Added on: June 27th, 2013

Jawar Mohammed: OLF & TPLF parallalism

Mr. Jawar Mohammed Ethiopian born ethnic Oromo Muslim extremist.

Jewar Ridiculed himself. He showed himself that how much he is premature. The journalist played her interest on him. He could have answered the question in a different way. It is good that I have never considered him as a person who speaks the truth and knowledge based facts. Adiro Kariya/Adiro tija endyhon yimar. Ethiopia is Ethiopia because of Oromo and others. There is no way of being considerate for Oromo people while denying the immense heroism of Oromo people in the existence of Ethiopia. Millions proud of themselves as they know what they did to their country. I advise him to educate himself in religion so that he may learn how to consult his consciousness to the best he can for the development of humanity. Everyone is not first Oromo, Amhara, etc., or Ethiopia but everyone is first human being. Then, the other healthy issues follow. It is clear that there are some who embrace the idea of Jawar. However, this is not an ultimate goal of humanity. Such idea decays in time (relatively in short time) because it is built based on false premises and denial. Most importantly, civilization regurgitates such idea.

Fantahun Wassie’s comment on Facebook




  1. By: Ethiopia

    Tilahun Gessese”s YASHOLE NECH TELLA and Bizuyiyeeee Bekele”s AMMA HIJJABA KORKOR songs in OROMO language imposed on Ethiopian OROMO SONG AND LOVE. Period.

    Ethiopia is in the mouse of all Oromo singers like candy every times.

    This candylike and this sweety simple name of Ethiopiwinet is being souer/merera/ to anti-democrat
    Jawar Mohamod

    Profet Mohamed have said about Abysinia and Ethiopian rullers in kuran. But I Think the Islam is imposed up on you Before you know Islam.

    Accept that as in other countries in Ethiopia too all people have passed different brutal and bad governments eras.

    What we need is democratic plat form…..ethiopian named parties with their program… you are Educated you can find name of your party joining oromo friends with a standard name out of tribe. If your program is for progres in Ethiopia i will be your party member. Stop sharpning the knife to kill each other and creating EVERLASTING CIVILWAR IN ETHIOPIA….

    For Onley administration and Education purposes the people will select 1-3 langudges. As in general all have the write to learn in their language plus those selected languages as compelasary.


  2. By: habeshaw

    Jawar is A guy with Decay brain & idea

  3. By: Suleiman

    We are making the same mistake again and again and again -It only shows that The so called Oppositions have
    NO OBJECTIVES AND SET GOALS -We need Self less ego free and Visionay Individuals as the Opposition Leadership,Until then more Jawar’s Will come fool and Puke on us until We WOKE UP FROM OUR COMMA and STAND FOR THE WHOLE POPULATION OF ETHIOPIA NOT FOR THIS OR THAT ETHNICS


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