Interview with the former Ethiopian PM Fikre Selassie Wegderes – Pt 1

(SBS Australia Amharic program) Fikre Silassie Wegderes, the former Ethiopian Prime Minster talks about his new book, “We and the Revolution”. For part 2 Click here

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  1. tsedale says:

    I do appreciate all the information, as far as what he has done in the past, well if we asked to forgive tplf and eplf then i am ready to forgive derg, eprp, all the parties that made a mistake in the past, of course individuls who commited crime should come to justice

  2. BIZU ALEMU says:


  3. Abegaz says:

    Born Again,

    Thanks for the compliment. We really have few people like you who could see reality objectively.

    Him Majesty Haile Selassie makes changes Whenever there is dissatisfaction. When the Neway brother’s tried to illegally overthrow him but failed, he did not sit idly. He quickly brought constitutional changes and increased parliamentary participation. The then parliament was more free than Derg’ Esepa and the now EPRDF’s current parliament. After forty years what we see is a regress in governance.

    When the students, taxi drivers and the Derg protested the system in 1974, he quickly changed the PM and was even ready to be a symbol like the British royals. He abandoned the increase in gas price. It was a two cent gas price increase made (less than 1 percent increase). Now we see 10,000 percent increase in every commodity by woyanies everyday. The Ethiopian students were shameful. They get free food, free housing and free education. The return was lawlessness and radicalism.

    His majesty had the capacity to kill and contain the students’ and the Derg uprising militarily from the get go but deliberately avoided that bloodshed. General Abey urged His Majesty to take a quick action against the Derg and the lawless student leaders. His Majesty refused. It looks his extraordinary love, and generosity to his people passed unnoticed. We cannot really judge him by few glitches here and there. After all he is a human being. What did we do now when the world is in a time of democracy and good governance, we are not doing fair things yet blame him to do things that were not considered so fair in hi time. Our fore fathers were more tolerant and accommodating than us despite some limitations they had. I do not blame them because those limitations were not really considered faults in their time. Now we violate things surely considered wrong and unjust and yet we blame everyday our past leaders like Him Majesty.

  4. mohamed hashi says:

    Thanks for SBS radio. It is not bad to listen left and right opinions. fikreselassie is one of that.he told us what he knows .As to me i don’t expect him to tell me each and everything,now i have something to compare.I bleive fikreselssie story about EPRPS it is just to say that they are there steel to dismantle the fight against WOyane. In fact they don’t have anything to kill like before.

  5. Demeke Taye says:

    The former prime minister of Ethiopia, Fikre Selassie Wegderes, has written a book which has been in circulation for some time now. As expected the book has generated some discussion. As usual and expected EPRP resorted been busy in denying the crimes it committed. It seems that EPRP has a fixed pattern of attack: denial and condemnation of a writer. It seems they have a prepared reply to any thing. What they seem to be doing is take out that prepared reply and post it as a reply. What they seem to forget is that the truth will come in the end. It seems that a few criminal individuals such as Iyassu and his brother are trying to hide behind lies and fabrications. I think the rank and file members of EPRP should expose these criminals and come clean.

  6. Nancy says:

    Yes we need to know what it went wrong while those derg leaders lead the nation. It is fare to hear what they have done well, it is fair to ensure we learn from the past mistake.

    Therefore we shouldn’t be against about the interview or those previous opinion. This is a part of history.

    If we are able to deal with the current TPLF termites, the rest is past.

    God bless SBS

  7. Teshager says:

    Shame, shame Mr X PM,
    I thought after 23 years of being nobody, you would come to human senses and may be revise your position.
    It is saddening to hear the same echo of the 70s of DERG today as the best Government if Meson did not leave us and EPRP did not stand on our way. And you pretend to have made some wrong political decision, while you and your government were one of the most fascists the world has ever seen since HITLER. Did you actually think the new generation will buy your story? Don’t underestimate them,they are way smarter than you think, not only that they also carry the scar from the killings of their elderly loved ones with them today but also, thanks to information age they are in, they can re write misleading
    story. Are you implying, if Meson and EPRP worked with DERG all the way, your government would have done better?

    Your so called DERG was supposed to be in power for six months to organize people’s Government according to your promise. What happened then? Two years later, the students and then EPRP started to claim Peoples government. I leave the rest for you. Mr. X PM.

  8. Born again says:


    Thank you Abegaz for your decent and valid argument. The Emperor Hailesellasie monarchy was real generous and kind to its people. People were content with their life even the country was poor and somehow backward. People had right to own land and houses as long as they worked for it. Of course there were some abuses that needed to be corrected but without the violent revolution. There is nothing to compare the monarchy with the Derg and Woyane who came to rampantly snatch wealth and smash hope and freedom.

    The King was a peaceful and noble man who loves his people and country and very open for improvements.

    During the King people were free to speak thier minds against the government. Even during the many days of student protest students were safe from bullets.
    People had rights to arm themselves unlike the Derg who confiscated and made them sitting ducks for Woyane repressions and abuse.

  9. Abegaz says:

    Born again,

    Did not you listen to Fikreselassie speaking? In the interview, he spoke about the 60 people and said, “it was a mistake and sad situation.” In fact TPLF’s main court trail was on the killing of the 60 people because they know that that was a clear violation of the law of the land while the case of the EPRP is in a mutual fighting situation. But do not forget the Derg was the governing party and you can’t accuse the EPRP and Derg on the same level. Also understand my reasoning:after the dust had settled there was no need to Kill Haile Fida and Brhanemeskel Reda out side of the court system. On the 60 most important people I really bleed to this day. If they were there, or whom legally takes power from them was there, TPLF would not have been here. In fact during the KIng’s time neither the TPLF fathers nor the EPLF could succeed. Haileselasie liquidated them without firing a single bullet. The problem was Haile Selassie was human enough not to kill student movement leaders or for that matter human enough not to kill the initial Derg members, before they come to power. Haile Selassie was always a compromising figure. Even parliamentary elections were more genuinely contested during Haile Selassie. Parliamentary debating was genuine. The only thing you cannot change was the king himself. When you look back things, Ethiopian democracy now is in fact a regress. There are many things the feudal king was better than the TPLF democrats, even by current standards. I just could not find anything the TPLF compromised on with the Ethiopian people. Its answers for every question is a bullet or prison.

  10. Ethio gril says:

    We thanks that you telling us you part.Let´s God save you untill Mother Ethiopia rase agin!And we thankyou that you serve our Motherland Ethiopia,God bless you.a

  11. Born again says:


    Who cares for EPRP? Why don’t you start by asking why Derg and Megistu massacred the 60 highly important people to Ethiopia for no reason other than for their knowledge and loyal service to Ethiopia? The only innocents who very sadly and so pointlessly killed that ultimately brought our country into the hands of Woyane/TPLF is the Derg who were consumed with hunger for power and wealth.

    Then Menguist and Derg thugs started going after snatching wealth. They snatched money, land, houses, buildings and property and wealth by force that people earned through their patriotic service and hard work without any court or due process only in the name of communism.

    When the bututu and kemal clothed Woyane came coward Mengistu, his families and his friends dropped every thing and ran away to Zimbabwe without defending Ethiopians that they found easy to repress and kill for as simple as locking eyes with the Derg cadre.

    Now Woyane inherited this Derg’s snatch and keep government powerful policy and kept our people hopeless and in abject poverty while

    EPRP have also been instruments for killing many innocent people. Except the gullible once they were infiltrated by Eritrean and TPLF and some with greed, jealous or wealthy people and bad agenda. They were instruments of serving and advancing Eritrean and TPLF agenda because they were unable to identify who is fighting for and against Ethiopia.

  12. Zewengel says:

    It is really sadning to hear this BS from this interview while our beloved country is going through this difficult time.the criminals who in the first place committed all crime and make it easy for Weyne to do all the destruction which is going on now. The Junta took power and deprived the democratic right of our people to be where we are now.

  13. true says:

    Our own demise is not learning from the past. Without knowing what exactly is happening accusing eachother is just mistake. Only those who have the experience can tell the true story and it is up to each one of us to do our own reasearch instead of accusing the parties. Who said Eprp was doing good, they were killing officials to sway their agenda. No one is innocent except the Monarchy and the educated who lost their lives. Chaos is the best model to set up dictatorship. We now know Eritrea has always been problem for Ethiopiai.e Aman Andom.

  14. But even if those guys were a butcher still I want to hear from them… don't forget they lead the country for 17 years it's our part of history. For example I learned that EPRP was ….

  15. derbabaw says:

    fikreslassie you are queer and bastard you mentioned eprp as enemy of ETHIOPIA while you are killing young ETHIOPIANS you are evil and devil minded guy in way you might be good by keeping ETHIOPIANS to by not dividing by religion and ethnic groups other than that you are a killer. now when you are short of money you published this none sense book to make money for your living.comparing to eprdf derg was better other than killing.

  16. Born again says:

    Bunch of blood thirsty ignorant criminals who killed people for their education and wealth.

    Derg divided people by wealth and educated against the poor and illiterates. They massacred good citizens who served and defended Ethiopia.

    Derg’s ignorance and brutality is the main cause for giving opportunity for this treacherous TPLF/Woyane regime to grab power. Now they better shut up.

  17. Abegaz says:

    SBS radio owes us answers from the former Derg head, Fikre Selassie. SBS did not ask him why Haile Fida was killed after he was captured. Haile Fida did not kill anybody. He did not ask him why Berhane Mekel was killed after he was captured. He did not tell us why there was no court trial for Berhane meskel knowing EPRP ceased operation in Addis Ababa in 1971 E.C. and Berhane Meskel was captured post 1971 E.C. The former Derg head still believes that supporting the Derg was constructive while opposing it was destructive. To him a good example in both areas were Me-eson and EPRP respectively. It appears that Fikreselasie has same opinion as the Derg aristocrat, Mengistu. Fikre Selassie did not tell us why hizbawi mengit did not form and the army returned to it camp. Or for that matter he did not tell us why the different parties were liquidated, and Seded prevailed. SBS must learn to ask some stronger questions.