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Defiance strike in Ethiopia’s Amhara region over state of emergency

In defiance of State of Emergency people in the Amhara region launched a general strike.

(Africa News) The city of Gondar in Ethiopia’s northern Amhara regional state has been hit by a strike days after the declaration of a national state of emergency by the Council of Ministers.

Even though it is not known who called for the sit-down strike, reports indicate that the measure has left the city deserted. Shops have not opened and some government offices remain closed.

According to a top blogger, Befeqadu Hailu, the city is pressing ahead with the strike despite it being a prohibited act under the state of emergency declared late last week. Minister of defense Siraj Fegessa stated that it will be in place for six months.

Amhara region along with Oromia were the main centers of spreading anti-government protests that led to the imposition of the last state of emergency in October 2016.

The six-month measure eventually run for ten months after the government extended it by four months in April. It was lifted in August 2017 and followed by a series of security headaches.

According to government, the latest state of emergency is aimed at curbing rising insecurity across the country following the release of hundreds of political prisoners. Addis Ababa said the move, part of wider reforms, was aimed at fostering national unity.

The state of emergency was imposed almost twenty-four hours after the resignation of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn. He will, however, stay on till the ruling coalition settles on his replacement at their next congress.

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  1. Dear countrymen,

    The genie is already out of the bottle and seems to have discovered its mojo. The youth has located its charm and the making of things. When it forced the Marxism honed despots to cough up the peaceful protesters in jail, the youth responded by saying ‘that is good but not good enough. We want you to cough up every political prisoner in your gulag. And your replacement by a transitional government is a must’. How more clear should that be? ‘Out of my sight or I will not back down!!!’ Now the youth needs to be reminded to stay away from doing harms to industrial and business settings and should rein in those in its midst prone to uncontrollable rage. That will give hard excuse for the despots to jail and murder peaceful protesters. Above all factories and modern business settings are there for the good of the people whoever owns them and they will be there to do good in the eminent good governance. Good governance is for sure to come, no ifs or buts about it. Because Taiwan of the late 1980’s has said so; Chile of the late 1990’s has said so; South Korea of the 1990’s has said so. Even Tunisia which is right there just a stone throw away from Arat Kilo of the 17 years ago is saying so. Once the rage starts spilling over from Goba to Metema, from Babile to Dembi Dolo, the writing is becoming clarion clear on the wall. Those who don’t or refuse to see the writing on the wall is those who are intoxicated by political power and all the fringe benefits that come with it. It is natural that the longer one stays in power he/she will be prone to make mistakes and improprieties even those with fair minds. In our case, ethnicity has been the modus operandi for the Marxist despots in power. Ethnicity does not mean rights of ethnic groups to make their languages to run their administration. That comes out of the principle that respects citizens’ Almighty Blessed right to speak and develop their mother tongues. It does not mean to funnel the lions share to your enclave. It does not mean that one ethnic group is more qualified than others to do anything. It does not make one ethnic group a ‘golden’ race and others made of some rusty metal stuff that can be gunned down to make a point or get the message across. For what I have been reading and hearing right from the source, ethnicity has been used from the bottom of the deck to line pockets of the well connected through ethnicity into billionaires(in Birr). When I say this it does not mean that I am against capital accumulations but only when it is earned in total transparency and fair/regulated competition. Free enterprise is in my blood. The politics of ethnicity has proven to be a hindrance for fair and transparent governance just because it carries that faulty preference which is deeply embedded in it. You need proof? The entire Africa is my witness and hard proof. What the US and EU are worried about is a possible and eminent vacuum emerging. To me it is rearing its head already. The regime is not able to rule as usual including by killing protesters. It has killed kids just for singing protest songs for crying out loud!!! But the youth is not backing down in its millions. You, I and many others who still hold that glorious people who produced us all dear to our hearts should watch out for those smart alecks who have been waiting for the opportune moment standing on the periphery to go in and carve out a territory to call it their own vassal along ethnic and religious lines. We have to learn from our past experience of 1974. We have to be determined in exposing them with no preference for our ethnicity. They will be another omen set to bedevil our people even longer. They will be equally and even more murderous. That is how I see it and am resolute about it until I am proven wrong practically.

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