Hailemariam Desalegn got “F” for Communication

by Abebe Gellaw

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a critical commentary on the incompetence of the accidental Prime Minister of Ethiopia. However, some apologists of the tyrannical TPLF regime shouted that my commentary on Puppet Hailemariam Desalegn (PHD) was an unsubstantiated attack against the ceremonial PM.

As a follow-up, Addis Voice has produced a well-substantiated parody that exposes PHD’s incompetence and confusion in collaboration with American language and communications expert, J Davidson. Mr. Davidson has analysed publicly available speeches of PHD, the frequent errors he makes and the messages he tries hard to convey to the world in English.

“After considering a number of criteria, I have to give him a big F in communication skills,” he said.

It is very evident that the TPLF regime is facing deep leadership crisis. After PHD, the regime remains leaderless. Puppet Hailemariam Desalegn (PHD) is only following the orders of his dozens of TPLF bosses rather than leading the pack.

Despite being propped up by three deputy Prime Ministers and a dozen of “advisers” like Bereket Simon and Abay Tsehaye that pull the strings of control on him behind the scene, PHD is still fragile and weak. His incompetence, shallowness, opportunism and confusion is too evident to miss whenever he appears in public.

There is a big difference between a puppet and a leader. Unlike puppets, leaders are not made. Because leadership requires exceptionally inherent qualities, it is said that leaders are rather born, not made. Real leaders that can command respect and admiration have exceptional communication prowess. As the American author and presidential speechwriter said: “The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

“If I were him, I would certainly use an interpreter. He certainly has no command of the English language, which is obviously an international language. Instead of expressing himself clearly, he is miscommunicating with the world,” he said.

Addis Voice invite you to watch the video and judge for yourself. Ethiopia is being led by incompetent demagogues under the leadership of a clueless puppet. The TPLF regime is a total joke.


  1. if u guys fight fight for freedom or real politics . stupid like u are the one who make wrong politics . talk about politics to inspire us

  2. u know he has MSC in engineering befor he become politician. not like u being salve and working on parking lot. u are not american dude act like a man.

  3. who the fuck u are judge him on his capacity not in his English . u are negro or Arab salve urself . u are not real american bitch . u act like babys go to ploites stop commenting english . go west africa u stuped no one speak english except friench. who the fuck are u . u fat arab or mixed negro .

  4. insane perspectives leads to insane thoughts… first and for most he is a leader of uncolonized Ethiopia..(hope u know wat i mean) and english has never been his mother tongue and so the grammatical mistakes zat he made on his speeches will never evaluate his ability of leadership. Go n search many european higher officials donot speak english fluently… so wat ?? (i can share u some as an example)

  5. Abe,
    excellent and so funny!
    Please correct the title…”A+” for miscommunication. Or F for communication

  6. Actually the PM made more mistakes on the same videos than you cared to list.

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