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Ethiopia’s Recurrent State of Siege

A Glimpse into the Amhara Awakening

The Amhara people should be proud of their commitment to diversity, to Ethiopian national identity and to Ethiopia as a country.

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Ethiopia: The Enemy Within

Tigrean People’s Liberation Front.

Every Ethiopian citizen must now consider the TPLF the number one enemy of the Ethiopian polity. It is an organization which fomented division and hatred among Ethiopia’s ethnicities with the sole aim of perpetuating its days in power.

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Ethiopia: Political Epilepsy of TPLF

TPLF Ethnic Federal Apartheid

I present speeches of three TPLF long-standing members gave recently in different medias and see how they think and what their collective persona is.

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Whether or not we Ethiopians can work together until all our remaining political prisoners are freed, will be the greatest proof as to whether or not we are ready for inclusive transformational change in Ethiopia.

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Ethiopia: Meet the new boss same as the old boss

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn

The only way that the TPLF (which runs the EPRDF and hence the country) can stay in power is by divide and rule. So they must do all they can to sow discord as quickly as possible before the tsunami of the Ethiopian people drowns them.

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Ethiopia: Do Not Resuscitate TPLF!

The TPLF Ship is sinking

TPLF's propaganda outlets in Ethiopia and overseas are drumming day and night false information, confusion, disinformation, and exaggeration in a manner typical of disturbed psychotic patient with disorganized thoughts.

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Ethiopia: Why silence from religious leaders?

East Africa or Eastern Africa is the easterly region of the African continent

Mass arrest, murder, slaughter, and inhumane treatment of zealous Ethiopians are a common scene. At the time of writing this paper, the killings go on in particular in the Amhara and Oromo regions.

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Ethiopia: A Criminal Representing Criminals – Abdi Illey and the TPLF

President of Ethiopian Somali Regional State Abdi Mohamud Omar

Ethiopians are sick of the continuous despicable display of irresponsibility, self-centeredness, and disrespect by a regime that is killing, looting and torturing them every day.

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Ethiopia: A Powerless Man In Power, Paradox of TPLF Politrics

The pseudo prime minister of TPLF led government – Mr. Hailemariam Desalegn.

The pseudo prime minister of TPLF led government – Mr. Hailemariam Desalegn freed himself from TPLF, not resigned from his post.

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A letter from Mr. Obang Metho to the OPDO and to the people of Ethiopia

Mr. Obang Metho, Executive Director of the SMNE

In response to the recent statement by the OPDO: Is there an open door for TPLF/EPRDF to reconcile with the people of Ethiopia? Definitely: it's not too late!

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Ethiopia Must Persevere Over the Abbay River

Blue Nile River in Dry Season, Ethiopia

One-way negotiation by Egypt pressuring and threatening Ethiopia to surrender its rights is a losing proposition that the current or future generations of Ethiopians won’t accept regardless of military threat.

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Ethiopia: Let’s Intensify the Struggle Against TPLF led Regime!

Ethiopians are vows to rise up against the repressive regime.

Ethiopians have suffered under TPLF (Tigray People's Liberation Front) led brutal regime for more than a quarter of a century.

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Falsity: Result of a conclusion that does not follow from the premises

Tigrean People’s Liberation Front.

Ethiopia is burning within for no apparent reason but foolishness and logical absurdities. Source of the foolishness and logical absurdity: TPLF Philoscelus = TPLF Love of Crime.

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Ethiopia: Unity as Key to Victory

An Ethiopian judgment and viewpoint

During these past few months we have been deafened by all kinds of prognostication about the regime’s impending doom.

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Dr. Martin Luther King’s Message to Ethiopians Today

African struggles inspired Dr. King and Dr. King’s work should inspire Ethiopians today.

The negotiation to create the Beloved Ethiopian Community is fully underway now in Ethiopia. Ethiopians are reaching out to each other across religious, ethnic, regional and linguistic lines.

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Why Ethiopia’s Opposition must seize a golden opportunity for fundamental change

ECADF Ethiopian News, Opinions and Views

The people of Ethiopia are far ahead than the internal or external opposition. Opposition groups are obliged to unify their forces and present a viable alternative.

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Why Ethiopia Needs Free Speech

Ethiopia needs free speech, or more specifically the Ethiopian people need free speech

Ethiopia needs free speech, or more specifically the Ethiopian people need free speech, if they are going to have any sort of control over their destiny.

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Ethiopia: A flicker of hope

ECADF Ethiopian News, Opinions and Views

EPRDF has ruled Ethiopia with little tolerance to dissent. At least since the election of 2005, no one is under any illusion that power is negotiable.

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Ethiopia: The absurdity of Woyane Warlords is out of control

Is the release of political prisoners an honest first step or not?

Either we all surrender for the will of our people to be free or join Woyane stooges and end up in jail or in the Hall of Shame of History. There is no third option.

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Ethiopia: ‘Peace’ of the tormentor and resistance toward freedom


‘Peace’ that is maintained by force is exclusive, short-term and precarious. It only safeguards the political and economic hegemony of those at the helm of power.

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