Ana Gomes talks about succession delay and human rights violations in Ethiopia

by K.B

Here is that great woman, our crusade God sent us, once again working at it. Coming to the rescue of Ethiopia and defending freedom and democracy in our homeland. The US and all Europe is quietly feeding the monster otherwise known as TPLF. But like John the Baptist, Ana Gomez is the lone wolf in the wilderness, warning the US, Europe, and the whole world to come to their senses to stop human rights abuses in Ethiopia.

Ana Gomez has been with us in thick and thin. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Many who we thought are with us have abandoned us in our challenging times when the enemy looks strong and victory seems too far away. And some among us contemplated a face-saving way to surrender to the enemy. But God is good. It is at this painful time that God showed up and took care of Zenawi and Aba Gebremedhin and threw our tormentors into their greatest crisis of their lives…

8 Responses to “Ana Gomes talks about succession delay and human rights violations in Ethiopia”

  1. dandi says:

    Dear Ana Gomes!!!!!!!!!!!
    you have special place in all Ethiopians. God Bless you and your loved ones!since you are with oppressed Ethiopians abused by Zenawi. you are true friend of Ethiopians and a woman of justice while other western leaders were calling Meles in wrongly way while he kills, kidnapped and abuse his own people. MELES ZENAWI HAS GONE ONCE AND FOR ALL. NEW HOPE FOR ETHIOPIANS.

  2. I love Ana Gomez,

    Please Mr President,

    Award her, A Medal of Honor, Please.

    She is hero for us all Ethiopians!

    I gave her my ring 2005, because she is pure Gold!




  3. Alula Aba Nega says:

    Her determination, courage, guts, and sensefulness, including her powerfulness are more than patriotic Ethiopianism-citzenship. She has also shown us how we have been inactive for our freedom! First of all God Blesss her.Please wake up!!!

  4. Debela says:

    This message is for honorable Mrs. Ana Gomez. You are a true friend of Ethiopia and Ethiopian people who has been standing for us since 2005 Ethiopian election and have never back away to tell about the human right abuse in Ethiopia to the whole world. Mom we Ethiopians owe you a lot, I have no words to express my love for you, I just want to say God bless you, and we are very lucky to have a friend like you.

  5. Ancient Ethiopia says:

    Dear Ana Gomez, you are really an amazing and uniqe human being on this planet. You have been fighting aganist the most nortrious dictatorial regime in ethiopia since 2005. You are the voice of that 90m voiceless innocent the ethiopia people. No matter how the white and EU have been sleeping on their ears, believe me you and the ethiopia’s people will win the battle and we will celeberate our demoracy’s day together in addis ababa. The america and other European countries have truned their blind eyes not because meles was their ally in the fight against terrorism, because he was killing black africans [ ethiopians whom fathers and grand fathers fought and defeated the white invaders like italy and ethiopia supported all africans countries who were fighting colonizers, now the westren countries are revenging ethiopia, but ethiopia will come out as winner of the game. At the end of dictatorial regime , we, ethiopia will demand EU to appoint you as an ambassador of EU in addis ababa and the history of ethiopia will never forget you unconditional support in the fight against east africa’s black adolf hitler’s Meles’s senawi] regime. Thank you again our honey and GOD bless your children. amen

  6. Abel says:

    What do we really feel the so called ‘intellectual’ Ethiopians living in or outside of the country? What do we learn from this great woman? Do we really have something that left to our mind for any kind of justification? Let us think of how she effectively delivered our burning desire with in a couple of minutes. Praise to God for having such strong person on our side at this point in time.

  7. «««@»»»፦ ኢትዮጵያን፡ለማዳን፡ዓላማ፡የሌላቸው፡ተቃዋሚዎቻችን፡ከክብርት፡አና፡ጐመስ፡ይማሩ።

  8. zienamarqos says: