Ethiopia set to remove government of defiant Tigray region

Ethiopia’s upper house of parliament

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Ethiopia’s upper house of parliament has voted to set up a transitional administration in the country’s Tigray region, where fighting erupted this week between regional forces and those of the federal government.

The House of Federation’s move on Saturday paves the way for the removal of the northern Tigray region’s leadership that Ethiopia’s federal government considers illegal. The decision needs no further approval, and it gives Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed the power to coordinate and carry out the measures.

Ethiopia’s federal government says “the transitional administration will appoint officials, ensure the respect for rule of law, approve the region’s budget and facilitate the process of conducting elections.”


  1. Dear Countrymen/women,

    I would like to start my conversation with you dear voting citizens Americans of the same heritage as mine, from that gem of the colored called Ethiopia. I would like to repeat what one of favorite presidents of the USA told the citizens of this country. I still remember his face and his utterance on that day in 1974 as if it happened just like yesterday.

    My Fellow Americans,

    Our long national nightmare is over!!!

    I may also add that that old country we proudly hail from can now breath a sigh of relief that there will not be an American president wishing omen on its lifesaving major infrastructure.

    Now you can start nagging the newly elected president with that 1980’s mega hit ‘Usta brag about it all the time. What have you done for me lately?’

  2. I want to say something that does not have anything to with this article. I want to give a shout out to to my brother and patriot Professor Al. I can see now how Brother Al going thru the roof with joy that Trump has lost. It is all over now and we should move on. I don’t Biden’s policy towards the dam will dramatically changed. The only change we will be that Biden will be more ‘diplomatic’ about it. Let’s be practical about it. Egypt will never soften its stand about the dam because our old country is asserting itself as an alternative powerhouse even without the dam. The dam will add more clout for Ethiopia as a source of electricity for every country all around it. It will be able to advance its mining technology and industrialization. Ethiopia with its enormous population the labor wage will be at the level no Egyptian factory will be able to compete. So Egypt knows very well that the dam will never adversely affect the flow of water reaching its farms and population. What gives Egypt’s leaders sleepless night is another power coming on the scene.

    On the other hand, the West is not ready to abandon Egypt for good reasons. The peace treaty Egypt has with Israel is extremely essential which must be maintained. I think Biden and his advisors know that. But I don’t think he will come out winging it about the dam like his predecessor did. I choose to wait and see.

    Meanwhile, I wish my brother and patriot Obbo Al will go after these bigots right here among us who have been spewing around poison for quite some time. I hope he will write with the same intensity against these demons. They are professors like him but that should not entitle them to go scot free. May be he is afraid that they will call him a ‘neftegna’ of a ‘Neo-Gobena’. But he should know that he is already just that as one of these pejoratives in the bigot’s book. He should go after these college campus orphans with a gusto. It seems that they are now trying to recruit young people from here and send them to the camps of Chairman Debre. They are telling us now that in their mind there is no ifs or buts that Chairman Debre and his ragtag militia is going to march into Addis/Finfine just like in 1991. Brother Al should come down on these miscreants like a wall of bricks. Let him prove to us and the glorious people of that gem of the colored that he is not that coward to belch out ‘I ain’t afraid no ghost!’. Let’s go Al!!!!!

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