Ethiopia says ex-foreign minister killed by military after refusing to surrender

Ethiopia said on Wednesday its military had killed three members of the Tigray region’s former ruling party, including former Ethiopian Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin.

Ethiopia says Seyoum Mesfin killed

Former Ethiopian Foreign Minister and TPLF official Seyoum Mesfin.

(Reuters) — The three Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) officials were killed, and five other party members were captured, after they refused to surrender to the military, the government’s task force for the crisis in Tigray said on Twitter.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government declared victory in its conflict with the TPLF on 28 November last year after nearly a month of fighting.

Fugitive leaders of the TPLF had vowed to continue to fight from the mountains of the region in northern Ethiopia, but Reuters has been unable to contact them for weeks.

The military said last week it had captured Sebhat Nega, a founding member of the TPLF.

At the weekend, it said it had killed 15 members of the TPLF and captured eight others, according to state-run TV.

Seyoum was Ethiopia’s foreign minister from 1991 to 2010.

Air strikes and battles since early November in Tigray are believed to have killed thousands of people. Fighting is continuing in some parts and more than 2 million people need aid, the United Nations said this week.

Reuters has been unable to verify claims by either side since phone and internet connections to the Tigray region are down and access to the area is strictly controlled.


  1. The latest attempt by the ever busy running dogs of these demised demagogues has been sniveling about how they lost their lives. Sometime they tell us Mesfin and his buddies died in a hell exchange of fire after taking scores of the enemy with them. Now they are telling us that they were killed by soldiers of the Eritrean army after surrendering peacefully. These rabid dogs tell us of heroic death at 10:00 AM in the morning and then they tell us with slobbering mouths that they were killed in cold blood by Brother Isaias. The fact is UN General Secretary António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres had told the world unequivocally that there was not/are not any Eritrea soldier on the Ethiopian soil. Period!!! What language do these rabid dogs understand or do not understand? THERE ARE NO ERITREAN SOLDIERS ON ANYWHERE ON THE ETHIOPIAN TERRITORY. What might have done is take back Badme that they were legally declared to be theirs by the decision of the Border Commission at The Hague to which the late Seyoum declared then that Ethiopia had accepted the verdict. But what our Eritrean brothers and sisters did to our beleaguered soldiers was from the text books of any international convention. They treated the wounded and gave the tired soldiers to the respite they needed. Then bode them farewell back to the country they love to death to fight another day. Boy, fight they did!!!! After taking the much needed respite they came back and took the daylight out of the demons who were riding on the backs of the noble people of Tigray. They even gave Mesfin and his cabal to surrender peacefully. They summoned and sent local elders begging them to give up and turn themselves in peacefully. But what the goons did was disgusting. They rushed the elders back to where they came from. Then Jula and his field commanders had no choice but to move in. It became a sad ending. I wished it ended peacefully just like the real commie Sebhat and his friends did. I hate to see people of my age group chose to end their lives in violent ways. But it was not anybody else’s fault but of their own. They forgot that the upright people of Tigray were tired of carrying these despots after more than 40 years. It has decided the time is up for the Shaykh al-Bahr riding on his/her back and reaping the fruits of its labor with their inner circle. Well, Scheherazade has come back to tell the story of Sinbad once and for all as depicted in the illustration below:

    The days of the goons at the top shelf of the TPLF are gone. I said gone!!! Do you dig bigots? What language you don’t understand? Gone means goodbye forever, adios, au revoir, ma’issalama, out of my sight!!! Nuff said!!!!

  2. Good riddance to them all! I detest these men – Seyoum et al. – like millions of others and think death is too good for them – they deserve something worse, if there is be any such.

    I detest with even more fervor the new wannabes, the new TPLF’s – the ignorant fools, the morons who have replaced them.

    Just as the old TPLF criminals did, the new criminals are now rushing to steal the meager wealth of the country and to divide it greedily within themselves.

    They have no imagination to build a country for all – make a bigger pie that can go around and be shared by all.

    Their motto lets steal what is there – just like TPLF – too stupid to imagine anything better.
    They want more land – so they are orchestrating the killing and displacement and dislocation of the poor Amhara farmers.

    The idiot in chief will provide the cover!

    Well, these idiots might send themselves and everyone to oblivion and get us all run over by Sudan and Egypt while they are busy stuffing themselves with all the grass they see- just like a stupid cow.

    It doesn’t take much intelligence to understand that the death of a group of criminals means nothing if an even worse group of criminals is going to come to replace them.

  3. Nobody wanted war except those goons from the top shelf the TPLF, the organization they wrestled away with conniving and murder. Mind you elders that included community and religious notables pleaded and begged the megalomaniacs to come to a truce table. It was told that those religious elders were holding one of the most sacred and spiritually respect symbol of Christianity, the Cross, pleading and begging. They threw themselves on the floor with it asking the despots to come to their senses. What did Chairman Debre and his pagan cabals do? On the return trip they shunned the elders and were said to have told them to go back to where they came from. Not long after that they began going into provocative spree where they climaxed with the barbaric slaughter of members of the defense forces that were there to protect primarily the citizens of Tigray. Then what are the rest of Ethiopians supposed to do? Just let these pagan brutes send that gem of the colored to smithereens? When they butchered thousands of young soldiers and innocent daily laborers it was supposed to be just other casualties of war but when these bloodthirsty despots are hunted down and killed in a fair fight it becomes ‘genocide’. All such nonsense boils down to what I had written earlier on this website. These goons and their running dog operatives are gripped with this fantasy of martyrdom. The canonization has already started. We should all be prepared stories of bravado by Seyoum and others how they fought to the finish and by the time they were dead there were 200 enemy soldiers also lying dead around them. Tsehaye’s exploit was even more legendary unseen in the history of battles. He took down one thousand two hundred enemy soldiers and took his own life with the last bullet left in the magazine of his bolt action gun from the 1870’s France. Fusil Gras, that is. Stay tuned and keep checking some of their running dogs websites.

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