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  1. ancient ethiopia

    respected ambassador Yusf yasin told us about atse menelik’s expansion, but forgot to tell about geragn mehamed’s religious war against ethiopia’s centeral government with the help of international Jihadists like today in syria. and he did not tell us about expansion of oromo’s ethnice group from the ethio- somalia and kenya;s border to the centeral ethiopia in three fronts. more over he did not tell for those anti atse menelik’s elements and the so called oromo’s nationalists that oromos did not live together under one government untill atse menelik removed all war lords and freed the prople and brought all oromos under one umbrella called ethiopia., and gave the golden opportunity by unifying them. more over lost the core issues of land ownership which will lead to unfinishable conflict between Amhara and oromo’s ethnice groups incase of oromo’s separation from ethiopia.
    There are more than enough historical books which can proof that the amhara used to live almost all the areas which are under oromo’s control and there was a mass killing and forcibly convertion of ethnice identity.
    Atse menelik did not conquer any one rather he re-claimed the lost ethiopia’s territories. the areas like wellega, shoa, arusi, wollo, illubabur and bale were the parts and parecel of ethiopia. Ambassador can ask ato bullecha medikassa. ato bullecha said in germany’s radio that atse lebene denegel blocked the way to the oromos not to expanded from the edge of bale to the rest of ethiopia. the so called oromo nationalists know very well what was happened after geragn mehamed’s war and where was the oromo’s ethnice group before the war.so I do appaerciate firm stand on ethiopiawinet, but thrwoing stone towards atse menelik with out examining ethiopia’s history and it’s territiory pre- geragn mehamed’s war will be one sided which will not help any one. ethiopia is not created by atse menelik as the short sighted and narrow minded tegere’s elites try to tell us for their hidden agenda . narrow minded people can nt see things from different directions. their divided and rule policy will cost the tegeray’s people in generations to come. the kelels will be the nightmare for thsoe who are indoresing it. tgeray can not feed it self and others will not allow to cross their border once they get their freedom. that means the so called tegers’ elites odd policy will affect the tegeres separately.