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Why is ESFNA festival missing in most online Medias?

The 2015 Ethiopian Sport Federation in North

Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America (ESFNA), the largest and the most popular Ethiopians gathering anywhere in the world.

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Should the ESFNA Solicit Leadership from the Community?

Ethiopian Sport Federation cultural Festival July 2013

This write up – which is dedicated to the founders of the Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America (ESFNA) – is intended to strengthen the Federation.

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Ethiopians at the 30-Year Anniversary of the ESFNA Soccer Tournament Model the “New Ethiopia”

Ethiopians freely chose to follow their consciences and to attend this stadium

At the College Park stadium, I saw Ethiopians, who did not know the ethnicity, region, religion or political view of others around them, treating those others with respect, consideration and civility.

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ESFNA Festival in Maryland: Some Observations

Ethiopian Sport Federation cultural Festival July 2013

ESFNA that hosted the gathering lived up to its motto of “bringing Ethiopians together”. That is all it did. It brought us together and left us to do what we want to do. Its dedication of this year’s event to celebrating Ethiopian women and appreciating their plight was a great idea. The Center for the Rights of Ethiopian Women (CREW) was made to stand at the center of the celebration this year representing Ethiopian women. They did a wonderful job of bringing up the plight of our sisters in the Middle East.

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Proving them wrong – the Ethiopian way

The recent ESFNA’s 30th. Celebration in Maryland

The Ethiopian Reporter that practices what is called ‘yellow journalism’ and is the unofficial mouthpiece of the TPLF is one of those weapons that insistently peddles hate, fear, hopelessness and attempts to kill the spirit of Ethiopianism. I also believe the English version is written by someone with a second grade education.

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ESFNA 30thYear: “Celebrating Ethiopian Women” February 2, 2013

ESFNA board members meeting turned ugly

Building on the tremendous progress made during late in 2012 and the first few weeks of 2013, we have a few noteworthy items to share on the progress towards DC 2013. First and foremost, ESFNA is dedicating the 2013 tournament to the Women of Ethiopia. The theme of this year’s tournament and cultural event is “Celebrating Ethiopian Women.” Since it’s our 30th consecutive year, it’s not an event any longer.

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ESFNA 30th Year Celebration in Washington DC

ESFNA Selects Washington DC for 30th Year Celebration

It is with tremendous excitement we announce the 30th Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA) Tournament venue and the return of North American’s largest and longest Ethiopian annual sporting and cultural event to the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

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