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Protests erupt the day after Ethiopian parliament approves SOE

The day after Ethiopian parliament approves the ruling regime (TPLF) proposed State of Emergency, anti-government protests are erupted in different Oromia region towns. Activists are also calling more protests and strikes in big cities.


  1. The leadership in Ethiopia have arrived at the point to choose REFORM OR ANARCHY by implementing the SOE.

  2. The Tigray People`s Looter Front (TPLF) should be officially declared illegitimate and a nation wide ban on taxation and boycott targeting its coffers should be launched. Its armed and security forces who murder innocent citizens should also be legitimate public targets as required by self defense.

  3. Name one nation that is in congruence with the regime on this SOE? Just one! I bet you even China may be saying ‘I don’t know about this one’. The chips are down for sure this time around. Is the opposition United and ready? You tell me! I may just cover myself with blanket, muff my ears and just go with ‘hear nothing, see nothing’ till the end of the few years left for me on this good earth! Just concentrate on praying day and night for that proud and glorious people that produced us all. I am to seek refuge in The Lord Our Creator! I am counting on His mysterious ways!

  4. The votes are not legally binding.
    Tigray Front’s tactics never change. A year earlier it incited
    a conflict between Somali and Oromo resulting in over a million
    of the latter being forced from the region. Did you note what Tigray
    Front proposed as a solution? Resettle many of those in Addis Ababa area!
    This was identical tactic when it incited similar disturbances
    in Gumuz-Benishangul and Gambela!!

    Protests and civil disobedience must continue regardless. Never should
    citizens wait for ethnic party leaders to act. A new leadership already is emerging at the grassroots level. This is the only way to bring the already frightened and confused Tigray Front to its knees.

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