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The Future of Ethiopia – Straight Talk Africa

Shaka Ssali discusses Ethiopia’s future with Solomon Abate Gebremariam, VOA Horn of Africa Correspondent, Professor Berhanu Nega, Economics Professor and Chairman of Patriotic Ginbot Seven, Dr. Yohannes Zeleke, Research Associate at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, and with Mohammed Ademo, Freelance Journalist and Founder & Editor of OPRIDE.COM.


  1. Don't Repeat ignorance Shaka!

    Shaka, you may have though that you have helped ” Opride ” guy by saying that some Ethiopians used to say they are flying to Africa when they are going to Kenya. That was to make a remark on how Ethiopians were discriminating Oromos. You also said people used to ask you if you are an Oromo.

    In this case you failed because Oromos are as any other Ethiopians who have and share the same value. Every Ethiopian had no experience in flying or travelling to other countries. I am sure back then every one will say the same thing for the luck of knowledge of how to describe it, travelling and the geography of the world.

    You don’t know who had asked you that question if you are an Oromo. It could have been an Oromo, Amhara, Tigre, Gurage and etc… It was simply because you had a accent and your Amharic might have been broken (there is nothing wrong with that if that is the case). It signify that not every Ethiopian speak Amharic and that is why every language is preserved until now. With good hard work in the future every Ethiopian should learn and speak more that 3,4 … languages.

  2. Don't Repeat ignorance Shaka!

    Shaka, Ethiopians asking you if you are an Oromo should tell you how Oromo language was widely spoken among many different dialect language of Oromos. Unlike what you heard the young inexperienced and ill advised young person from Opride saying speaking Oromo language was forbidden. Some thing that was never heard or said.

    There are many Oromos that never spoke Amharic (speak only Oromo) and many that are fluent and many in between. If you are not fluent in Amharic and have Oromo accent it is not abnormal for people to ask you if you are an Oromo, Guarge or etc…. Of course no one expects an Amhara to have difficulty in speaking Amharic. Yet there are also many different dialects in Amharic speaking as well depending on various regions of Amhara.

    The point is don’t try to make a bid deal when there is nothing to make at all. Ethiopia’s founders are mixed although the majority were Amharas and a country needs one central language for business and communication to function. Just as you are speaking English to communicate to the entire world. Yet no English speaker blame themselves or Britain for knowing how to speak English

    In the olden days also you may have heard Ethiopians saying they are going to Africa and that is not to say they are not in Africa. It is simply in innocent state of mind and to say I am going out of Ethiopia to another country that is in Africa. Traveling to other countries was very unusual and people had no experience and therefore it used to be a big deal. And there is nothing wrong to say that but one has to have a positive mind to translate that. We all know that each African country is different in language, culture, music and so on but it shares many different values including the continent.

    Here again you have become a victim of ignorance and please try to shine intellect instead of being a part in ignorance.

  3. So called historian, young and dumb

    It is a shame and really sad to see a young guy from O-pride who never lived and saw discrimination as an Oromo coming up with false fictitious tale that speaking Oromo was forbidden in Ethiopia before.

    This is the kind of person we have to watch that is dangerous to the society. He should never speak for Oromos or any other group because he either doesn’t know the history of Oromos or is deliberatey working to mess up relationship of Oromos and Ethiopians for his own gain.

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