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Real Accountability and the Need to Restore Billions of US Dollar to Ethiopia’s Poor

IMF warns Ethiopia the economy is confronted with the threats of "externals imbalance".

Ethiopia won’t survive let alone thrive under the current system of party, state and government theft, graft, corruption and inhumane treatment of ordinary citizens.

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Ethiopia’s leader: Old wine in new bottle?

Dr. Abiy Ahmed Congratulation on  being elected as the chairman of EPRDF.

Ethiopia's new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has shown some signs of wanting to change the political landscape in the country.

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Ethiopia’s war on terror must end before it’s too late

Warmonger minority despots in Ethiopia amass army

The so-called war on terror has deformed the Ethiopian state and society. The social fabric as a result has been badly frayed with widespread extrajudicial killings and torture. Can anything be done to improve this?

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Fixing Ethiopia Requires More Than a New Prime Minister

Fixing Ethiopia Requires More Than a New Prime Minister.

The current unrest in Ethiopia is not a phase that will fade with the pronouncement of a new prime minister, but rather a reflection of a system in which modest reform and dissent have been made nearly impossible.

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Cautionary lessons for Ethiopia from Egypt’s short-lived revolution

Irrecha Massacre of 2016 by TPLF Regime is a day of Infamy for Oromo people

Clearly, Ethiopia’s path to reform is uncertain. Abiy faces enormous challenges. Will he pack his Cabinet with reformists or hardliners?

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Twofold crisis in Ethiopia: the elites and the street

Abiy Ahmed and Lemma Megersa in Ambo.

The Ethiopian opposing camp is seen as the proponent of radical change. Its strike force is the street and the sequence of demonstrations that have been under way for almost four years.

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Act now to empower the Ethiopian vision of Prime Minister Abiy

Abiy Ahmed gave a historic speech before the Ethiopian Parliament

We should not let this opportunity pass by; nor should we fail to learn from prior mistakes, leaving the youth of the future to recycle the same struggle.

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Ethiopia: The many crimes of the TPLF

The struggle toward freedom reached its tipping point

There are many tribes within Ethiopia, and they all have a beautiful history. They all deserve representation. But the TPLF pits them all against each other.

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Ethiopia’s Crisis: What is Causing the Political Turmoil and Ethnic Tension?

Supporters of Bekele Gerba, secretary general of the Oromo Federalist Congress.

Since Ethiopia’s government declared the new state of emergency this year, the security forces have killed dozens of people and have been criticized for failing to investigate the killings.

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Abiy Ahmed: Beating the TPLF Wounded Beast at His Own Game in Ethiopia (Part I)

Dr. Abiy Ahmed named prime minister of Ethiopia.

To me, Abiy Ahmed’s role as prime minister is both about the last chapter of T-TPLF rule and the beginning of a new book of government of the people.

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Dr. Abiy Ahmed: His Challenges and the Hope of Ethiopians

ECADF Ethiopian News, Opinions and Views

As my reader can see, I have not asked that the newly elected prime minister perform any revolution, or much less any miracle; but to simply implement what common sense and the very constitution of the Ethiopian confederacy dictates.

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Much Ado About Prime Minister Tweedledee Tweedledum in Ethiopia

Prime Minister Tweedledee Tweedledum in Ethiopia

Without a doubt, the T-TPLF bosses know who they are going to appoint as puppet prime minister. The gang of four or five – the T-TPLF state within the state, the T-TPLF deep state – have already made their decisions.

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Ethiopia: TPLF is thinking which candidate would be good puppet PM

TPLF leaders Debretsion Gebremichael and Abay Woldu

Whoever the choice may be, Ethiopians have made it clear that another puppet Prime Minster who can be pushed, spanked and slapped around by the TPLF would be unacceptable.

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Ethiopia: Why governments tiptoe around the word ‘cholera’

Ministry of Health of South Sudan declared an outbreak of cholera in Juba County.

Ethiopia was one of them. More than 48,000 cases of “acute watery diarrhea,” or AWD, were reported in the country last year, with more than 800 deaths, but not a single case of cholera.  

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An Unstable Ethiopia: Wobbles in Addis Ababa

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn

The resignation last month of Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has shaken the assumption that the East African state is a ‘bastion of stability’ in an unstable region.

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Ethiopia: A Call to the International Community

Protest in Ethiopia's Oromia region.

Will you urge the government of Ethiopia to support the development of a principle-based action plan to bring political stability and a peaceful transition to democratic reforms in Ethiopia?

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Why the state of emergency in Ethiopia could destabilise the Horn of Africa

Anti-government protest in Gondar. August, 2016.

The state of emergency is being defied in a number of regions. Citizens have protested in Gondar, which is in the opposition Amhara region, as well as the opposition stronghold of Nekemte which is in Oromia.

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You are TPLF, and not Eritrean Opposition

Gunfire heard in Eritrea's capital

Between 1998-2000, over 80,000 Eritreans were forcibly evicted from their homes and deported from Ethiopia by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in the most horrible ways.

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Time for Political Change and Unity in Ethiopia

Moyale town residents are crossing the border to Kenya.

Thousands have fled Mayole and are now displaced in Kenya. Local sources inside Ethiopia estimate up to 30,000 have been driven from their homes.

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Debretsion Gebremichael Is The New Massacre in Chief in Addis Ababa

Debretsion Gebremichael, minister of communication and information technology.

The question is, how many more massacres do we have to witness before the world community takes a strong stand and imposes sanctions against the TPLF leaders?

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