Center for the Rights of Ethiopian Women: 6th Annual International Conference

6th Annual International Women's Conference

CREW is a non-governmental, nonprofit, nonpartisan, human rights and peace organization established to promote the social, economic, and legal rights of Ethiopian women in Ethiopia and worldwide.

The theme for this year’s conference is “Human Rights and the Rule of Law under Ethiopia’s State of Emergency”.

The purpose of this conference is to enhance participants’ understanding of the current status of Ethiopia under the State of Emergency in respect to human rights and its overall impact, increase understanding of participants on advocacy on human rights violations, enlighten participants on human trafficking and gender-based violence among the African immigrant community in the U.S., and share challenges and success stories. Furthermore, the conference will create an opportunity for networking, partnership, and support with fellow attendees. With this in mind, we have organized the conference under four subthemes:

I. Human right and the state of emergency in Ethiopia

a. The Rule of Law: Judicial system under the state of emergency

b. The implication of the state of emergency and the impact on future movements

II. Lobbying and Advocating for Human Rights

a. The role of the HR Commission in Montgomery County

b. Basic principles of lobbying and advocating for human right issues

III. Gender-Based Violence Among Immigrant Community in the USA

a. Domestic violence within the African immigrant community in the USA and the role of the Person Center, including challenges and success stories.

b. Domestic violence and human trafficking

IV Presentation on Dr. Maigenet Shifferaw Fellowship Program

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