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Ethiopia: TPLF’s economic argument and its opportunity cost

Double-digit growth

Very few Ethiopians fall for the regime’s anti-terrorism posturing, but sadly a significant number of them appear to be willing to give the regime the benefit of the doubt on its economic claims.

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Campaign to make Westerners aware of Ethiopia’s human rights crisis: Operation Conscience

Campaign to make Westerners aware of Ethiopia

It’s our hope that public awareness of this holocaust will force those governments, corporations and individuals presently supporting Ethiopia’s dictatorship.

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Ethiopia: Double-digit growth? Quadruple-digit propaganda!

Double-digit growth

You will see in the news, and officials of the oppressive Ethiopian government will smile convincingly when they tell you, that Ethiopia is thriving with a “double-digit” economic growth.

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To Ethiopians in New York and New Jersey

America’s complicity in Ethiopia’s horrors

These Ethiopians are just like you except for the fact that they live under the most corrupt, ethnocentric and brutal regime.

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Uneasy peace and simmering conflict: the Ethiopian town where three flags fly

In Moyale, southern Ethiopia, a road marks the long-contested frontier between Oromia and Somali

Moyale, deep in Ethiopia’s dusty south-eastern drylands and straddling the border with Kenya, is split sharply down the middle.

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Why the European Union (EU) Should Take a Principled Position in Ethiopia

European Parliament

The trade-off the EU has in mind lacks human concern and development logic. Why should Ethiopians pay an enormous price to stem the tide of migration from the Horn to the EU while the EU leaves policy and structural governance hurdles untouched in Ethiopia?

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The Good Kops/Bad Kops T-TPLF Con Game (Over) in Ethiopia

The latest T-TPLF scam

Not only do I admire TPLF, I think they are slicker than a can of grease when it comes to using the mass media to manipulate, shape, distort and mislead public opinion.

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Is there unholy alliance between former UK minister & Bill Gates, targeting WHO director-general’s election? What for?

Tedros Adhanom criticism of Israel

Dr. Tedros Adhanom claimed “HRW through its senior researcher for Ethiopia and Eritrea, Felix Horne, was stoking anti-government protests through its false and negative reportage of the situation in the country” is a terrible lie.

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Another Example Of Impunity And Lawlessness In Ethiopia: The Torture Of Mubashir Dibad And Mohamed Mohamud

President of Ethiopian Somali Regional State Abdi Mohamud Omar

Four days after signing the border agreement with Oromia, President Abdi with the help of Federal Police arrested Mubashir and Mohamed in Addis Ababa.

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Ethiopia’s Crackdown on Dissent Leaves Youth With Dangerous Options

Gondar Protest 2016

Should the Ethiopian government continue to dismiss nationwide discontent, these now-isolated violent incidents could become the new normal.

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WHO contender Tedros Adhanom doesn’t have the backing of the Ethiopian people

Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom – A disgrace to Ethiopia

Tedros Adhanom’s TPLF party and North Korea’s Worker’s Party are the only two political organizations in the world to declare 100% “victory” in national elections.

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Dr. Tedros Adhanom One of WHO Director General Finalist is an Individual Suspected of a Crime Against Humanity

Tedros Adhanom Hires US-based Firm to Win Top WHO Job

The candidate has failed to be transparent by forcing the Ethiopian Ministry of Health to not report and cover up a Cholera epidemic throughout his tenure.

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Ethiopia needs a multi-party democracy to end the crushing impact of corruption

Ethiopia Elections 2015

Despite touting itself as a multiparty state, true multiparty politics have not been able to take root in the country. This is because of the ruling party’s control over security apparatus, media, electoral organs and administrative structure.

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Ethiopia Out of Control with African Union’s Blessings  

The People of Ethiopia Condemn the State of Emergency

What is interestingly peculiar is the reason the minority regime gave to justify the extension of the state of emergency.

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Ethiopia: No Justice in Somali Region Killings

No Justice in Somali Region Killings

Ethiopian authorities have failed to hold accountable a paramilitary force that killed at least 21 villagers in the Somali region of Ethiopia in June 2016.

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TPLF donkey meat and skins business rattles Ethiopians

Ethiopian donkeys that share the modern roads and streets

TPLF business in donkey meat is the offense to the country’s religious and cultural convictions.

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Club of Absurdity: Uniform intellect, thought and contempt on the expenses of Ethiopians must seize

ECADF Ethiopian News, Opinions and Views

I don’t know what the self-proclaimed ‘Tigray’ warlords want from Ethiopians. But, I do know they violated the unwritten rule and have only two choices.

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The Torture Chronicles of Ethiopian Patriot Habtamu Ayalew (in His Own Words)

Who is Ethiopian Patriot Habtamu Ayalew?

Quite awful. Among the most extreme forms of torture practiced at Maekelawi, something that is impossible to believe, is where a human being (prisoners) is crucified like Jesus Christ.

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Ethiopia: Horrifying Testimony of Torture in TPLF Prison

Habtamu in a hospital bed in Addis Ababa.

Section seven and eight are by far the most atrocious. Section eight is built underground with no windows and natural light so it is complete darkness.

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Ethiopian Diplomats or modern-day TPLF slave traders to the Arab world?

Deputy Head of Mission and Minister Counselor Zenebe Kebede

Apparently, the website of the Ethiopian Embassy in Kuwait is controlled by TPLF run Foreign Ministry and doesn’t recognize Zenebe Kebede nor revile anything about Ethiopians in Kuwait.

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