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Dancing With the Wounded Beast in Ethiopia

Is it possible to reconcile with the Beast that massacred and committed mayhem on dozens of innocent Ethiopians in Woldia?

Is it possible to reconcile with the Beast that massacred and committed mayhem on dozens of innocent Ethiopians in Woldia?

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A Quiet Case of Ethnic Apartheid in Ethiopia

Ethnic Apartheid in Ethiopia.

Internal colonialism and uneven effects of political, social, and economic development on a regional basis in Ethiopia.

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Ethiopia: Tedros Adhanom’s latest disruptive move

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The latest disruptive move is his appointment of a little-known Russian official to run the WHO’s tuberculosis program, using a fast-track process.

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Romancing the “Wounded Beast” in Ethiopia (Part I)

Romancing the Wounded TPLF Beast

There can be no healing unless the wound inflicted over 27 years are opened and cleaned with the antiseptic of truth-finding.

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The release of political prisoners in Ethiopia – too good to be true?

Free all prisoners of conscience all over Ethiopia

Protests in the two largest regions of Oromia and Amhara since 2015 have challenged the ruling party of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) more than expected.

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A Moment of Significance and Opportunity for Ethiopia

This time Ethiopians will not be silenced.

Despite being enshrined as rights within Ethiopia’s liberally worded constitution, for over two decades all forms of freedom of speech and political dissent have been virtually outlawed.

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TPLF Monopoly on Economic and Political Power in Ethiopia

Former U.S. Assistant  Secretary of State for African Affairs and U.S. ambassador, Herman Jay (Hank) Cohen.

In the very last sentence of his interview, Ambassador Cohen urges, “now is a good time to do the right thing and have a national reconciliation exercise.”

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A Strong Opposition Is the Only Solution to Dislodging Ethiopia’s Ruling Coalition

An Urgent Call to the Ethiopian People

The political protests that destabilised Ethiopia’s two largest regional states in 2016 have become a major test for Ethiopia’s ruling People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front.

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T-TPLF Playing Political Football with Political Prisoners in Ethiopia

Tigrean People’s Liberation

For a decade and half, the Thugtatorship of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (T-TPLF) regime boldfacedly claimed it holds no political prisoners in Ethiopia.

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Ethiopia’s TPLF must fix its disease, not symptoms

Ethiopia Protests

After over 2 years of courageous Ethiopian protests and thousands of innocent lives lost, the TPLF ruling party has thrown crumbs and meaningless promise at the Ethiopian people once again.

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Trump administration deserves credit for the announced release of political prisoners in Ethiopia

The Trump Administration and Africa

President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson deserve full credit for promoting human rights and aid accountability in Ethiopia and Africa in general.

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Ethiopia: Is the EPRDF Offer for Real?

Is the release of political prisoners an honest first step or not?

Is the release of political prisoners an honest first step to productive dialogue leading to reconciliation, meaningful reforms and restorative justice or is it a manipulative survival technique for the EPRDF?

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Ethiopia: The Failures of the regime and the way forward

The chickens have come home to roost

The Western media, their governments, and even many well-meaning Ethiopians speak of the country’s “economic miracle” with a blind eye with what goes on behind the glitter.

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Ethiopia will have to do a lot more than release political prisoners to end repression

Ethiopia needs speedy deployment of independent observers.

Questions still loom over the plan, such as who qualifies as a political prisoner, how many will be released and under which preconditions, and when Maekelawi will be closed.

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The Year of Ethiopia-Win-Et, RISING!


If there is a way to open and look at what is in the hearts and and minds of Ethiopians, what we see is EthiopiaWINet… EthiopiaWINet is to be free.

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Kudos! Trump’s First Year Human Rights Record in Africa

Donald Trump's stunning win

I can confidently say that Trump has done more to support human rights, good governance and accountability in Africa than Obama has done in eight years.

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Ethiopian workers ‘beaten and robbed’ by Saudi police

Saudi Arabia deported Ethiopians

A group of undocumented Ethiopian workers have said they were subject to serious abuses by Saudi police before they were expelled.

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Ethiopia-Win-Et: Understanding the Mind of the Mastermind of Ethnic Federalism

Understanding Meles Zenawi's Mind of the Mastermind of Ethnic Federalism in Ethiopia

The battle for good and evil will be fought, won or lost, in the hearts and minds of ordinary Ethiopian men and women who have the courage to rise up and fight.

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The Implications of TPLF’s Democratic Centralism on the Democratization Process in Ethiopia

Gondar protest rally

In the last three years, the entrenched repressive democratic centralism system used by TPLF to preserve its hegemonic power has resulted in widespread protest and conflicts in the country.

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How we face the beast of ethnic hatred will determine our outcome as Ethiopians

Mr. Obang Metho’s speech in Las Vegas, Nevada

What could happen to sporting events, educational institutions, and our economy in Ethiopia if we Ethiopians cannot safely intermingle?

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