Added on: February 5th, 2013

ETV’s “Jihadawi Harekat” the poorest Bereket Simon drama

ETV’s (Ethiopian Television) “Jihadawi Harekat” the poorest Bereket Simon drama



  1. By: hawi

    Ya allah yarbi weyanen awardh ye ijachewn ediyagegnu muslim ebretseb beslam edinor elmenhalew ameen

  2. By: hawi

    Ere yedbral weshet Etv weshtamoch

  3. By: yousuf A.Nur

    TPLFites failed to creat war between the two largest Ethnics,namely Amara and Oromo in Ethiopia now their Plan B second plan is to steer fight and agony among the Two largest Ethiopian Political groups,Which is Orthodox Christians and Muslims.I do have a faith that As the great People of Ethiopia did not fall in to TPLF’s Trap with out a doubt will not fall to This renewed Divisive attempt of TPLF/EPRDF

    Ethiopian people will Prevail

  4. By: Benman

    I’m with my my people and I support their struggle. And I don’t trust ETV.

  5. በመጀመርያ አረስቱ ይዞቱን አያሟላም ምክንያቱም ሃረካት ማለት እንቅስቃሴ በመሆኑ ምንም አይነት ይሽብር ሆነ የአመጽን የሚገልጽ ተግባርም ሆነ ስሜት የለውም ፡
    ከሁሉም በፊት አንድ አስገራሚና በእውነት በሃገሪቱ በትረ ስልጣን የተቀመጡት ግለሰቦች ያላቸውን በሕዝብ ፊት ቀርበው ለመናገርም ሆነ ለመታየት የማያስችል ሁናቴ እውነት የሚለውን ውይንም በጭፍን እመኑን እኛ የምንለው ሁሉ እውነት ነው ፡ ከማለትም ከኪስህ ገብቶ የሚሰርቀው ሌባ አላየሁህም በለኝ እንድማለት ነው ፡
    እንድ ድ/ር ሽፈራው ያለ ለሃጩን ለመቋጠር የማይችል ውሸታም መጀመርያ ራሱን ምጽዳትና ለለሃቹ መሰብሰቢያ መድሃሊት ባስፈለገው ነበር ፡ ለማስረጃ የማይበቁ ምስክሮችና ተጠርጣሪዎች ያልዋአቸው ሁሉ ከጉዳዮና ከቀረበው ድራማ ጋር ምንም አይነት ይዞት ሆነ ተመልካች አይስብም የዘቀጠና የሰለቸ በመሆኑ ምንም አይነት አስተያየት አያስፈልገውም

  6. By: chikunu

    Abebe Gelaw has made an investigation without interrogation with credential evidence to expose the real terror organized by a terorist mafia group. woyanes ,you may hide the truth but,you may not destroy may try to fabricate propaganda, trying to powder coat the lies ,however the Ethiopian people are more advanced a head,when you start some move ,they already know what do you want to achieve.”this days it is easier to kill million people to kill than to convince million people.”Zbigniew Brzezinski. The Ethiopian people are well informed .you can only force to convince the woyane cadres ,paid to support the regime and greedy beneficent.

    God/Allah protect our country.

  7. By: dady-four

    It is saddening how the TPLF-led Ethiopian government has subdued methods of propagating a false message to the rest of the world by labeling the nation’s peaceful Muslim movement of being able to freely practice their religious affairs as the poster child of terror in the Horn of Africa. The true colors of the TPLF’s manipulative scheme has become obvious and blatant as they wish to restrain the basic human right of freedom of religion. The world shall soon realize that the real purpose of this regime’s propaganda machine is to become totalitarian in all aspects of life of not only the Muslims, but all the Ethiopian people, leading to its downfall, just like how the Nazis fell to burdens and ashes. HELL WITH THE OPPRESSORS!

  8. By: Bereket

    i never ever saw in my life a big lire like Bereket Semon the real ***** malet Bereket new !!! ene yemiasaznugn lijochu nachwe … shame new Wushetam Abat eski mekerut …

  9. By: zahara sherif

    ኢሃዴግ ና ወሸቱ !!!! ምንም ቢያወራ የሚሰማው የለም ለዛሬ አልተሳካለትም !!!

  10. By: seada

    erea weyanea indewim indetebekut altesakalachuhim widddddd comitewochachin aydelem indih tenagrew be tikikil islamawi mengist linmesrit neber bilu inkuan be fitum le inesu yalegn fikirina iminet aykensim bc inantea aydelam le sew le insisam yemaygebawin sikay ina mekera be izih bedenezezea ina ke chaka bemeta chinkilatachuh adrisachual inea comitewochean ahunim bihob amnachewalehu yihinin drama say diro tt bet lemakreb ke mokernew gar isun bayakili tinishi tekerebebign ethiopian inezih dedebochi indemimeruat sawik betam new yazenkut ahun 21c lay indalen bitbaninu nuro tiachuh wedea chakachuh timelesu neber……..

  11. By: Eyob G/Micale

    Eritrean bastards who are in power are destroying our country. They are not Ethiopians period. The sooner we get rid of them the better! They are the ones fomenting tribal conflicts all over the country. They are selling the country to the Asians bit by bit. It is high time we start doing something about the greedy non Ethiopian hyenas in power.

  12. By: Abamela

    Message to all real opposition political parties. you must not waste time following the TPLF drama. Presently it is in crises both from its inside political part crack as well as from outside that is from the all sided peoples movement towards protest and revolt to throw it and from the armed political parties such as Patriotic front. And TPLF must get time to breeze and make the dynamic situation somewhat cool to certain extent by fabricating drama and be in the lead of creating issues for the play. So what the peoples as whole both Christians and Muslims and the worthy opposition political parties do is they must be infront of TPLF in creating the playing game of struggle so that it will be in the swamp that it cannot escape. Hence 1- using TPLF’S propaganda to backfire to itself is not enough 2- beyond this making a trap and putting infront of it must be calculated.

  13. By: Jelal

    ” Filmun kayeh behuala mejlis yewred malet aqumeyaleh EPRDF yewred malet jemereyalehu”

  14. By: Selamawit Solomon



    No comment: I only want to see them removed off power and face justice.

  16. By: desalegn

    weyne you need to go to school more than 40 years to lead the country

  17. By: Geberee

    እንዴት ያለ ግሩም ድንቅ ዝግጅት ነው ነገር ግን ብዙ መሻሻል ያለባቸው ምችት፧ ግጭት አነሳስ ፧መስዕብ እንዲኖረው
    ማድረግ ያስፈልጋል አንዳይሰለች ማለቴ ነው መቼም ይህ ፕሮግራም በሁለት ዝግጅት ብቻ መቅረት የለበትም፤
    ይህ መልዕክት ለፊልሙ ዳርክተር የዋሾው ፕሮፊሰር በረከት ስመኦን ፊልሙን ተከታታይ አድርገው ቢያስቸግሩን
    ተሸላሚ ይሆናሉ በተረፈ ደራሲውም ሆነ ተደራሲያኑ መነባነቡን በቅጡ ባለማጥናታቸው እንደ አሜሪካ ፊልም ባያስደስትም
    የህንዱ ቦሊሁድ ለታሪ ፈጣሪነት አስልጥኖ ይቀጥሮዎታል።
    ቸር ይግጠመን
    ገበሬ ነኝ አድናቂዎ


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