ESAT Special News: The Death of Famous Singer Hachalu Hundessa

Prominent Oromo singer songwriter Hachalu Hundessa was shot dead on Monday evening in the Addis Ababa suburb of Gelan Condominiums.

Oromia state president says “Those who pushed from the helm of power are responsible for the death of Hachalu Hundessa” the president didn’t mention them by name.

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  1. In a related note, these sinister individuals and groups may try to up the ante by murdering other notable private citizens including those in the entertainment profession. Such notable must beef up their security detail even more so now. Like I said before, these demons will not stop at anything to light up a raging fire so they can fish in the troubled waters.

    Meanwhile, this does not mean that the old country should back to its old habits of previous leaders of arbitrary jailing and shooting citizens. It cannot afford to descend into the same low now. Those who have been rounded up should be made public with their names and the alleged crimes they are accused of. That country has had enough of that and enough is enough with that too. There should be transparency about it all.

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