Ethiopia PM gets huge welcome in Ambo, epicenter of Oromo protests

Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed in Ambo.

(Africa News) — Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited the epicenter of protests that riled the country between 2015 and last year with a call for the people to rally behind government efforts aimed at deepening democracy.

Ambo, located in the west Shoa zone of Oromia regional state, was the scene of heavy protests that led to security crackdown and deaths.

There was intense preparations ahead of his visit whiles thousands poured out at the Ambo stadium to listen to his message.

According to the state-affiliated FANA Broadcasting Corporate, he tasked citizens to join hands and make history by focusing their attentions towards peace and development. He also highlighted the importance of resolving differences through dialogue.

‘‘The Premier also pledged utmost efforts by the government to ensure benefits of all Ethiopians, including women, and urged scholars to conduct problem-solving researches,’‘ the report added.

Abiy was accompanied by his deputy Demeke Mekonnen who hailed the efforts of the youth in the sustainability of reforms currently underway.

Other high-profile officials included Shiferaw Shigute, head of the Southern Ethiopian Peoples Democratic Movement (SEPDM) and Foreign Affairs chief, Workneh Ghebeyehu.

Lemma Megerssa, President of the Oromia regional state in his comments stressed that the occasion unlike in the past was a time to announce good news and hope contrary to the past when they have had to quell protests.

People came out in their traditional attires to welcome the Premier and his entourage. Women in their traditional attires and men clad in Oromo robes and riding horses attended the event.


  1. Great move. Ethiopians need peace and unity.

  2. One done already with the closing of the notorious prison in the capital and boat load of things to go. The next thing to do for this his young PM and his administration is to release all political prisoners including that family man Tsige. Please release him to his crying children, for heavens sake. By now the intelligence people should have squeezed everything they wanted to get out of him anyway by their brand of hook or crook. Let him go and many other alleged political prisoners like him. Holding them will play no more role as a deterrent just for the fact that those gallant Oromo and Amhara qeerroos ain’t get scared by prison anymore. Ain’t gonna work! Also this dialogue should be the beginning and such pow wow should be conducted with every stakeholder group inside and outside the country, even those who are camping out at Piccola Roma. If this man stretches out his hand for dialogue all the stakeholders should be willing to do so and in the process pull back all the violent means. That country is at cross roads and I see it a potentially destructive one. The worst that country and people have ever been into, I may add. And it is not funny at all. The two qeerroos are holding the despots by …you know what!!! The system has many things that were accomplished for the good of the people and should not be destroyed but reformed. Everything there is not exactly what to wish for and everything there is not 100% wrong. The wrong must be expurgated and the good must be protected and preserved(reformed). The roads, clinics, factories and transportation vehicles, banks and many other aspects of development should be protected and preserved by all sides. Socialism had been tried there in the past and it had failed the people so miserably. Accumulation of legit private capital must have the full support of everyone and must be protected. Please make sure you underline the word ‘legit’ for me when you read my comment here. Corruption with all its grafting, the disease that has been bedeviling Africa for so long must be radically treated and stamped out. Diversity at every level of the government and ownership is the prime order of the day without infringing on the rights of citizens. Justice must come down on improprieties hard and fair in the meantime. That is just my two cents of an opinion.

  3. Good beginning for the young PM. I am very happy to see the head of the government come to the protesting population in peace and with no guns in his holster ready to shoot. This was the one wanting for the long time. It also shows that organized and persistent peaceful protest is mightier than the barrel of the gun. All glory to the Oromo and Amhara qeerroos who told the despots in unwavering terms ‘You can stand me up to the gates of hell and I won’t back down!’ They stared up to the despots eyes and the goons blinked. This also proves me so right in my advocacy of peaceful form of struggle. Only despots and goons and their oppressive governance come out of the barrel of the gun. If there is any armed group since the American War of Independence that turned out to be democratic, I have been asking for an example for years now. Just tell me one. None, right? May Nicaragua of the 1990’s even that one is not at home with me yet. Just look at next doors North and West of the old country. In the north, the demon has been sitting on the citizens there since he successfully carved out a territory as his own fiefdom. He has been egging his people to give him black milk from a green cow. On the west side? Well I don’t have to tell you anything about it. A despot is ruling by a deadly barrel of his guns from his first day in office. He came to office by violent means and rules by violence. In our own old country, let the record speaks for itself. Deadly it can be in the name of ‘developmental democracy’ and ‘revolutionary democracy’ from the non-believers book of Marxism/Leninism/Maoism. In our case, the despots are well read intellectuals-turned-bloodletting goons. The game is over for them and they will never be able to maintain things as usual. The beginning of the end of their ‘good ole days’ has already begun. That gallant qeerroo has the Promised Land in his sights. You can stand him/her up at the gates of hell and he will never back down. Hey, I did not say that. That gallant qeerroo did. Again I wish this young leader all the best in his endeavor to work thru the mess he inherited. In his inaugural address he has struck all the right notes. Those were intentions at best. Now we have to sit back watch for the impacts. Good intentions will not mean anything except what they are meant for, for public consumption unless they are accompanied with impacts on the society. They will make everyone feel good and that won’t cut the mustard. So, impact, impact and impact!!! It is in the hands of his administration and the qeerroos to bring the country back from the brink. I don’t even want to think about what their failure is going to entail. It won’t be a pretty side. He has apologized and that must be gracefully acknowledged by all stakeholders. Then again, this is my own opinion. Enough with bloodshed!!! Enough!!! Enough!!!! Let’s pray for those proud and glorious people!!!!

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