Added on: July 9th, 2013

Ethiopian Music, Teddy Afro New “Yeliben Adarash” – 2013

Popular Ethiopian singer Teddy Afro’s new song “Yeliben Adarash”, 2013.




  1. By: hayat

    Tady enwedhalen

  2. By: hayat

    Tadiy afro yehageru ngus

  3. By: bruk tadesse

    It is sooooooooooo niceeeeeeeeee
    I have no word to say about you “TEDY”

  4. By: Abenezer

    Thank you for the answer,

    Hailu Belay · Geneva, Switzerland

    this song was writen and coposed by young talented & dynamic generations of the late 1966 EC,really i`ve no concrete evidience to tell that this youth association was organized by EPRP.anyhow that was the time of high movement of youths and educated ppl.those young singers sang this song “Yeliben Adarash” including” Abeba Abeba Addis Abeba,wbetish maraki yen Addis Abaeba……etc”with simple tradational instrumen like Kirar,Harmonica and box gitar.if you are from sheger particularly kolfe mesalemia,ye kuas meda lij you should know this song,if Tedi sing this song,it `can`t be big deal,you know why??because this is his big brother`s song.

  5. By: Abenezer

    Hailu Belay · Geneva, Switzerland

    YES he is a great singer but this song it doesn`t belongs him.this song is belongs to neither Melkamu nor Tedi Afro, it belongs to Kolfe Mesalemia youth association during EPRP era, most of the young singers of this song have been killed by red terror.

    Dear Hailu Belay,

    Can you elaborate on the story? I thought the original song belongs to Melkamu Tebeje.

  6. By: Bekele Molla

    In addition to my earlier comment, you can listen Melkamu Tebeje sing this song at the link below. The moment you click the link the first song you will hear is this same one. Alternatively, it is the song under Track 09.

  7. By: Bekele Molla

    This is not Teddy’s song but Teddy singing Melkamu Tebeje’s old song. The title of the video should be corrected by giving credit to Melkamu and this is not a new song.

  8. By: chombe

    why call it teddy afro new song what is wrong with our people this song is of melkamu tebeje call it atleast teddy singing melkamu song i have no problem people singing someone else song but give recogntion to the original owener of the song its even shame jacky goose claiming teshome aseged song as his after bribing the song writers that song yene akal yene nesh belongs to teshome aseged because teshome bought the song and sing it now i was watching jacky goose claiming as his what a shame

  9. By: banjaw

    honestly you got a nice voice no need to stick to the name teddy! nice song who ever is singing obviously not teddy.

  10. By: genet

    wetato Tedi yesent zemen, yemafeker ena yemfekr zemnayen astwesekgh betam yemtdenke lij thank you.

  11. By: Hailu

    I don’t like it. Please sing your own song.

  12. By: Almaz

    There goes an opportunist of a singer.

  13. By: feysuv

    yes, the voice is nice; the song had been sung by Melkamu Tabaje several years ago and was hit, another a great singer of all time.

  14. By: mola

    thank you tola

  15. By: tolla

    mola you are very smart to notice that :) :)

  16. By: mola

    this is old Melkamu Tebeje’s song


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