ESAT Ethiopian News Amsterdam Mar 06, 2013 – Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT). ESAT is the first independent Ethiopian Satellite Television service and Radio Station who broadcast to Ethiopia and the rest of the world. ESAT Ethiopian News Amsterdam Mar 06, 2013

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    Being member of the tribe your father came from couldn't save the person who have committed crime on his fellow African. The person is the Prime Minister of Kenya who have sold his fellow to the C.I.A for Ambient Intelligence Information gathering Experimenting Taste Subject, which is specially designed to curve terrorism across the world. I am one of the victim who is reduced to a Taste Subject for this fatal experimenting without my will. I shouldn't be reduce to a Laboratory rat merely because I am black and refugee in neighboring country, Kenya. I have appealed to the Prime Minister for a number of times but all was to no avail. He has given a blind ears and deaf ears to my ordeals.
    Mr. President;
    I had hope that you would help the people of Africa but my hope is now gone to thin air. You are collaborating with the Ambient Intelligence Information gathering team who have been undergoing experimenting in Nairobi for the past 5 years. I have a natural rights to fight for retrieving my dignity since dignity is inherent. I fear fear itself. I don't negotiate on my dignity.
    For the past five years I have been subjected to inexplicable suffering ranges from invisible beam /Long Range Millimeter Wave Energy Beam-ADS/ torturing to poisoning. You might kill me but you don't using black people for experimenting any longer.
    Have a blessed Day.
    God bless Africa and The world.

  2. awele says:

    I love esat radio and tv communication on behalf of my lovely Ethiopian people….