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Ethiopia: Peaceful Protest to Armed Uprising

Robles in Northern Ethiopia

What began as a regional protest movement in November 2015, is in danger of becoming a fully-fledged armed uprising in Ethiopia.

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How long can Ethiopia’s state of emergency keep the lid on anger?

Oromo people stage a protest against the government

A state crackdown has silenced ethnic Oromo people in Ethiopia, but grievances over land and rights, and a lack of political options, could reignite protests.

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Amhara nationalism or Ethiopian patriotism, you cannot have it both ways!

Gondar protest rally

What we need is Ethiopian patriotism! Patriotism is what Ethiopia lacks today. Patriotism is generous, selfless, patient, inclusive, and stabilizing.

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Ethiopia: Genuine Negotiation or How to Share the blood- Stained Power?

ECADF Ethiopian News, Opinions and Views

TPLF/EPRDF has made Ethiopia the communist Albania of Africa of the 21st century. It (TPLF) also made the situation in Ethiopia much worse by making ethnic identity politics the base of its supremacy.

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The Director- General position of the World Health Organization should not be awarded via regional rotation but merit

Tedros Adhanom Hires US-based Firm to Win Top WHO Job

Tedros Adhanom is a member of an ethnocentric clique in Ethiopia that promotes hate intercommunal violence and the domination of one group over others.

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Australia: Protests Prompt Ethiopia Reprisals (HRW)

Relatives of Australia’s Ethiopian community

Several witnesses said that Ethiopian government supporters filmed them using smartphones, which would facilitate identifying their relatives in Somali Regional State.

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Ethiopia: Illegitimate Regime Imposes New Parliament 

Ethiopia: Illegitimate Regime Imposes New Parliament 

In May of 2005, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) EPRDF regime conducted a national election and the people of Ethiopia voted to oust the late tyrant Meles Zenawi and his EPRDF TPLF party overwhelmingly.

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Quick Judgements are Easy: Why not contribute constructively?

Aklog Birara (DR)

Ethiopians and only Ethiopians can save the country from destruction. They can save it from destruction by understanding that Ethiopia is home to a diverse population with diverse views.

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Ethiopia: Tedros Adhanom’s most embarrassing moments

Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom – A disgrace to Ethiopia

Tedros Adhanom’s public records as minister of health of Ethiopia could have landed him in prison let alone in higher positions such as WHO Director General.

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Ethiopia on the brink? Politics and protest in the Horn of Africa

Understanding the current protests in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is 12 months into a political crisis which has seen at least 1,000 people killed. But unless the government introduces significant reforms, it will get worse, says Andrea Carboni.

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We Ethiopians Must Lead and Shape Our Own Destiny

Ethnic-federalism (the kilil system) is an instrument of disenfranchisement

The people of Ethiopia have spoken loud and clear. The TPLF/EPRDF ethnic-elite dictatorship commandeered by the TPLF that kills with impunity and plunders with gusto must go.

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Ethiopia: The T-TPLF’s War on American NGOs

Another T-TPLF disinformation campaign: This time against American NGOs

The PPT said the American NGO’s operating in Ethiopia are rich and throw their money around to control and manipulate Ethiopian politics.

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Ethiopia: The Myth of a Stable and Reliable Partner Under the Minority TPLF Regime

Neamin Zeleke's article "The Myth of a stable Ethiopia"

Despite the outcry by some foreign observers, most policymakers and government officials of the US, UK, and other donor nations have, for the most part, looked the other way.

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Ethiopia: Assessment of government stability amid ongoing protests

State of emergency declared after 11 months of protests

The Ethiopian government is looking increasingly unstable, and the security environment in Ethiopia is looking more dangerous. A mutiny, in which the police or soldiers refuse to follow orders to use heavy handed tactics against protesters of the same ethnic group, is a credible scenario in our view.

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“Alien, hosts and guests” how pseudo-scholars divide Ethiopia

Can Ethiopia Survive Its Own War on Terror?

Using hateful labels like "aliens," "hosts," "settlers" and "guests," Mr. Tsegaye Ararssa decided to divide our people instead of uniting. It is sad. Those Oromo and Amhara Ethiopian protesters who were shot and massacred by TPLF must be rolling over their graves. It is unfortunate.

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Why Oromo-Amhara solidarity is the greatest threat to the Ethiopian government

The struggle toward freedom reached its tipping point

For decades, the ruling party has governed by pitting the Oromo and Amhara against one another. Now the two groups are joining forces against the government.

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US statement exposes HMD’s lies to Ethiopian people

Hailemariam Desalegn

US statement exposes HMD’s lies to Ethiopian people about meet with US in New York. Ethiopia’s situation profoundly serious in US assessment.

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TPLF/EPRDF: Cancer of injustice that must be removed because it is resistant to other methods of treatment

ECADF Ethiopian News

What is greatly inspiring nowadays is that the people of Ethiopia have legitimately and realistically come to the conclusion that this long time cancer of injustice and impoverishment must be removed.

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The way forward, National Reconciliation after TPLF demise from Ethiopia!

TPLF officials of the Ethiopian regime

TPLF has ruled Ethiopians through hate, fear, divide and rule policies. It has monopolized the economy, military, foreign affair, security and all sector of the society.

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Ethiopia: The Perennial Cleansing/Painting Strategy of TPLF

TPLF leaders Debretsion Gebremichael and Abay Woldu

Without making and no intent to change, TPLF cleanses or paints its dirt of utter incompetency using the Ethiopian society on a yearly basis.

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