Ethiopia: ‘Humble appeal to all immersed in politics’ Mamo Muchie

“Humble Appeal to all immersed in active politics on the current transition quest for Ethiopia!”
Professor Mamo Muchie

This is a humble and sincere call for all Ethiopians who are politically engaged to reach a consensus to make sure Ethiopia’s long and complicated political journey finally enters into a culture of dialogue where no matter how divisive and controversial the differences are, ways are found to address them with moral integrity, long term vision and for the benefit and dignity of all its citizens to be free at last and finally from any use of violence. Read more…


  1. February 24, 2018

    Professor it will be welcome if only your message was pointed towards the rouge regime that has done all the killing jailing terrorizing itemidating and depriving it’s own citizens of all Ethiopia.
    Please tell your circle and elites to chat with the TOP BRASS and enablers instead of the majority who wants this REGIME AND TPLF wipes off for ETHIOPIA FOREVER
    Wake up the young people of Ethiopia who I call
    GENRATION TOLOSA will bring back ETHIOPIAWINET BACK to all our roots
    Stop trying to change to plan and get on board to target the regime only way out fool

  2. It must be remembered to never conflate EPRDF, TPLF and Tigray people, even casually. This will take us in another downward cycle. Treat political entities as political entities please.
    Mengist yimetal mengist yihedal, hizb gin newari new.
    If things go massively bloody then the pain on the mind will be hard.

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