generally, most of his sayings are immature (not matured). ESAT, people in the world following each and every program of yours so you have to carfully select people for your media/programs.
    Thank you

  44. I need to comment about Haile Gebreselasse. It is not unusual for Haile to a soft spot for wayne. In 2005 he was interviewed by Ato Tamagne after he finished his New York marathon race. He said to him that Ethiopia needs food not democracy. Since then I stopped respectinghim. who the hail is he to decide for our people? What I am saying is that it is not unusual for him to be aderbye like other hodams. And who will forget the role he played as an elder with the likes of Efreem the lair. He was also at the Bole Airport to receive Melese’s dead body but did not see him shading tears like Haile. Well Haile is aiming for some sort of ministerial position. Why not cry and hit the spot after all he made his fortune by running and got his honorary degree as an athlete. Who can blame him for not analyzing the situation of our nation and the sufferring of our innoccent people.

  45. Now, it is time for the oposition to regroup and work togather to create ONE Ethiopia with out any boarder or “killel” as Melles’ government called it. We don’t need fractured Ethiopia limited to boggus boarders/”killil” such as the Amhara killil, Oromo killil……etc that killed our long standing “oneness” and the unity of Ethiopians. With the man incharge of all these divisivness gone, it is time for all of us to unit and be ONE preserving our cultures, sub-cultures and ethnic identities but having one working language. I hope time would come when the freedom of press, freedomof speech would be honered. A time where citizens would not be locked up because they expressed their beleives. or fullfieled the duties if their profession. Bertukan Medeksa is the clasical examples of this where a person in power would violate her right and put a jail if he wrongly eleived that person is a threat to is power. We need to have a country where there the rule of law is respected, where everyone would have the right to own land, where evryone is equal in the eyes of the law. Where the people can elect the leader to serve them, where that leader would be limited to set term and not be allowed to have an insiatiable appetite for power. That was what Melese’s government failed to learn from Mengistu’s govenment.

    The oposition group should never be composed of those who were involved in the killing spree during Mengistus red terror and now hiding in the US and UK.

  46. I proud of Abebe Gelaw of ethiopia .he made a good response to the dectatores. I admire him.human mens being ahuman when humanity is dead. but you see friends, we are saffering much due to mimi sebihatu ,with her FM, all Ethiopian are insulted and our health due to her false talk is being damaged .we have no media to respond .we fear to call her and say the reality.she has protection and fund from eprdf.

    so respond to her propaganda sooner and let our soal be heal.
    thanks. empua!!!

  47. Israel Yitbarek

    Abebe Gellaw is the Hero of Millenium in the Ethiopian history. Long Live Abebe! God Bless You and Your Families!!!!

  48. Since 1960 the rich countries have given almost $500billion in aid Yet there are more Africans living in poverty today than ever before. Four million children under the age of 5yrs die in 12months. International efforts to eradicate poverty have failed because despite the hundreds of billion dollars donated & thousands of Foreign aid workers, the situation has actually got worse. I do not deny the corruption of our African governments but I blame the developed Worlds for failing to direct its aid to the people who actually need it on ground because if that money goes to the farmers among others it can change the way they live. Development agencies have the tendency to tell us Africans what we should do rather than asking Africans what they think is needed, as if that is not enough they also have a tendency of imposing their own thinkings & approach & that has never worked & it will not work. Africans should stop accepting free handouts so as to work their own way out of poverty because giving things free off-charge is creating a very big Dependency syndrome in Africa. It's only Africans who will take Africa out of poverty if the rich countries stop patronizing Africans. "My dream is to take my country away from poverty someday…for good" by proving leadership that will persuade a culture of 33milion people to accept the kind of positive".

  49. Abeeee yedebezezewen neqenqae aneqahew enwdahalen enamesegnhalen…ye Ethiopia amlkak yetbekh.

  50. Abebe Gelaw action in the meeting send a shock and owes to Meles terrorising for two decays.

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