Reverse Ethiopia’s Institutional Void, and Hold TPLF Accountability

Developing Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa.

To his credit, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy has begun the boldest and most sweeping change ever. He has started arresting and holding party, federal and regional officials that bled Ethiopia.

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Confronting the past: Time Catches Up With “EPRDF Dictatorship and Mafia Group” in Ethiopia

What happened to Gen Kinfe et al is the tip of the ice berg.

Ethiopians know full well for years now this bunch had been on the take – often in cahoots with business leaders and others in their network. What happened to Gen Kinfe et al is the tip of the ice berg.

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Ethiopia: Nationalize or Dismantle EFFORT!

EFFORT Conglomerate Monopoly in Ethiopia

The multi billions dollar business conglomerate EFFORT (Endowment Fund For Rehabilitation of Tigray) is an illegal mafia business organisation  which controls significant economic sector of Ethiopia.

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Ethiopia: Justice for the Victims of the Meles Massacres of 2005!

Ethiopian martyrs

Every November since 2007, I have written annual memorial declarations and tributes in remembrance of the hundreds of innocent victims of the Meles Massacres of 2005.

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Tackling the kilil system: a critical response to ‘Ethiopia: Climbing Mount Uncertainty’

Ethiopia's ethnic-based federalism

Lefort blames the victim. In fact, it is the TPLF that is expansionist because it has annexed forcibly territories from the Amhara regions of Gondar and Wello.

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Misguided reform and lawlessness: Ethiopia’s Risk of disintegration

Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

The ruling front, in its hugely anticipated congress, has made it clear that the path of ‘ethnic politics’ will continue to guide the country. 

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Ethiopia: The Politics of ethnicity is not Patriotism!

Politics of ethnicity in Ethiopia.

The politics of ethnicity or nationalism is highly vulnerable to those elites who stupidly want to exploit it for their own ugly political agenda.

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No Alien Hands on Lalibella! Stop Destroying Our Culture and Pride!

No Alien Hands on Lalibella!

As moral philosophy teaches, once you beg and receive baloney from anyone, you establish beggar-donor relationship and you sell your independence.

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No More Doublethink, Please!

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia

As a person that has embraced optimism, I feel that the negative signals I am alluding to now should not simply be posed or assumed as predetermined, things that couldn’t be changed.

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When Truth Knocks Falsehood Shatters

Protests held in the Amhara cities against Tigray militia crackdown in Raya and Welkait.

What Ethiopians at this moment in time need, is not these kinds of tricksters and gangsters but genuine political leaders that have regard to truth and concern to the dignity of every Ethiopian citizen.

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Lefort’s Article: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed in Washington DC.

Only time will tell whether Abiy is an able politician and leader or not. However, what we can say for sure is that the accusation that he attempted to sideline the EPRDF, preferring to rely on his charisma and popularity, is a mistaken assertion.

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Ethiopia: climbing Mount Uncertainty

New blood Ethiopia's PM Abiy Ahmed.

It would seem that the only way out is first to re-establish law and order. This cannot be done by the security forces alone, as demonstrated by the years of unrest in Oromia.

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Dr. Abiy’s Credibility on the Line: The ‘Truth’ about the Addis Ababa coup attempt

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed doing press-ups.

Who are the intended audience of this assertion? Is it only the youths of ቡራዩ, ሰበታ and  ለገጣፎ who consider the government as theirs?

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In what sense the case of Taye Dendea can be teachable?

Taye Dendea, head of PR and communication at Ethiopia's Oromia region

Whenever and wherever the criteria of political group affiliation and ethnic identities are rampant and powerful, there is no room for merit-based and independent way of thinking and performance.

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Ethiopia: From Ethnocentric to Ideological Parties

East Africa or Eastern Africa is the easterly region of the African continent

My primary contention here is that ethnocentric political parties would have no reason to continue surviving if their fundamental demands are met and secured by a well-crafted constitution.

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Ethiopian PM warns vigilante violence endangering rule of law.

I read a comment on Facebook saying that we must support Prime Minister Dr. Abye Ahmend at this very critical moment.

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Ethiopia: The soldiers’ foray into the national palace

Members of Ethiopian military.

In spite of the glee and humor that accompanied the incident, the picnic-like trip to the palace of the 250 (mutinous or naive) soldiers alarms me to the core.

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Call for TPLF to ban itself, the alternative is unsustainable, at best indefensible and a mockery of justice

TPLF security officers killed in Gondar

TPLF’s destruction, annihilation of the Ethiopian state has no parallel in the Ethiopian history except the Italian fascists who conspired to rip to pieces the African, black people’s icon –Ethiopia, from every corner of the land: common-sense has to prevail, TPLF should go.

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Tomfoolery in Ethiopia: “No Fool Like an Old Fool”

Dawd Ibssa proved the truth of the old saying that there is no fool like an old fool..

I don’t know what is ...

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Security assurance through strategic institutionalized policing

More than 70,000 displaced, at least 44 killed.

If these positive changes are not accompanied by signs of stability and peace, the long term effects of the internal displacement, loss of life, personal injuries, trauma, and property loss will be disastrous.

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Did Jawar Yank the Chain of the Adults?

Dima Negewo and his compatriots.

One does not have to be a particularly astute observer to notice that the entire መግለጫ issued in the name of the 5 organizations badly reeked of Jawar.

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TPLF – a ‘Deceased’ Political Party

TPLF leaders Debretsion Gebremichael and Abay Woldu

History is replete with accounts of deceased political parties. It is a reminder that not every political party lasts forever.

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Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia’s Youth and the Power of Medemer

EPRDF Congress elected Dr Abiy Ahmed as Chairperson and Ato Demeke Mekonnen as Deputy Chairperson.

Abiy Ahmed came out of nowhere and manned the lines between civil war and civil peace. He saved  Ethiopia from the brink with his message of love, peace and reconciliation.

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No Politics of Seek and Hide at this very Critical Juncture of Ethiopian Politics!

Ato Dawud Ebesa, the top OLF leader.

The people of Ethiopia cannot and should not afford to continue witnessing thousands of their innocent compatriots horribly displaced and hundreds miserably killed.

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The Criminal Case Against Jawar Mohammed

Ethiopian opposition activist Jawar Mohammad returns home.

Jawar is a religious fundamentalist who once threatened, in a speech he gave to a Muslim audience, to behead Christians who stand up for their rights.

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Ethiopia: The EPRDF 11th Conference

The EPRDF 11th Conference.

The very statement or concluding summary of the Conference is not really different from the very day-to-day highly vague and generalized political rhetoric we have been hearing and reading for the last few months.

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Ethiopia: Disarm OLF immediately!

February 2006, OLF rebels in Northen Kenya.

The Ethiopian people peaceful struggle, suffering and sacrifice in the last 27 years shouldn’t be hijacked by these armed forces against the norms.

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Channeling Meles the Bekele way

Bekele Gerba with barefoot

It is at this important point in the life of our country that our three Oromo ‘leaders’ showed up to act victim, complain, threaten and defame the rest of us. Ato Bekele spoke on five issues.

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Ethiopia: Birth Pangs of Democracy or Anarchy?

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed in Washington DC.

We Ethiopians must be aware that this historical opportunity that we have been given must not be squandered mindlessly and irretrievably.

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Ethiopia: The reformists shouldn’t retreat nor take a defensive position

Abiy Ahmed and Lemma Megersa in Ambo.

You have the public's support, tap into this social capital to advance forward. Don't slow down. Don't get bog down by this temporary setback nor retreat nor take a defensive position.

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