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Storm or No Strom – Americans are the Luckiest Compared With Ethiopia

Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance Dam.

When Ethiopia refused to accept the proposed deal crafted by Egypt, Donald Trump suggested Egypt should bomb the dam if Ethiopia proceeds without his proposed agreement.

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Ethiopia Shall Prevail (Part II of III)

Ethiopia and Sudan map

When it took power in 1991, the TPLF incorporated article 39 (secession) into the Constitution. Ethiopia became an amalgamation of independent nations, any one of which can, if it chooses, secede.

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The Beauty of the Battle of Adwa

The 120th anniversary of the Battle of Adwa

The Ethiopian campaign plan focused on moving troops far deep into the enemy territory by passing small detachment force posted as defense and deterrence.

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Ethiopia and Ethiopians Shall Prevail  

Ethiopia and Sudan map

The lead question I shall pose in this essay is whether Ethiopia’s future is guaranteed without its political elites, including the governing party, questioning, and changing key components of the 1995 Constitution itself?

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A misplaced moral outrage

Map of Ethiopia

The third axis of this unholy propaganda crusade are foreign journalists and news agencies. These guys are the funniest only if we were not dealing with a serious matter.

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The Case of ​ Tedros Adhanom and the Stranger Hyena

Tedros Adhanom, Director-General of the World Health Organization

It is a travesty of history for the world to install an incompetent and racist individual who has been a high- ranking official of a criminal organization as director of the world health organization (WHO). 

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TPLF – The problem Child of Ethiopia

Young children were recruited into TPLF's militia

As TPLF was preparing for its massive assault, it continued to destabilize the country by instigating conflicts among different ethnic groups and funding bandits across the country and by conducting other subversive operations.

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What the Victimized Amara Should Know: The World Is Made up of the Hunters and the Huntees!

According to the Ethiopian government, at least 45 people were in September, killed by groups of armed youths targeting Amharas in Benishangul.

Ideally, we hope the world to be fair, compassionate, and free of corruption and crimes. In realty, the world is full of corruption, unfairness, injustice, and murders.

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Reforming the Intricate Ethnic Mafia State of Ethiopia TPLF created demands rooting out dysfunctional elites

Intense fighting in Ethiopia

Sadly, the most educated and privileged dysfunctional elites in the diaspora that live in democratic nations violate the foundation of democratic governance reform the most visible for necked eye.

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Letter to Former US Ambassadors to Ethiopia and Others

At Least 32 Killed in Ethiopia's Oromia, Somali Regions

From all indications, it is clear that there is an organized effort to distort facts and portray Ethiopia in a negative image, to the extent of branding it as an aggressor or provocateur of war in the media.

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