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VOA Amharic Radio Daily Broadcast to Ethiopia

VOA  Afaan Oromoo | VOA Tigrigna

VOA Amharic news is one of the forty-five language programs of the Voice of America in Washington, DC broadcasts daily radio news and internet news.


  1. Am from Tanzania. I am very liko to listen your service but disturbing me by jamming. If in your mistake pls try to improve it.

  2. VOA: Thank you for clarifying your stand. You are clearly not with Ethiopian people

  3. Hello voa how are you? I want to say thank you for your real information. we get truth information about our country from voa or esat.Now a days ethiopian medias tells us all in all an believable news.The rule of TPLF became the worst. the rule of DERG is 10 times beter than TPLF rule.

  4. Please VOA address the death and disturbances of Amhara’s in Southern region, Gideo Zone. You gus were reported with exaguration the didplacements of Tigrayians from Gonder with no death or any kind of heavy lose but when it happens to Amharas you are silient and voiceles.Too shame and unprofessional sorry to say it.

  5. Shame on you VOA amharic service. where is your jornalis ethnics
    You should do your job not your political stand.
    Shame shame shame.

  6. Dont lie live for truth


  8. Dear. VOA Journalists
    I appreciate the improvement you are making in recent days how you produce the news from Ethiopia. Here is my feedback as layman consumer of your amharic program: please do not try to balance lies with the truth i.e lies from Ethiopian government officials versus the truth about which you are making the news, try to balance the quality (trustworthiness) of the source of your news not the quantity .

  9. I do note see any difference between VOA and ETV ,sham on to VOA you are TPLF”s right hand

  10. Never voice of America they are the same as a ETV not including like Tsipon

  11. Wey VOA, weyane bamerica mengist genzeb ETVn lqaqabin. Yigermal

  12. really,is that all about the demonstration in Gondar?
    I am really sorry. You have hert broken me. This was not what I expected from VOA. There is something which is not clear for me. Is it the US or Ethiopian government paying you?

  13. Do you guys actually get paid for this report? My first and last time. No thanks VOA. You guys are part of the problem in Ethiopia. The next protest will be at 6th & independence SW

  14. VOA USED TO BE THE VOICE OF AMERICA BUT NOW ITS THE VOICE OF WEYANE THE KILLER BANDA. Stop doing a fever of this Banda thugs that came from the jungle ….

  15. VOA no matter what you try You can not hide the TRUTH! Mark my word TPLF’S days are numbered.
    Long live Ethiopia!

  16. I am writing this to voa Amharic reporters, how come you find TPLF official when they do their propaganda but you fail to find and ask them why they demolish people’s house while people in it, demolish churches and killing many innocent people as they are chicken? God forbid they could by your family. Eskenderfrew always find those mindless TPLF official and they use him as microphone to vomite their nonsense . Are you gentleman and ladies enjoy the misery of our people? . You know soon this situation will change and the TPLF and their donkeys who work with them are going to face the people , I am one of Ethiopians among millions of people disappointed especially with Senior reporters who I used to enjoy listening for long time. I checked if someone in the voice of America tell you what to report and how and that is not the case at all. I know you go a long way to ignore the news and event what is happining especially when the news has damaging report against the TPLF bandits and mafia group. I just let you know this opinion is not mine only millions of Ethiopians wherever they reside have the same as mine
    Have a great day

  17. VOA Amharic reporters I am your long time religiously listener and admirer would like tell you how desalinated i am about your one sided reporting about the situation in Ethiopia. some of my friends and relative who are living in Ethiopia tell me now a days they couldn’t distinguished between VOA Amharic and Walta information because the content what you are reporting is Almost like Walta information which is a mouthpiece of TPLF
    Even though I can’t go that far to accuse you I certainly agree in the most part it is very disappointing.
    i know in the last thousands of years we had good and bad government like most country in the world but I don’t believe it was the government in the past or present like TPLF who works day and night try to destroy our country which they claim governing.

    1, killing Ethiopians with collaboration with foreign Army simply try to defend their country border

    2, killing religious leaders including monks who served God in remote gedams including digging the grave of Those who passed a way long time a go in order to Plant sugar can

    3, destroying valuable historical books and documents

    4, torturing and killing innocent people including elderly Pregnant women and childrens. Demolishing poor People,s house etc.

    Every time when the TPLF official want broadcast the usual propaganda which has no truth you find them and you give him/her long time to vomit whatever they want say you never ask why people has to be killed or their house has to demolished. The embarrassing things what you always said. “We contact the official no one answer the phone because it is night out their or they are in the meeting we try to get answer next time”. Does ESkender Frew get paid by VOA or Walta information? he seems he is taking order from Walta information what to report . Voa Amharic please stop doing a propaganda for TPLF and get back what used to do reporting without taking side..

  18. Is the weekly African News presented by Adanech about Ethiopia or Africa? As the topic indicates it is about Africa. Specially the last two programs were surprising; the news were almost all about Ethiopia which looks a fiction. I think presenting useless news just grabbing from silly websites which are written by individuals sponsored by the regime can convey prejudiced information to your listeners. In fact, the Ethiopian people know the real situation of the country. The writer tried to praise the regime what he has been paid for. Otherwise, in a country where the incidence of both drought and flooding are major causes of loss of lives, and conflicts are here and there such reports do not help the country.

  19. genetu estifanos

    I am surprised today

  20. it is good to the people to hear the truth from voa, but what makes me surprise is the intellectual of eprdf are have no better knowledge than the cadres of eprdf. let me say that how these people can bring up young university students that lead the future Ethiopia.

  21. Ebakachu VOA Wechte atasemun manew gebru Asrat tenant hezben syabesabes yeneber ye ehadig balesltan ekonew atamogne bakachu bemejemeria wetaderawi mengest yewered kezam motena chefchefa ahun aydelem yejemerew 23 Amt honew. Ebakachu enen Interview argugne…..bezu neger ale


  23. Getachew Reda’s rambling responses shows the deteriorating situation of TPLF. What is surprising is that lies are the main characteristic of all TPLF faggots.

  24. It is surprising that VOA has been regularly airing an adverse comment on Prof. Berhanu Nega after he had delivered a public speech in USA. Don’t you have other comments that can be circulated in your program? By the way, it doesn’t mean that VOA should be one sided and spread comments supporting or opposing one party or individual. But disseminating a negative comment more than twice shows the prejudice of your program. An interview made to an Eritrean opposition Figure in Tigrigna language immediately after G-7 meeting was an indication of a retaliation to the G-7 meeting, which was purposely done. The interview could be done, but it should have been done in Tigrigna, because if the interviewee wanted to pass on his talk in Tigregna, has had to be interviewed in VOA Tigregna service. I looks a bit betting. Whatsoever, balanced journalism is expected from you, that can benefit your country-Ethiopia.

  25. VOA we need more information about the people of ETHIOPIA

  26. voawech e/r kenate ga yehun ayzachehu yweynan gud ymetawetetn ketlubet

  27. I am happy to hear your balanced news in Maharishi continue in my opinion opinon you did great job
    Thank you In adbance

  28. welekayet tegede beritu Egezabeher kenanetegar yehoun anidinet hayele new manimi welekayet tegede kekeyawi leko aiyhed kebotawi mekito metagel enji.

  29. The people of Welkiet Tegde need not to explain for TPLF operatives about their psychological make up and identity. There fore this interview only gives useless air time for TPLF cadres to justify the massacre of the people of Gondar. By now it should be clear to every one TPLF has no any legitimacy to administer the country we know Ethiopia. Ethiopians must decide to teach TPLF unforgettable lesson. What are we waiting for. TPLF controls all our resources, she kill and displace our people. She even find an opportunity to sell our land to the Sudan as we speak. What else more are Ethiopians waiting for? What is no needed is this burn and blow every asset of TPLF kill every TPLF occupier bands where ever they may be found. Then and then we begin to EARN RESPECT.

  30. VOA broadcasted incorrect information on the size of addis Ababa in relation to the current master plan. VOA informed that the current area of AA will be 20 times bigger than its current size if the master-plan is implemented. Its current size is 527 square kilo meter (52700 hectares). With the new master plan its will increase to about 2000 square kilometer, four times its current size. That means about 1500 square kilometer (150000 hectares) would be included if the new land to be snatched was accepted by land owners. For comparison, the size of Nairobi is about 700 square kilometer, and Johannesburg about 2000 square kilo meter. But in these countries land is privately owned and the primary beneficiaries of the land are the land owners.

  31. Shame on the so-called journalists of VOA Amharic service! You introduced yesterday the highlight of the interview you made with Prof. Berhanu, and on your first introduction you said the interview will be presented in the second part of the program. Then, finally you said because of the shortage of time it will be presented tomorrow. But, even you did say nothing about the program today. Are you waiting censorship approval from Woyane?

  32. Some Amhara and SNNP university students are joining the Oromo struggle! Well done ! Together we stand; divided we fall! Leave behind your differences and fight Woyane. That is what freaks out them more than anything else

  33. Now our protest goes beyond the infamous master plan.We don’t stop protesting until Oromia is free! That is how resilient and determined we are! We don’t have guns as you do but we still kill your system ! You can see that our struggle is already bearing fruits!! We call upon all Ethiopians to say Enough is Enough and join the struggle against nut headed thugs (Woyane) !!
    Ethiopians’ lives matter!!

    Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter! Martin Luther King

  34. VOA enanetem ende weyanne tikefaeilachu ende betam yasazinal yebanidan propaganda sitaragibu.

  35. You have started to name a number of reasons when you are reporting news concerning Ethiopia (E.g. technical problems related to power source, internet connection, etc.). VOA Amharic service is deteriorating.

  36. Aba Biya Warabadi Saka

    My question is: The USA must stop the political double standard. USA fights for the Syrian people, but fight against the Ethiopians in collaboration with the blood thirsty tplf/woyane. Ethiopia and Ethiopians do not need false double standard.

  37. VOA please stand on the side of truth and do not hesitate to explore and make public the mass killings by Woyane

  38. MEDIA IIS FIRSTLY INTRODUCED IN America for protecting humanity from thugtators savaging innocents while they amassing public money

  39. Hello VOA,
    Yetelant zenachehu betam yegermal. Sele Somali enna sela lela hageroch tenagerachehu gen sel etiyophia yellem. Yesew lej ennde qolo eyeteqola balebet sele qolo temari mawrat se’atu new? Don’t be insensitive. The only media outlet people could air their grievances is you VOA since ESAT and OMN are jammed by the lunatic blood lusting Ethiopian government and the rest of the international media outlets don’t care for African.

  40. I am the person who loves to listen the voice of America since my child hood.I am 45 years old working in Humanitrian org.You were the light of Poor Ethiopian people who do not have chance to have alternative Media.But now I doubt that your Media is free from EPRDF.Plase be free from them

  41. I’m from Ethiopia the most people they don’t have food Ethiopian government butcher we don’t have leader love you Voa

  42. I’m from Ethiopia the most people they don’t have food Ethiopian government butcher we don’t have leader

  43. VOA Amharic service has already accomplished its task which was given from the US government that was to broadcast news to topple the DERG regime. Woyane is strong ally to the US government. So the so-called journalists in the VOA-Amharic service have no confidence to report the realty in Ethiopia what is being done by Woyane. Moreover, Woyane has already assigned infiltrators like Kenok and Solomon Abate in the VOA who promotes the agenda of Woyane.

  44. Is Ayele Bekere a generalist? He talks about politics, economics, anthropology, archaeology and history.

  45. hay VOA do you know who you are ? VOA is voice of TPLF . SEE YOU!!!!

  46. Betam yemiyasazzin midiya hone. M
    Inew. American metitew asidnegetuachihu?…….ennanite. Sitiferu Esat mmetaline

  47. Really what is the difference between VOA and EBC?

  48. Hinok semazger betam yasaznal ante banda ye T P L F telalake

  49. hallo voa rndemen ameshachuh
    Endet aynet wera new yemetasemun. Asia betornet meknyat alachuh.afrika gen yesera cheger setelu yasaferal
    Manem beageru kuru new neger gen abzagnaw betorenet askefi ena be Diktatur askefinet netsanet balemenoru new See yemisededew.sera ema molto Afrika west menew hulu Europa frenejoch Afrika hedew aydel ende yemiserut.ena yetarem bakachehu.
    From Germany

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