Ethiopians on streets to hail armed forces

Prime Minister Abiy says army is ready to launch final assault in Tigray region, as surrender ultimatum expires

Ethiopians hail Defense Forces

Ethiopians on Tuesday hailed their armed forces for fighting in northernmost Tigray province.

(Anadolu Agency) — On Nov. 4, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ordered a military campaign against Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the ruling group in the Tigray province for defying federal authorities and also attacking a military camp in the provincial capital Mekele, killing numerous soldiers. Authorities say the operation has reached its last stage.

At 11:30 a.m. local time, traffic came to a screeching halt in Addis Ababa, with drivers and passengers coming out of vehicles and clapping for the defense forces.

The idea to hail defense forces was proposed by a group of Ethiopian artists including the veteran artist Debebe Eshetu, who was imprisoned by TPLF in 2005.

Abiy said on Tuesday since the three-day surrender ultimatum given to TPLF was over, the army will launch final combat in the coming days.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency Amarech Zewdu, 50, said she was happy to see Ethiopians uniting behind soldiers to maintain the sovereignty of the country.

Lieutenant Abere Nega, 51, a retired soldier, said he was ready to join soldiers to go to the war front.

“I have never cried in my life before. I cannot now resist my tears,” he said.

On Monday, Ethiopia launched airstrikes that it claimed destroyed ammunition depots of the TPLF in Mekele suburb.

Last week, the TPLF forces fired rockets towards the neighboring Amhara State inflicting partial damage to airports of the lakeside resort city of Bahir Dar and the historical city of Gondar. The TPLF forces also fired rockets targeting the airport in Asmara, the capital of Ethiopia’s northern neighbor Eritrea.

Abiy who hails from an ethnically mixed family won the 2019 Nobel Prize for Peace for making peace with Eritrea and fostering regional cooperation. The peace pact was not received favorably by the TPLF leaders who have been controlled the Tigray region.

Last week, the Ethiopian upper house of parliament, the House of the Federation, decided to establish an interim administration in Tigray to replace the TPLF. Observers believe that Abiy’s policies had been sidelining the Tigrayans and made them prone to the anti-corruption witch hunt.

*Seleshi Tessema contributed to this story

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  1. What Chairman Debre and his cabals have been trying to do is self-evident in a way they had found success during the door knob Mengistu regime in the 1970’s and 80’s all the way until the day they marched into Addis/Finfine with their rag-tag militia. That same tactic has been tried and met some success by others before them. Lenin and Mao had written blue prints about it. What Debre and hooligans are trying to do is take some aggravating military actions both on Eritrea and Ethiopia so both countries will be left with stained reputation and show them to the world that these two governments are incompetent and unable to protect their armies and citizens. By such violent strike they will force both governments to take military actions where civilians will be killed and their properties destroyed thus eroding any support these two states are enjoying now inside their countries and overseas. Such tactics have worked like a charm in majority of countries that were dealing with armed rebels. They will try to smuggle their operatives and plant bombs in civilian area and even carry out assassinations of notables even foreign diplomats. They will hurl their missiles guided merely by human sense of direction coupled with a slice knowledge coordinates targeting presidential palaces in both capitals. Then PM Abiy and President Isaias will lose their cool and order carpet bombing. They may also send misinformation to both countries thru their operatives telling about the place Debre and the entire gang will be holding a meeting on a given day of the week. Then Abiy will send one of his SU-27’s and bomb the crap out of the location but it will turn out to be a market place or church where hundreds of civilians will lose their lives. Jackpot!!! Amnesty International! Help!!! BBC!!! Help!!! VOA! Where are your noisy reporters!!! Abiy and Isaias are massacring our civilians just because they are from Tigray!!! ICC At The Hague!!! I want to file a complaint about crimes committed against humanity!!! Jackpot!!!!!
    I am sure both PM Abiy and President Isaias are aware of this trap.

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