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Mr. Obang on Indian National TV. Is Lands and Natural Resource grabs in Africa benefiting the people or not?

“We Africans have been the target of colonialization, slavery and exploitation in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and a target of African dictators and their foreign cronies in the 20th century. We have had enough and will not tolerate this new onslaught of exploitation and dehumanization in the 21st century!” Obang Metho (Read more below…)

My colleagues and I went to India to speak directly to the good people of India, who have themselves thrown off the shackles of colonialism only 65 years ago, to asked them to join with Ethiopians and other Africans in confronting the hundreds of Indian companies who are now at the forefront of colluding with African dictators in robbing the people of their land, resources, lives and future! As either prospective buyers or simply as justice-loving Indians, the good people of India deserve to have full disclosure regarding the nature of these Ethiopian“business deals,” the impact it is having on “real people” on the ground, and the risks of “doing business” in Ethiopia with the current dictator of Ethiopia.

We Africans have been the target of colonialization, slavery and exploitation in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and a target of African dictators and their foreign cronies in the 20th century. We have had enough and will not tolerate this new onslaught of exploitation and dehumanization in the 21st century! Many people and countries want to keep us Africans poor, disenfranchised and vulnerable only to more easily take advantage of the pillaging of our continent.

My questions to the people of India was:
Will the good people of India help work within India to bring greater transparency and compliance with whatever protective laws and safeguards are in place in India? Will Indian individuals, social justice groups, the media, policy making groups, religious groups and all other stakeholders join us in our struggle for freedom from a dictatorial regime robbing us of our future?

The good people of Ethiopia are ready for their liberation and they will slowly, but surely claim it, but we Ethiopians ask the Indian investors or companies not to be a roadblock to our freedom. Africans know that when two elephants fight, the grass in the middle is trampled. Right now, the people of Ethiopia and Africa are in the middle of a giant struggle for African resources. Many who are profiting want Africans to stay just as they are—struggling for survival so they “do not get in their way.” Yet, behind the scenes of these business deals, real people are suffering.

Gandhi said, “Non-cooperation with evil is a sacred duty.” What does this mean today? As investors, companies and nations seek opportunity; let none of us forget the shared humanity of our brothers and sisters both near and far and our God-given responsibility to live “humanely” among each other. Only then will we have reason to hope for greater peace, harmony and cooperation among peoples and nations, for “No one will be free until all are free”!

Thanks so much for your never-ending support. Don’t give up. Keep your focus on the bigger picture and reach out to others and listen! Care about those who are suffering. Think about our family of Ethiopians and humanity throughout the world—they are YOU! There is no “us” or “them.” This is at the heart of the SMNE.

Sincerely your,
Obang Metho

Executive Director of SMNE

E-mail: [email protected]



  1. God bless “Dr.Obang Ethiopia!” Tanks a lot, i will be used it.

  2. An fascinating discussion is worth comment. I think that you simply should certainly write extra on this topic, it may not be a taboo subject but normally consumers aren’t sufficient to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers

  3. By: Meselal

    The TPLF ambassador in India Genet Zewode invites parasites to grab more land by telling them that they land is CHEAP in Ethiopia. Poor Obang is trying to clean the mess TPLF and their servant so called experts and ambassadors created.

    Obang can not do it alone let us support him.

  4. By: Garo

    I was expecting some reasoned and substantiated response to the Indian ambassador’s assertion that the dispute over land was an internal matter for Ethiopia to deal with. The good ambassador forgot that the Indian company became a party to the dispute when it knowingly started farming the land that had been made available to company by evicting the rightful owners of the land. Moreover the money that is made from the lease is being used by government to kill, to imprison,and to subjugate our people.

    Mr Obang was trying to preach to Indians about Gandhi. This is not about a political philosophy. This is about greed and dictatorship.

  5. By: Ahadu

    Obang the brilliant and true son of mother Ethiopia the time is coming nearer and nearer day by day that your mother Ethiopia to give you her praise with a streached hand and your struggle seems to bear fruit which can only be to sweet God Bless you

  6. By: Ewunetu

    I couldn’t find a word to praise you ‘OBBANG’. You are so special to me and your exclusive panel disscussion definetely sends a message not only to Indians but also to Chines, Arabs and others and above all to TPLF authorities and their supporters and cadres who have been trading our soverignity with shrude people on Earth. I felt proud with Obange who brought to outside world the illegal investment deal we have been wittnessing

  7. By: ambo

    nice explanation dera.obang,,,life grab……!

  8. By: Asfaw

    Thank you my dear brother you are the true son of Ethiopia. Your statement is clear for everyone who wants keep the general rule. You told the Indian’s company to Keep out there hand out of that country.

    God Bless you

  9. By: markeshaw

    thanks Mr Obang you are great god bless you

  10. By: Aregash

    Land investment contract made by multi-national or foreign investors with any despotic regime and any donations/lending that is made to a sovereign state under a dictatorial illegitimate regime,is considered as ”Odious” dealing or odious lending/immoral/illegal under international developmental law. As the principle was first established in the Spanish AND America war in 1898, for it’s illegitimacy, this type of dealing will fall when the the the regime fall and replaced by successive governments even if the new government is not a democratically elected one by the citizens and the debt will not be sovereign debt but remains as the despotic regime debt as it is an ”odious” debt.
    Enjoy reading.

    Thank you,


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