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‘Game Over,’ U.S. Congressman jabs Ethiopia’s TPLF

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher tweet regarding Ethiopia.

(Africa News) — A United States Congressman has insinuated that Ethiopia’s dominant party, the Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) is on its way out of power.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher tweeted on Wednesday morning, ‘Game Over TPLF.’ His tweet incidentally mentioned three people including a famed Ethiopian activist, Jawar Mohammed.

The other two were the Eritrean ambassador to Japan and one Neamin Zeleke, an expert on political and security ongoings in the Horn of Africa region. Rohrabacher represents the people of California’s 48th District. He is a known advocate on rights issues in Ethiopia.

The AFP correspondent for Ethiopia, Chris Stein, added that the Congressman had also issued an ultimatum for government to allow U.N. rights monitors entry to probe rights issues.

He added that Addis Ababa had till February 28 to allow the monitors or face a formal condemnation vote by the House of Representatives.

Ethiopia is currently under a state of emergency imposed hours after the resignation of Premier Hailemariam Desalegn. The ruling EPRDF of which the TPLF is a member will meet to decide his successor.

The measure, the second in under two years, has been criticised by foreign allies including the United States and the European Union. Other diplomatic missions have tasked the government to respect the rights of citizens whiles enforcing the measure.

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  1. It is becoming more and more evident that smart alecks who by way of conniving and intimidation stole away a front our peace-mongering people of Tigray founded for a noble cause, are now busy with their heinous device to kidnap and horde everyone of them in a well thought union with their next of kin from Piccola Roma where lasagna is the national cuisine. I suspect and expect that every one of Sebhat Nega’s rabid operatives have packed up and ready to leave on a moment’s notice. Why not? Mass incarcerations have not worked; Random and mass killings have proved no dice; Coughing up of a sliver number prisoners has fallen flat on its face; The youth in the South, Oromia and Amhara regions have vowed not to back down until they see a government of their own, by themselves and for themselves. That, they say, is their ultimate prize and their eyes are fixated on that prize!!! Ladies and gentlemen!!! A new Agazian Republic of pure/golden race(even more pure Semite than an Israeli Jew) will come to the theater near you!!!! And a multibillion dollar wall as high as one of the obelisks still standing to keep the rest of the luster lacking and rusty creatures out is on a blue print already. The youth is telling the despot ‘take the 2020 election and shove it!!!’ It is holding the despots who are now gone obese by the chuma of Oromia and select Teff flour from Amhara by their shwanz and that has been agonizingly painful folks. Have you ever been clobbered by a very fast moving soccer ball in the n… you know what…that thing below the belt? It hurts so bad, man!!! Just like that funny skit told by the late comedian Buddy Hackett about a duck hunter and a farmer. You remember that!!! Now, the pain is being felt by these fat cat operatives and they are howling uncontrollably here and everywhere. Our lampooning bigot used to say his new republic is coming. No, you fool!!! Agazia has beaten to it!!! So let’s sing that Scottish old-time spiritual(For farewell that is):

    Auld Lang Syne:

    For auld lang syne, my jo,
    for auld lang syne,
    we’ll tak’ a cup o’ kindness yet,
    for auld lang syne.

    Just like the famous astronaut Scott Carpenter wished his fellow astronaut John Glenn, I will say it for the first time since that fate day almost 56 years ago, Godspeed Agazia!!! I will double it up with late Walter Cronkite famous sendoff the same day, ‘Go Baby Go!!!

    Agazia is coming!! I am crying my eyeballs out folks!!!! We will see how that will go down with the noble people currently held hostage with heavy dose of fear by these demonic smart alecks!!!

    Good riddance!!! Your arrogant and cruel behavior won’t be missed. In fact, we can help you packing up!!!! Good Bye, adios, arrivederci, Ma’a Salama, dasveedáneeya(Your holy book author Lenin used to say that when he sends his citizens to their gallows) and finally au revoir!!!!

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