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VOA Amharic Radio Daily Broadcast to Ethiopia

VOA – Afaan Oromoo
VOA – Tigrigna

VOA Amharic news is one of the forty-five language programs of the Voice of America in Washington, DC broadcasts daily radio news and internet news.


  1. በመጀመርያ VOA በጣም አድናቂችሁ ነኝ ይሄን ደብዳቤ እድታቀርቡልኝ እጠይቃለሁ ቆይ የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት እና ገበሬ እንደዛ ሲደነፋ የነበረው ገበሬዎች እና የወያኔ አሽቃባጭ ዛሬ የይ ገቡ ? ገበሬውን የሚያሽብረው ወያኔ ነው ካልሸባብና ከቦኩሀራም አለየውም እንደ ኢትዮጵያ መንግስት ያለ አሸባሪ የለም ነብሰ ገዳይ ነው የሰውን ልጅ እንደ ስጋ የሚበላ ነው እባካችሁ አቅርቡልኝ አመሰግናለ

  2. I’m from Ethiopia the most people they don’t have food Ethiopian government butcher we don’t have leader love you Voa

  3. I’m from Ethiopia the most people they don’t have food Ethiopian government butcher we don’t have leader

  4. VOA Amharic service has already accomplished its task which was given from the US government that was to broadcast news to topple the DERG regime. Woyane is strong ally to the US government. So the so-called journalists in the VOA-Amharic service have no confidence to report the realty in Ethiopia what is being done by Woyane. Moreover, Woyane has already assigned infiltrators like Kenok and Solomon Abate in the VOA who promotes the agenda of Woyane.

  5. Is Ayele Bekere a generalist? He talks about politics, economics, anthropology, archaeology and history.

  6. hay VOA do you know who you are ? VOA is voice of TPLF . SEE YOU!!!!

  7. so amaizing

  8. ሥለ ወያኔ አታወሩም

  9. እንዴት ናቹ የአሜሪካ ራዲዮ አዘጋጆች

  10. Betam yemiyasazzin midiya hone. M
    Inew. American metitew asidnegetuachihu?…….ennanite. Sitiferu Esat mmetaline

  11. Really what is the difference between VOA and EBC?

  12. Hinok semazger betam yasaznal ante banda ye T P L F telalake

  13. hallo voa rndemen ameshachuh
    Endet aynet wera new yemetasemun. Asia betornet meknyat alachuh.afrika gen yesera cheger setelu yasaferal
    Manem beageru kuru new neger gen abzagnaw betorenet askefi ena be Diktatur askefinet netsanet balemenoru new See yemisededew.sera ema molto Afrika west menew hulu Europa frenejoch Afrika hedew aydel ende yemiserut.ena yetarem bakachehu.
    From Germany

  14. benegarachen laye tezeta ena henok bole Ye wyane menges be Mimi sebehatu amkagenet meret tesetachew betam new yaferkubachu

  15. Betam yemegermew tezeta ena henok bole mert bet tesetachew

  16. I’m from shire, tigray, ethiopia i want join the strugle

  17. Is there really any government in Ethiopia? Woyane is a group of thives & murderers which does not mind about Ethiopians! Please VOA respect your professional journalism be independent & work for the benefit of poor Ethiopians!

  18. Self-judgement:
    I read many comments to VOA journalists. Some are wisely
    analysed and written, many are forwarded to the mentioned
    journalists without judging what their task and professional
    integrity is. Any mirror shows (reflects) what infront of it is (appears). Ofcourse depending the quality of the mirror the reflection might be bright or dimm. Likewise journalists do their job according to their job-experiences and skillfullness etc.
    Therefore if any journalist who serves as a free media-employee without being sided to a specific person or party, should be
    proud of his/her job doing so. A regular media-lisner/reader also should this truth accept and only when necessary “comment or admire” to forward will useful.

  19. Voa please fair Hinok semazger, I don't want listen
    His voice.

  20. Voa Amharic please be honest

  21. Hey VOA; I would like thank you for your job inviting on your station those killers of WOYANE/TPLF peoples like Tewodros Adhanome etc….. Please VOA I am really tired of listening those TPLF liar all of them on my age 25 years; when i was there I was always pray to God one word” please God leave me alone from ETV liars TPLF pupet journalist” thanks to God he did everything for me I am far from ETV right now; but You guys or VOA again please leave alone from thos barbaric TPLF propaganda okay. I think all of you Guys VOA journalist you know about a democracy or you know TPLF’s propaganda( don’t don’t don’t say anything about Ethiopias TPLF propaganda). Trust me on my opinion TPLF gone deafet or destroyed near future then you have any voice from the Ethiopians or you gone lose everything after this fucken government of TPLF fail! I don’t want to hear nothing about TPLF propaganda in the station of VOA Amharic.

  22. Nesa media yihun engi endnadamit kafelagachihu alebeleza ende ebc jerba ensetachihualen.

  23. VOA’s interview with the Minister of foreignaffairs was disturbing in a sense that he was giving his own opionion that really negates the announcement of the board of election. VOA amharic,interviewer could have been inquisitive,be in charge in trying to inform her audience about what happened. Idid not find the interview satisfying any sort of speculation that existed on the controversial result of the Etiopian election.

  24. For me VOA = EBC

  25. I hope they will let him have cojugal visits and take him to bars or strop club. That is the "right" way to treat a convict. Did the court rule about giving him the perks?

  26. Please VOA stop copy paste of Ethiopian damn Govt politics. or close your station and work with ESAT the nicest Ethiopian satellite!

  27. HI

  28. Ke Henok Semaezigier yemesemaw zegeba mizanawinet ena fitsunm halafinet yegodelew weyanawi new yehe listekakel yegebawal

  29. Just Wait and See those Wayane fagots soon we TPDM will bring dramatical change in our country. And our country will be one as it was before no more Amahara kilil no more kilil Oromia, Tigray kilil and so on Ethiopea is on e and peoples of Ethiopea is one. Wayane divide and rule policy will end soon. Peoples of Tigray will live with people of Ethiopea together in harmony like before 23yrs ago. Long live Ethiopea and vitory to AG 7, EPDM all freedem fighters and leadership. VOA supported weyane dectator Regime

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