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Ethiopia’s Tirunesh Dibaba Wins 2017 Chicago Marathon

(NBC) — Three-time Olympic gold medalist Tirunesh Dibaba has won the women’s field of the 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

Dibaba beat out defending champion Florence Kiplagat, keeping her from winning her third consecutive Chicago Marathon.

Dibaba recorded her fastest marathon earlier this year in London, coming across the finish line at two hours, 17 minutes 56 seconds. She is currently the third fastest woman running distances longer than 42 kilometers.
Dibaba picked up three gold medals and three bronze medals from the last four Summer Olympic Games.

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  1. Can I take a break from politics and share my over flowing joy with everyone of you? That is about the triumph by our golden daughter Tirunesh Dibaba and what she accomplished today. I heard from a former American colleague who now lives in one of the suburbs of Chicago that a marathon race will take place and have heard that some of the competitors were my old country. So I sought out and located a local TV station and watched her, man. She just destroyed, annihilated every one is her sight including thousands of men, man!!! You can do all of your grocery shopping and more between the time she shattered the ribbon and the time the 2nd place moved across the finish line, man. Call it exaggeration and I don’t really care!!! There is nothing, zilch, nada you can do about it. I am good now for a week, man. Just watch the clip and you will see her pouncing all the way to the Promised Land like a provoked cheetah as if someone was messing around with her kittens, man!!! She sneered at everyone she lapped that Chicago is her house and she is the only undisputed boss, man!!!! I am happy for a week, now!!!! Thank you princess!!!!!

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