Ethiopia moves on Tigray capital, denounces WHO boss Tedros


ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Ethiopia said on Thursday it was bearing down on the capital of Tigray region in a two-week-old war, and tore into the World Health Organization (WHO) head with accusations of diplomatic lobbying for the rebels.

The conflict has killed hundreds, sent 30,000 refugees into Sudan, and called into question whether Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed – Africa’s youngest leader and last year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner – can hold his ethnically-divided nation together.

As international alarm grew over spreading instability in the Horn of Africa, U.S. President-elect Joe Biden’s team appealed for an end to fighting and protection for civilians.

Abiy’s government says its troops have won a string of victories and will soon reach state capital Mekelle, a highland town of about 500,000 people, where the regional ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has strong support and a battle-hardened history.

“Our defence forces are moving forward and closing in on Mekelle,” government spokesman Redwan Hussein told reporters. “There are a number of towns that have fallen.”

The war has pitted the central government against one of the most heavily militarised of 10 ethnic states that make up Ethiopia. Tigrayans from the TPLF effectively ruled Ethiopia for decades as the strongest force in a multi-ethnic coalition, until Abiy took power two years ago.

The government says the TPLF has turned renegade and is holding power in Tigray illegally. The TPLF says the war is part of an unconstitutional assault on regional rights. Both sides accuse the other of atrocities and blocking humanitarian aid.

The government-appointed head of a newly-named interim administration for Tigray, academic Mulu Nega, said new local elections were planned to restore peace to the region once TPLF leaders were ousted.


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    There is an old adage that goes like: the proof is in the pudding. This man who I sided with him during his nomination for the job must come out and say it. General Berhanu bin Jula was not telling tales. He was not calling out this man without being briefed by the intelligence people. What is telling all of us is that he is on the side of peace. I take that as a veiled assertion that peace will be possible with kidnappers and outright terrorists/sponsors of terrorists. I am not inclined to believe him. Get outta here!!!!

  2. Right on Brother Abiy, right on!!! Show these QAnon’s who the master id in the field!! Just show them son!!! Hey y’all!!! Dinagde is reincarnated!!! Like Dinagde told the conniving Brits at the close of the 19th century, Brother Abiy is telling the connivers of our days in clear clarion voice, ‘Not on my watch!’ It is reported that these Ted Bundy’s are planning to turn the Mekele into killing fields. Others are reporting that they are hiding in safe place at some joint. I will not be surprised if it was el-Sisi.

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