‘Prime Minster’ Abiy, whatever you are up to; don’t insult the intelligence of Ethiopians

Fixing Ethiopia Requires More Than a New Prime Minister.

Ethiopians also understand why the PM stage multiple ‘forget-and-forgive and love and peace drama on Media infrastructure owned and controlled by TPLF Central Committee Command Posts.

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Memorandum No. 6: PM Abiy Preaching “Walk the Talk in Faith”!

PM Abiy Preaching “Walk the Talk in Faith”!

Today, the people of Ethiopia are tired of the hate ideology of the pre-PM Abiy regime. They yearn for love, unity, peace and reconciliation.

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Ethiopia: Delivering an unborn dream left to us by history

Ethiopian politician Andualem Aragie's opinions.

It is a mistake to expect all the solutions to pour down on us from the government. It is wrong to expect one person to be the solution for a country as big as Ethiopia.

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Oromo Democratic Front or Demoralizing Front? A lesson to Ethiopian elites what not to do

Lencho Leta of ODF.

Negotiating with the ruling ethnic apartheid tyranny under State of Emergency in a cover of peace and reconciliation by self-appointed political elites was unexpected from the people of Ethiopia.

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Ethiopia: Memorandum No. 5: PM Abiy Institutionalizing the Rule of Law


PM Abiy’s observations on the rule of law have special meaning and significance at a time when the rule of law is subordinated to the rule of a state of emergency in Ethiopia.

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Ethiopia: What Prime Minister Abiy needs is resolve, not time!

Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed visits Kenya.

It is hard to believe Ethiopians will settle for a reform that will fall short of ending TPLF’s tyranny and ensuring their full freedom, democracy, and equality.

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Can Ethiopia wait for fundamental changes?

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in Sudan

For the TPLF, Ethiopia is a cash cow and a business with an in-built black market economy that benefits them more than any other group.

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The Quandary of Ethiopia’s Bicephalic Government

Abiy Ahmed addresses a news conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,

Imagine what will happen if the prime minister wants to take the country in a different direction while another part of the same government is trying to block it.

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Memorandum No. 4: PM Abiy Live Messaging Optimism to Diaspora Ethiopians

PM Abiy speaks my language. Truth is my language. He says what he means and means what he says.

PM Abiy speaks my language. Truth is my language. He says what he means and means what he says.

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Ethiopia: What The Victimized Amara Should Know

What The Victimized Amara Should Know.

As history teaches the shrewd Europeans enslaved the naive Africans, Asians and Latin Americans using bible as their entrance gates.

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Ethiopia: Prime Minster Abiy’s Diaspora visit

His Mekele trip seemed as though he was paying homage to TPLF (still the capo) and intended to appease Tigrayans.

The fact of the matter is the Ethiopian Diaspora is a formidable three-million force with extensive intellectual property, financial and lobby power.

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Memorandum No. 3: Ask Not What Abiy Ahmed Can Do for Ethiopia, Ask What You Can Do for Your Ethiopia!


Now, the wolf pack is unleashing and howling lies-as-truth at PM Abiy and demanding not only that he walk on water in less than 30 days but also soar in the sky without wings.

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Dr. Abiy Ahmed: Ethiopia’s first, or TPLF’s last chance?

Fixing Ethiopia Requires More Than a New Prime Minister.

Ethiopian expatriates have always been viewed by this regime as the enemy; excepting of course those few who are its undying apologists.

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Directly Engaging with Multiple Levers of Power & Decision Making in Ethiopia

Ethiopia's prime minister Abiy Ahmed arrives in Amno.

I am calling for formation of independent civic group to directly engaging with multiple levers of power and decision making in Ethiopia. Why?

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The never-ending crises brought by Ethiopian elites: Is ‘Democracy Now’ or Never?

ECADF Ethiopian News, Opinions and Views

Lefort’s article could have been more effective to get to the root cause of the Ethiopian crises if he properly identified the sources of crises independently.

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Dr. Abiy Ahmed: “Hope and Change Bringer or The Perfect Tool for TPLF”

Ethiopia's prime minister Abiy Ahmed attends a rally in Ambo.

The more the newly non-elected PM speaks the more obvious it is where his ideology and moral compass are aligned.

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Ethiopia: Memorandum No. 2 – How to Speak Truth to Good Leaders Who Listen

Speak Truth to Good Leaders Who Listen.

They say I am wasting my hard-earned credibility and taking a big risk with my readers who have followed me for years by my unreserved endorsement of PM Abiy.

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Why I am Hopeful for Ethiopia and Ethiopians (Part II of II)

Protest in Ethiopia's Oromia region.

The people of Wolkait have paid dearly with their lives in asserting their rights and their identity as part and parcel of Gondar and not Tigray.

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Why I am Hopeful for Ethiopia and Ethiopians

This time Ethiopians will not be silenced.

Ethiopia as a country and being Ethiopian as a distinctive national identity were sources of immense pride and joy not only for me; but for all those I encountered throughout the late 1960s.

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Ethiopia: We Shall Never Feed or Trade on Dead Souls!

Shiferaw Shigute is an Ethiopian politician who is currently the Minister of Education.

Tens of thousands of Ethiopians were massacred like enemy forces and tortured like sinners in the Hell because they demanded the barbaric rulers to return their God given rights.

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