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TPLF Manifesto, Amhara was labeled as #1 enemy of Tigray

“The forgotten people” Why is the Ethiopians’ blood so thin? 

TPLF Manifesto Amhara was labeled as number 1 enemy of Tigray

Mekonnen Workineh, Norway, Nov 2012

Writer from Norway, Mekonnen Workineh

Mekonnen Workineh

Analogously ,  the Nazi manifesto of 1920 was anti-Semitic, anti-capitalist, anti-democratic, anti-Marxist, and anti-liberal.

Anti-Semitic was number one manifesto of Nazi Hitler and Anti-Amhara is number one manifesto of TPLF.

Hitler murdered 6 Million Jews. What happened 60 years ago is still fresh in the minds of Jews and is still haunting Germans, especially those whose family members were involved. Nazi criminals are still being hunted around the world and being brought to justice.

TPLF murdered more than 8 Million Ethiopians to date (G/Medhin TPLF Manifesto Amhara was labeled as enemy of TigrayAraya, former TPLF financial head). In the 2007/2008 senses 2.5 Million Amharas perished into the thin air; http://ethioskytv.com/view/570/25-million-amharas-missing-confirmed-in-parliament-part-1.html . Ethiopia has been under siege for the last 21 years by TPLF backed by the European Union, USA, and the United Kingdom. 1000s of Anuakes residences were red labeled and were massacred in a day light by this regime. Ogaden region was curtailed from international eye and mass murder, gang rape and  torture crime is being committed by this same regime( http://www.genocidewatch.org/ethiopia.html) , tens of thousands of Oromos,  the majority group of the country, are languishing in jail all over the country. Tens of thousands are being evicted even this time, TPLF regime is dehumanizing the Ethiopian people, torturing and committing savage crime against poor farmers, elders and children. Involved in human trafficking crime,

Hundreds of thousands are leaving the country every year, thousands dying in the desert, drawing in seas and rivers, facing abuse, prison and death in Middle East, queuing  in front of immigration offices around the world, crowding foreign prisons, the list of ordeal could go for days.  When will the international community open its eyes and see what is happening to Ethiopian people.

Why do Ethiopians go exile?  Because Ethiopia is poor?  Because Ethiopians are not hard working? Because Ethiopia does not have natural resources to feed its people?

The answer to all the above questions is NO

The reason for all this is administration problem. Billions of dollars is flying out of the country illegally 11.7 Billion until 2009 (, http://danielberhane.com/2011/12/22/ethiopia-the-illicit-financials-outflow-in-perspective/).

Fertile land of Ethiopia is being given away almost for nothing; Multinational corporate brag of feeding the world from Gambella region alone.

( http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/mar/21/ethiopia-centre-global-farmland-rush)

True Ethiopian people are weak at this time; True TPLF is strong with the help of the west in the name of stability. But how long will that last, why and how did Ruanda genocide happened?  What was the recipe for that? What is the guarantee that such thing would not be repeated in Ethiopia if pushed to the edge? How long does iron fist last?

I urge all international community specially the Obama administration, the Cameroun administration, the European Union, to stop propping minority ethno centric fascist regime to undermine Ethiopian people.

Victory for Ethiopians!

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  1. It is better late than no show. We all know TPLF is anit Amhara and they have been saying it on our face. The question is what are we going to do about it. 21 years! people, that is more than enough to wake us up. Get organized.

  2. I think it would be great if we ( All Ethioians) cand download this manifesto TPLF in its full pages and show the tigrean people insulting us, woyane denying us our freedom…this manifesto must be distributed to every Ethiopians…NAZI WOYANE , they have to be brought to justice, all these people killed all of them who participated in woyane government should be brought to justice.

  3. Guys,

    Tinish let me give you a little advice. Let’s do one thing at a time. When you wage such a struggle, you have to exclude other anti-Amhara groups. Focus on Woyane and say nothing about Shabia and others. “Hulet egir alegne teblo hulet zaf band gize ayiwotam”. Amaharas, both the educated and uneducated people, never suspected that they are a target by TPLF. There are still some who thinks that EPRDF is a certain Ethiopian government. The reality is different. EPRDF is a mask for TPLF who is working to destroy Amharas from Ethiopia. It is too late now but we can stop it. First, let’s help the sleeping Amharas to understand this. Second, let’s engage other ethiopian ethinc groups not to be used by TPLF and let us help them to understand that Amharas are not enemies to any one. Third, let’s confront the real enemy. It is not the time of confrontation now. Let’s do our homework.

  4. Dear Mekonen,

    Can you please post the copy of “TPLF Manifesto” so that we all can see the full content of the document? Thank you so much

  5. All Ethiopians;

    Keep the faith,keep the fight.You began the struggle with the goal to completely destroy the enemy that invaded your country and held your people hostages for two decades.Keep the faith and keep the fight because the enemy,it is what it is and must be destroyed.

    Our common enemy,although it is crumbling little by little,it is you and all of us that gurantee the immenient defeat of the enemy.

    Death to the enemy!!!

  6. Fellow Ethiopians, allow me to make a humble plea. Please, interrogate your conscience whether TPLF ever acted as an Ethiopian entity? What is it that can tempt us Ethiopians to think otherwise?

    Yes, sheer opportunism, spinelessness and stupidity made the wanton massacre of disarmed Amaras seem normal until one conscentious man, Asrat Woldeyes stopped it. Amaras, were murdered en maase thoughout our country’s recent history for their valliant stand. They are Ethiopians first and Ethiopians second. Their uncompromising stand for the terrotorial integrity of their land, has always made them the target of both internal and external enemies of our land for centuries.
    Amaras who have long trnascended petty tribalism have died defending that country more than any other Ethiopians. It was business as usual for most Ethiopians when they were made targets of a wholesale genocide. Ethiopians failed to perceive that attack on one group was as much an assault on all.

    TPLF/Woyane emulated Fascist Italy in its plan and execution to dismantle and rule fragmented Ethiopia after effectively breaking up the country with their eritrean cousins.
    The malice of Woyane has been, playing one group against another. And that was how Woyane engaged the sevices of venal and gullible Oromos to wage a proxy war on unarmed and unsuspecting Amaras.

    Once again I ask the same question. Is Woyane not an enemy we should fight tooth and nail or not? If the answer is an emphatic yes, what should we do? Remember, Italy was defeated when all Ethiopians stung the enemy like a bee across the whole nation. Woyane is everyhwere!!

  7. It is amply evident that Woyane is not a bunch misguided Tigre dictators as mindless or opportunists Ethiopian allege. They trivialize Woyane’s malice and hostility to the whole notion of Ethiopian state and people.
    The object lesson is that Woyane is an avowedly anti-Ethiopian invasion force.

    Nothing saves us against these evil men and women except the use of force. We must be prepared to die if there be need to liberate the country of these sub-human traitors. Only such a resolve pays.

  8. Not only woyane ethnic fascists are the enemies of Amhara but their foreign collaborators and natives who think that they are “liberated” by TPLF due to the fake federalism which in reality is not working. Woyane ethnic fascists are masters everywhere and decide on the sell of the country to fill their pocket and in preparation for an independent Greater Tigrai. Why are the home grown fascists sell or lease land in Tigrai for foreigners. Because woyane ethnic fascists do not consider the rest of the country as their country all what they are interested is the resources like the Italian fascists or other colonizers.

  9. Again,

    The writer doesn’t campaign properly and does half job when writing this piece. He has cut off the part when TPLF Manifesto said something like our enemies are the Imperialist West and Amara therefoe we will stand supporting Arabs. This message if true is a good message to show to congress and senate the danger that TPLF was heading to. This is proof enough to weaken TPLF before they took root. But some people have been sleeping with it until the damage is rooted. Again if Ethiopia is lost it is because we deserve it. You wreck what you sow. There are still many Ethios who are eating along with TPLFites and don’t know the long term plan of TPLF and what is going on.

  10. What is the difference between the rest of the world and Ethiopia? There could be mass genocide yet the world would not hear about this. So what is dangerous when it comes to Ethiopia? No one talks about Ethioipa both by Ethiopians or international community unlike other African or Arab nations. The reason is that, as Ethiopia is “ally” it will implicate certain rich countries. So it is better for the silence genocide. As for Ethiopians, until today, after 35 years of being educated in the West, there is still not ONE Ethiopian speaking eliquently in defense of Ethiopia without fear not to eachother but to international community. We Ethiopians are timid, fearful to speak out. Eritreans are 100% better and have learned very well how to campaign for Eritrea whether they are successful or not, they have put Eritrea on the pedestal. We have given ample time to enemies of Ethiopia both within and outside to deep root and do great damage. Now we have to bear the consequencws. What is worse and dangerous is our lame division on such petty issues. It is in fact Rwanda issue maybe better than Ethiopia for many reasons: 1,the genocide happened within 100 days and with proved stats and measurable and it stopped but it made international roar. When it comes to Ethiopia genocide may have been occuring since the rise of Shabia and TPLF until now, how many people may have died under these thugs? No one knows. In addition, slowly illuminating people at period of time as supposed to at one time, will not expose them to international media, this is favorable to hold their power for long time. 2. Rwanda leadership, despite its crime is pro Rwanda as supposed to Ethiopia. In fact rather than give up land Rwanda wants to be powerful and rich that is why it is annexing miniral-rich land from Congo. When it comes to Ethiopia the TPLF have been undoing Ethiopia on step-by step process that canno be reversible. The land has been given away to neighboring countries in addition to Eritrea. Ther eminent war with Egypt will finally destroy Ethiopia. That is why TPLF is quickly trying to make amends with Shabia. I would not leave the fate of Ethiopi and Ethiopians in the hands of TPLF or Shabia or the West but many are believing the propoganda. For instance, we don’t what TPDM stands for but they are the same side TPLF with more Tigrayans.

  11. The international community have always given a deaf ears and blind eyes for the suffering people of Ethiopia. we shouldn’t await the international community to come to our risque and fight our fight. we must fight our fight and remove this dictatorial, divisive and ethnocentric regime that has consumed millions of live in cold blood since the junta ascended on power in 1991. We must unite and fight the dictatorial regime; otherwise we will remain in the inferno generations to come. United we are stronger and indomitable, divided we are weak and vulnerable. The EPRDF/TPLF goons are always bent on destroying anyone against them.

  12. Notice the fascist ‘star’ on the their first declaration which is now sitting in the middle of our flag (of course until Weyane is overthrown…)