ESAT Latest Ethiopian News November 28, 2018

Ethiopian Satellite Television and Radio (ESAT) latest Ethiopian News from Addis Ababa, Amsterdam and Washington DC, November 28, 2018.

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  1. The comments given by residents clearly show that we have a long way to go as we can understand that most of us are politically illiterate . What they are excited about is the very usual or common political rhetoric of politicians . How it makes sense to take the issue of election in a situation where other priorities are begging for immediate and serious attention, dialogue and solution ? It does not make sense at all ! I hate to say but I have to say that we are slowly sliding back to the very clumsy and deceiving political game of EPRDF . It is so foolish for us to believe that EPRDF at this very starting stage of the struggle for genuine freedom and justice is ready for a genuine democratic election . It is absolutely foolish if not idiotic for us to have kind of belief to the extent of taking Dr..Abyi, Ato Lemma,Ato Gedu and Ato Demeke as systems by themselves .So infantile!
    Who is operating the very operational state machinery ? Is it not millions of cadres of EPRDF?
    Are those opposition groups which have a very great and sustainable political agenda and program of citizenship able to go any where in the country and make clear what they are for and who they are ? No way at all! So, what kind of democratic election we are talking about ? Absolutely stupid way of doing politics!
    Is what most hard-liners such as OLF behave and act really in line with a democratic election and system the people want to have? Absolutely not!
    Is what we are witnessing in in the south ( to have more and more ethnic-based regional states ) really good for a democratic election? Totally nonsensical!
    Is the so-called constitution ( the political program of EPRDF) good for democratic election as it is? Terribly disingenuous or dishonest political game!
    Are we witnessing the prevalence of a well-thought ,well-ware , well-organized and well-prepared people especially youth ? Absolutely not! What we are witnessing is emotion-driven, highly parochial ( ethnic parochialism) , disorganized and victim of being easy going political behavior .
    Is the politically designed appointment of Birtukan by itself gives EPRDF a certificate of graduation to organize and hold a fundamentally qualitative democratic election in a situation where there are so many things are terribly worrisome ? Absolutely not!
    We can go on and on but without sensible answers from our politicians . What we are witnessing is a very stupid political game of EPRDF claiming that “the transition is doing fantastic and the rest to be accomplished until the very day of the election , and then declare the realization of fundamentally qualitative democratic country”. Is this not terribly disingenuous? absolutely it is !

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