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Adeola Fayehun on current Ethiopian political events

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn submits his resignation ‘to ease political turmoil’. The country declares a 6-month state of emergency, during which protests are banned.

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  1. Thank you ADIOLA as usual.We are happy for the release of political prisoners but still there are many more and TPLF is arresting many more at the same time.It is not the will of TPLF but it is the determination of the people that led to the release of our heroes.TPLF will be history pretty soon.No one think Haile Mariam had a real power.Even his wife and children’s knew that he had Zero power.He was a servant of TPLF and now TPLF want to bring a new servant and make Haile Mariam as scapegoat.Any way the people of Ethiopia know HD has never had the power to decide any thing at all.But he will be responsible for every crime made after the death of the Black Hitler MELESE ZENAWI:Pretty soon TPLF will be wiped out of office by human wave the world ever seen.I AM ANDARGACHEW and ESAT is MINE:Death to TPLF and Hodams.AGAZI NAZI:Ethiopia first for ever.Ethnic politics must be forbidden in order to protect humanity.God/ALLAH bless Ethiopia and Humanity.

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