Ethiopia: What The Victimized Amara Should Know

The World Is Made Up of The Hunters and The Huntees

by Belayneh Abate

What The Victimized Amara Should Know.

Our conscience is repeatedly stabbed by the endless systematic displacement, massacre, incarceration, torture and starvation of the Amara People. As the testimonies, physical and mental status of Amara prisoners demonstrate, even the detention centers are disproportionately harsher on Amaras.

It is unjust and subhuman to be silent when these people are hunted like American deer in every corner of the country because they were born Amara. It appears that working, hoping and wishing for ideals predisposes to extinction.

Ideally, we hope the world to be fair, compassionate and free of corruption and crimes. In realty, the world is full of corruption, unfairness, injustice and murders.

Ideally, we want the globe to be free of racial, sexual, religious, social status or  other forms of discrimination.  In realty, the globe has been inundated with  any forms of discrimination since the birth of mankind.

Ideally, we wish the honest, the loyal and the just govern nations. In realty, the liars, the traitors, and the criminals rule countries.

Because the liars, the traitors and the criminals rule countries, the earth has been Hell for the weak since the era of genesis.

As philosophy teaches, the wise man Socrates was voted to death because the liar and the unjust rulers mislead the public that Socrates was corrupt and against all Gods.

As scriptures teach, Christos was crucified because of his liar accusers, who preached that he was against the Laws.

As history teaches the shrewd Europeans enslaved the naive Africans, Asians and Latin Americans using bible as their entrance gates.

As we know, the Jewish people were massacred by the Nazis because they were blamed for all the problems of that time Germany.

Similarly, the Amaras have been massacred, imprisoned, tortured, displaced, sterilized, and subjected to illiteracy and starvation because they are blamed for all the problems of the country. The elimination of Amara has continued and a large number of them are currently displaced from their mother land, the land their forefathers protected through their blood since the earth was created.

Despite this survival threat, we still talk about love, unity, reconciliation, forgiveness and may other empty words.  In principle these empty words could bring universal peace. In realty though, these empty words protect the powerful and appease the weak as it happened in South Africa and many other places.

In addition to listening to the undeliverable ideal preaching of the hypocrite prophets, the victimized Amara should realize the fact about survival in a hostile environment. This survival fact is what   Richard Connell said in his beautiful writing, the Most Dangerous Game:  “The World is Made Up of The Hunters and The Huntees.”

I hope Richard Connell was wrong and there were no hunters and huntees!

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