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  1. The robbers of Tigray have been on the rampage since the TPLF captured power in Ethiopia. The guiding motto of the TPLF is `Everything to Tigray`. The fortunes of the other regions and non-Tigre citizens in Ethiopia are famine and poverty. The TPLF leaders have collected billions in aid and loans in the name of the poor but the lion`s shares of these resources are diverted to Tigray. For example close to 60 percent of relief aid the country receives from abroad is channeled to Tigray. I got this evidence from a well placed source in the TPLF goverment. To be from Tigray is like winning a big lottery in Ethiopia now. The Diaspora from Tigray I know who live on welfare in the west are now among the very rich in Ethiopia and own valuable assets from real estates to luxurious hotels as investors.

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