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The root of all evil is the Ethiopian constitution

“The root of all evil is the Ethiopian constitution. A constitution which called itself Ethiopia and ethnic federation. Ethnic federation that means Ethiopia is the only state in the whole world with the system like that.

There is no other country in this world with ethnic federation and that’s what ruined this, Ethiopia became the most racist country in the world, we are the only place in Africa where in our identity cards you have the word race written on it.” Asfa-Wossen Asserate

“Ethiopia’s current situation is not a civil war. It is a law enforcement operation aimed at restoring the constitutional order of the country.” Ambassador Mulu Solomon

“The military operation of the government in Tigray region did not target the people of Tigray but the ruthless TPLF party” Asfa-Wossen Asserate


  1. Yes, it is critical to revise the constitution, stop using ethnic parties, ethnic banks, ethnic media, and allow each city to elect their own mayors, revert back to provincial or other economic bounderies that reflect the economic realities of the region not ethnicity, which is a source of conflict and bloodshed.

    Being an Oromo, Gurage, Somali should be like being a German, French origin in the USA and other places, nothing more.

    TPLF in its mishcief exagerated old wounds and fabricated some to inflame conflicts and to make Ethiopia unliveable for most, TPLF thrived and produced many fat cats..

    Going forward, Ethiopians should be proud of their history especially Adwa, Gura, and their historical artificats in Axum, Gonder, Lalibela, Harar etc and live in peace and focus on their economies not on their ethnicity that has brought nothing but fear and misery.

  2. ”Ethiopia became the most racist country in the world”.
    Race and tribe are two distinct matters. Ethiopia’s constitution is based on tribal differences not race.
    Ethiopians belong to African / black race so to state Ethiopia as a racist country is silly.

  3. Thank you, Prince Asfa-Wossen

    To the point and on the spot about the fundamental problem of the country. Where the TPLF has been taking the country the last 3 decades, which is to self-destruction, was all very clear to everybody.

    Ethiopians have now woken up and reclaiming back their country. The duplicity and hypocrisy of the West is just difficult to believe. They knew all along the hidden agenda of the TPLF but they seem to like it and gave it overt and covert support. They knew that PM Abiy has been asking and begging the TPLF leadership for dialogue the past year and half. They have been aware of the numerous atrocities of TPLF. But they preferred to be silent.

    Now, when the TPLF is hit hard and on the brink of total annihilation, contrary to their expectations, they jumped over each other to save this criminal gang. But things have been allowed to the point of no return, and whether they like it or not TPLF will be history soon.

    Ethiopia will solve its problems on its own, perhaps with cooperaton with the AU if need be, but the interference of the West is not welcome at any stage of this process. They should be told to stay away.

    (By the way, Prince Asfa-Wossen – I’ve read, enjoyed, and learned from your book: ‘King of Kings…’. A must read for any Ethiopian. Thank you and well done.

  4. Dear Countrymen/women,

    I don’t have to tell you that all of us are products of one of most kind and generous people on this good earth. The only reason I was talking to you all along by means of my various comments has been due to such blessed perspective. I see it as like a parent like a child just because I strongly believe that such kindness and a spirit of giving have rubbed off on us from those upright people(goons notwithstanding).

    This senseless war triggered by demons from the upper echelons of the TPLF has left and is still leaving death and destruction in its tracks. Patriotic soldiers who lived up to the promise they made on their first day on the job have paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can continue to have a country we all lived to adore and be proud of. They never forgot that poor farmer and wretched urban dweller everywhere in that country whose tax money had sent him to school and paid their salaries including the guns they carried to the battle fronts. They felt indebted and sure enough the debt is demanded as it was in 1896 and 1930’s. I would not even start to tell you how this high mileage nigga here is bursting with pride of these young patriots who answered the call to duty with valor and acumen. For many of them it was the only and final duty and not to return to their loving families alive or in one piece. The debt was demanded of them and O’ boy was the price it was paid in full with their Allah Blessed lives and intricately constructed limbs!!!!!!
    Those goons who used to brag about being so invincible have left the innocent civilians alone exposed wide open to open fire and destruction and taken to some forsaken joints in the barren escarpments of that blessed region. These goons even donned military uniforms of the national defense forces to carry out robbery and looting in the region’s capital and other towns. They were even reported to be standing between the federal forces in the national uniforms firing at both citizens and soldiers. They had emptied food storage and businesses warehouses before leaving town. It was reported that such savage act is still being carried out in some towns of that region. Where did these Shaitans come from? Don’t you ever tell me they are ETHIOPIANS you and the world know!!! This has exposed the innocent citizens of that region to a precarious situation and potential deadly calamities. That is what these goons want to see. You can see them and their filth spewing operatives accusing the federal soldiers and policemen of the very looting they carried out on their own kin and kit. Famine should never happen again because of this war. It should never happen under our watch. There are two things I politely ask you to do:

    1 – Let’s help those martyred soldiers’ families and the wounded patriots with the last red cent we have.
    2 – Lets also keep those upright citizens in that region in our thoughts and prayers and help them with the last penny we have in our pocket.

    We will be Blessed!!!

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