Added on: August 25th, 2012

ESAT Ethiopian News August 25, 2012

ESAT Ethiopian News August 25, 2012. Fasil Yenealem presenting today’s ESAT Ethiopian News in Amharic. Headline “Meles Zenawi’s successor Hailemariam Desalegn caught in TPLF warlord’s power struggle”.




  1. By: G/michel

    Hegzabehyre hulacneneme yemaren ,selam lewditwa ethiopia.

  2. By: Belete

    God start showing mercy to ethiopian. Woyane have been building their defence like babilon. But God star destroying them and will kill them one by one. we ethiopians just prey to God!!!Woyae is like a dust in god’s eyes

  3. By: Belete

    esat is the best tv who can disclose all lies whcih is broadcasted by etv and I am proud of them for working hard for their country.

    ” one day we will achieve our goal”

  4. By: fanseb

    when we change our outlook ? this is a best event to learn and change each other. peace,love,equality and freedom are needs for all ethiopian .please give the chance for our people and we want to live together. I love you ethiopian

  5. By: Baraki

    Thanx Esat u r “yekurt ken lijoch”
    Midre Tigre u checking Esat twice a day for accurate news. Pls don’t watch Esat watch ETV yager weshet it will make u feel much better.

  6. By: solomon hel

    I am very happy Meless is dead. We will have a healthy and joyful time. The rest of woyane will be as well as dimissed forcefully. God help please.

  7. By: dave Araya

    Zelelew or the other posters, if you don’t like the news from ESAT why you waste your time by listening and writing a comment? Get the hell out of here and do what you got to do! What a loser you are


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