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Ethiopia: ESAT Breaking News, Patriotic Ginbot 7 Latest Attack

Patriotic Ginbot 7 freedom fighters attacked TPLF troops in Northern Gondar. Wounded TPLF soldiers are receiving medical treatment in Gondar hospital according to the freedom fighters spokesperson.


  1. Dawitketerew Wolde

    The scum that is WOYANE will fall pretty soon! I have faith that one day Ethiopia will be truly united. I have started a community based peaceful protest and have been making donation to this cause for years. The money I make will be put forward into watching this parasite regime go down and burn!

  2. Dilnesaw anteneh

    I appreciate you Pr.Berhanu for your dedication. You are true Ethiopian. You are not committed for wealth matters. Rather for Ethiopian Peoples’ liberation. I am dead sure you will succeed and Woyane will
    fall. God will help you, and the Ethiopian people as well.

  3. This how the demise of Mengistu started. History is repeating again. This parasite blood sucking regime HAS TO GO by any means. Thank you my people for sacrificing you life to get rid of the regime. Woyanne knew its mortal enemy while Chewing Akat back in that arid land, now the supposed mortal enemy that has huge tolerance and patience has awakened and Woyanne is in its scope. Payback time is approaching fast. Woyanne will fly back like a locust back to the arid land. God help us.

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