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Ethiopia court acquits a journalist, opposition party member

Addis Standard

Both Elias & Daniel were released only in Aug 2017

Addis Abeba, Nov. 8/2017 – The Federal High Court Bole Branch, third Bench has today acquitted journalist Elias Gebru & opposition party member Daniel Shibeshi  from criminal charges brought against both under Ethiopia’s defunctState of Emergency (SoE).

Both Elias and Daniel were first detained along with Anania Sorri on Nov. 18, 2016 for ‘violating’ a section under the SoE, which prohibited displaying crossed arms held above head, a symbol of the Oromo protests that led to the declaration of the emergency rule in October 2016.   After spending months in jail without charges, Anania Sorri was released on March 13 2017.

Both Elias & Daniel were released only in Aug 2017 after spending months without charges and plenty of confusions. They were released after posting a 50, 000 birr (about US$1, 800) bail coupled with a travel ban imposed on both by the court. In its decision today, the federal court has lifted the travel ban & the bail posted.

However, journalist Elias Gebru will continue fighting a three year old case at the a fed High court which was brought against him when he was the editor of a local magazine called ‘Enqu’. He was also the editor of a now defunct Amharic weekly “Addis Gets” and Daniel Shibeshi was former senior member of the opposition UDJ/Andinet. Several UDJ members including Daniel Shibeshi have recently joined the opposition Semayawi (Blue) party.

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  1. I am very happy for these two sons of ours. How about Obbo Eskinder? How about Bekele and many similar others? The push to have them released should stay relentless. This is a regime overpowered by those wicked individuals who had committed Crimes Against Humanity by killing prisoners of war. I didn’t make such killings a crime as such. It is right there in the Geneva Convention which Ethiopia is a signatory. The commission of such crime by the leaders of the EPRDF had been revealed and confirmed by one of the former leaders of TPLF itself Obbo Gebru Asrat. Just go the link here and forward to minute to 05:40.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K79OxTTv4ZU. It does not matter who has done, against who it is done and the circumstances it is committed. Killing of any prisoner of war is a crime against humanity. That is hard evidence that cannot be successfully defended by the perpetrators. Again, killing of prisoners is a crime against humanity!! Hello!!! It is a crime. I am calling on those individuals among the Diaspora who are students of law to bring that to the attention of the prosecutor at The Hague!!! This case will nail those bigots and worshipers of demonic Marx and Lenin who raise The Name Of The Almighty in vain the whole time. They have no respect for Our Creator and by default they will never have respect for the sacred human lives. They lived by the gun then and will continue to do so until they die. Them ruffians!!! Them murderers!!! Them bigots!!!

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