Obang Metho on Overcoming Tribalism and Building an Ethiopian Nation

by Ann Garrison

The Ethiopian government has been engaged in a civil war in its northern Tigray State since the Tigray People’s Liberation Front attacked a federal army base in Mekelle, the capital of Tigray State last November.

Western officials and press have overwhelmingly blamed Ethiopia and its Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for the war, for alleged atrocities, and for obstructing humanitarian aid convoys trying to reach the Tigrayan people.

Obang Metho, tells a different story from his home in Gambella, Ethiopia. Mr. Metho is founder and Executive Director of the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE).

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  1. FREE TADIOS TANTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE IS MR. TADIOS TANTU????????????????

    It is a great day for Ethiopia!! In the midst of this happy day happiness should not be used as a cloud to do harms on other place and people. What is going on to Black Lion employees, when many are forced to leave their job? When medical staff are much needed why are they let go and who is going to take their job and why? Employment in Addis Ababa is filled 80% by Oromo ethic groups and why are Addis Ababans are marginalized?
    Adanech Abebie and the administration must be careful not to repeat Woyane’s reason for falling from grace and power. Ethnocentric policy because that will never bring stability and security!!! It is an open secret to every Addis Ababans that the city is experiencing exodus of Oromo and replacing 80% of Addis Ababan employees in every department and housings.

    Ethiopians have learned and earned Doctorate Degree in spotting from a far greedy, deceptive and ethnocetric greed from Woyane and do not want to see it Again!!

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