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General strike called in Ethiopia: Unrest already begin

(ESAT News) — Activists are calling a general public strike starting March 5, 2018 against the Ethiopian regime and recently declared State of Emergency. Meanwhile regime forces are already firing bullets against civilian. Many people killed in Oromia region, local police forces are reportedly fighting against the regime soldiers in Ambo (West Shewa Zone).


  1. The Agasus (hodam) (aka agazi) army has completely lost its mind and is now shooting innocent people. the Agasus army is its last stage of the decomposal and disintegration of evil illiterate woyanne. Keep up the Oromo people ! There will be sacrifice for a better future. God will take care of them and Ethiopian will remember them. Woyanne is wounded and bleeding and cannot fight 100 million Ethiopians and its illiterate generals like Samora are living devils. They will be defeated. History and law of nature tells us that these evils are no good for the society. May God be with Ethiopian people. Woyanne is a child that Ethiopia regrets to have had.

  2. The Oromo resistance against the fascist rule of the TPLF is gaining momentum and expanding quickly. The Oromo members in the TPLF rubber stamp parliament and who voted against the TPLF `s declared war on the Oromo people have the full backing of the people in the region. The Oromo struggle will never stop short of dismantling the TPLF rule in the region and the rest of Ethiopia. The members and supporters of the TPLF are warned against any acts of sabotage or direct involvement in the TPLF war on the Oromo people. The Oromos are for peace, equality and justice but will take all the necessary measures to defend themselves. The united Oromo forces will repel any TPLF attack and move on to a decisive counter attack to dislodge the TPLF forces from the region. The Oromo will never be deceived again by the TPLF` s false promises of reform and change.

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