TPLF – The problem Child of Ethiopia

As TPLF was preparing for its massive assault, it continued to destabilize the country by instigating conflicts among different ethnic groups and funding bandits across the country and by conducting other subversive operations.

Young children were recruited into TPLF's militia

Young children were recruited into TPLF’s militia

by Negesse Gutema, February 7, 2021

In 2018, a 27-year long tyranny ended by a massive insurrection of the people of Ethiopia,  who have said “enough-is-enough” to the dictatorship of TPLF and its lackeys. Under TPLF’s dictatorship for 27 years, Ethiopians were murdered in mass and buried in mass graves, imprisoned  without due process for years under most abject conditions; tortured and maimed  by the most inhuman methods known to man.

TPLF’s moto was  “Let Ethiopia bleed and Tigray succeed

The EPRDF has taken several actions that seem to adhere to the plans set forth in the TPLF manifesto since it took over Ethiopia’s central government in 1991. For example, the TPLF/EPRDF has dramatically developed the Tigray region since they came to power. Before the 1991 Revolution, Tigray was territorially limited and economically underdeveloped. Since the Revolution, in addition to trying to acquire Badme from Eritrea (discussed below), Tigray has successfully annexed fertile lands from the neighboring regions of Wollo and Gondar within Ethiopia. When compared with other Ethiopian provinces, Tigray has experienced disproportionate economic growth and development since 1991.

The years leading up to 2018 were rife with mass disobedience against the TPLF Junta demanding freedom, peace, and democracy. All peaceful demonstrations were squashed by military force, ending in gruesome killings, imprisonment, and tortures of thousands of innocent Ethiopians, especially the young. Many who were detained were never to be found, many never walked again due to crippling torture, and many lost their reproductive potential because of the brutal castration techniques used on them to force to incriminate themselves. Martial Law became the way of life under the TPLF.

Peaceful mass protests transitioned into insurrection in reaction to TPLF’s violent suppression. The continued insurrection and the tears of Ethiopians who have lost their sons and daughters to the cannons of TPLF’s special forces (known as Agazi), forced the resignation of the then prime minister  Hailemariam Desalegn, a chosen heir to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Prime Minster Hailemariam’s resignation opened an opportunity to elect an interim PM until the next national election.  To replace Hailemariam Desalegn, the leadership of TPLF and other 3 fronts created by TPLF itself –   collectively known as the Ethiopian People’s Democratic Front (EPDRF) –  elected Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

The election of Dr. Abiy Ahmed to the PM position was an outcome of fierce infighting within the EPDRF ranks and resulted in an unexpectedly stripping of TPLF of its hegemonic control over EPRDF and the entire country. The handpicked individual that TPLF has earmarked to replace PM Desalegn had no chance against this coordinated move by Dr. Abiy, Dr. Lemma Megersa, and Demeke Mekonnen. The election process, which would have normally been effortless selection of another TPLF stooge, took over a week. The coming to power of Dr. Abiy Ahmed was a significant game changer for Ethiopian political landscape.  For TPLF the loss of the PM position was an immediate demise, the last nail in their coffin.  The event shortened TPLF’s expected 100 years hegemony to 27 years.

Immediately following its loss of control of the central power, TPLF’s leadership retreated to Tigray and camped in a luxury hotel, living high on the hog, devouring the country’s resources. The “superior” TPLF had no intention of playing by the constitution and shrieked at the idea of being a part of a government under the PM that it has dismissed as incompetent underling. Hence, TPLF refused to cooperate with PM Abiy and  worked hard to overthrow him by military coup or attempted to murder him in day light. All the while, the  people of Tigray, like all their brethren in other parts of Ethiopia, lived a meagre life,  largely with  the assistance of  global charities, like Safety Net.

Once moved to Mekelle, TPLF established its operations headquarters in a luxury hotel and became the main roadblock to the new prime minister. They took  key government files and security information and access keys with them, depriving the new PM of control of the government’s security  infrastructure, thereby putting Ethiopia’s national security and sovereignty in peril.  Tigray started to  behave like an independent state and started engaging foreign governments to establish direct  economic, political, and diplomatic relations. The TPLF  cadres and diplomats have been introducing the region of Tigray to other countries as an independent state.

TPLF  leaders formed  a de facto government, moved their  HQs  to the ivory hotel and embarked on destabilizing by Ethiopia by funding, training, and arming various dissident ethnic and political groups in different corners of the country, and funding their  operations. It refused to give up criminals like the former head of intelligence, Getachew Asefa, who disabled the country’s  intelligence network and left with critical secret codes and other important resources. It was determined to trigger a  civil war to return to power or install a puppet at the helm of the Federal Government. Read more…

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