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War Ravaged Africa and the Myth of Africa Rising

Africa map with countries/states

"The war is headed to Africa”, Senator Lindsay Graham said. "It's beginning to morph. As we suppress the enemy in the Mideast, they're going to move, they're not going to quit."

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Ethiopia: Strategic Advocacy, Human Rights is Everyone’s Business

Western diplomats and intelligence services are scrambling to assess a series of alarming protests in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian-Americans in the Diaspora must identify credible Ethiopians and empower them to meet with and speak with Pentagon and National Security officials on behalf of the Ethiopian people.

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Africa: Freeing Africa’s Internet

Restricts access to information for the Ethiopian people

At the moment, however, few of Africa's leaders are listening. Leaders in nine of the 18 African countries that held elections in 2016 placed some level of restriction on the Internet to limit dissent.

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Fighting T-TPLF Internal Colonialism Using the Irresistible Power of EthiopiaWINet (Ethiopian-ness – Part III)

Irresistible Power of EthiopiaWINet

I believe in “Ethiopian exceptionalism”. By this phrase, I simply aim to convey the idea that Ethiopia has certain unique and positive qualities that make it different (but in no way better or superior to any others).

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Oromo-Amhara Accord: Hope for Ethiopia’s Future

Members of the Oromo, Ogaden and Amhara community

When these two major ethnic groups hammer out the terms of their peaceful co-existence, Ethiopia will finally gain a more solid lease on life, a more stable polity and the best antidote against a possible balkanization of the region.

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Protests also spread to Debark and Sanja in Gondar.

Recently, the Woyane regime instigated and organized the massacre of innocent Amharas in Chora district of Illubabor in order to divert the Oromo uprising from the increasingly national character that it has been assuming.

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Fighting T-TPLF Internal Colonialism: Defeating EthiopiawiNOT With Ethiopian-ness ‘Ethiopiawinet’ (Part II)

TPLF Internal Colonialism

My ancestors did not stand aside as Oromo, Amhara, Tigre, Gurage… when Mussolini sprayed them with mustard gas from the air and rained artillery rounds on them to colonize Ethiopia.

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Fighting T-TPLF Internal Colonialism Through Ethiopiawinet (Ethiopian-ness) (Part I)

Lemma Megerssa, the extraordinary president of Oromiya

Lemma and others like him from across Ethiopia have now taken the baton, including those languishing in T-TPLF prisons. It is their race to win or lose Ethiopia.

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“Ethnic clashes” in Ethiopia: setting the record straight

Another T-TPLF disinformation campaign: This time against American NGOs

The reality is more complex. First “the” TPLF no longer exists as a homogeneous organisation. Tigrayan domination within the EPRDF has eroded.

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Ethiopia’s Political Turmoil Worsening: Threatening Regional Security

Armed security officials watch as protesters stage a protest

Research findings also show an increase in militant activity across Ethiopia. This is one of the basic indicators used to predict large scale conflict or civil war.

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Why Ethiopia’s Ethno-Nationalists Will Always Remain Relevant and What Should Be Done About It?

Ethiopia’s Ethno-Nationalists

The future of the Ethiopian state must require some level of compromises that at the end would lead to an emergence of a strong and united country.

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Ethiopia: The Government of the United States Must Show Courage

United States of America Flag

I strongly suggest that it is no longer in America’s long-term strategic and national security interests to continue to bankroll the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) dominated regime in Addis Ababa.

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Ethiopia: The Runaway Patriots!

ECADF Ethiopian News, Opinions and Views

Demanding nations to put pressure on the regime in Ethiopia through different means should be the task of those of us who are victims and are able to escape it and live in other nations.

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Botched federalism, rumbling political volcano and the future of Ethiopia

Ethiopia's ethnic-based federalism

After two decades of such restrictive and undemocratic and unremarkable federal arrangement, the political architecture in Ethiopia has began to unravel.

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Ethiopia: The Day After, the Firestorm

The TPLF Ship is sinking

The handwriting is on the wall. It is the same message the courageous young people chanted at the 2016 Irreecha festival before they were cut down by T-TPLF machine guns, “Down, down, woyane!”

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When an Ethiopian-American economist suspend her profession in the midair, what can Ethiopians do?

Dr. Eleni GeberMedhin, an American trained economist

My people, we are in a new era where dysfunctional elites of all kinds are in sink where not to ask why but how much to sell their professional and personal integrity and their nation for the highest bidder.

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The Basis of Ethiopia’s Phantom Federalism

Ethiopia's ethnic-based federalism

TPLF´s elite leaders crafted this ethnic federalism experiment as the minority based party (TPLF) can not rule the majority Ethiopians ruthlessly unless the majority is divided.

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The Unraveling of Ethiopia’s Ethnic-Federalism

Aklog Birara (DR)

If you think Ethiopian rulers’ camouflage in the application of democracy in a multiethnic setting is working, think again. It is not working.

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SMNE: An Open Letter to the Ethiopian People

SMNE's Open Letter to Ernst & Young Ltd.

If Ethiopia descends into violence, killing and chaos, our ability to end it may not mean days or months; but instead, years.

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Ethiopia: “I will no more be a Tutsi!”

Genocide in Rwanda in 1994

In Ethiopia, there is an ethnic cleansing. In Ethiopia there is genocide. In Ethiopia there is apartheid. But all these anti-human manmade cancers are not indicated in the constitution of the country.

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