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Ethiopia: How to immigrate to Canada from the USA

Following the election of Trump as the US president, many changes have been made in the US immigration/refugee law/policies. Many undocumented immigrants face the risk of deportation to the country where they would be persecuted or tortured. Canada has been receiving tens of thousands of these undocumented immigrants/refugees from the US over the last couple of years. Teklemichael Abebe, an Ethiopian Canadian lawyer, based in Toronto will be speaking about how to immigrate to Canada. If you intend to move to Canada, this is the best opportunity to have some idea about Canada’s immigration and refugee law. Join us on Saturday, March 10, 2018 from 3-5pm at 8204 Fenton Street, Suite # 203, Silver Spring, Maryland. Co-sponsored by the Law Office of Teklemichael Abebe Sahlemariam and Solidarity Movement for New Ethiopia.

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