Ethiopia: Frustrated Woyane Cadre Exposed the Meles Regime

Known us “Aba Mela” (nick name); his real name is Berhanu he was former Derg cadre in Ethiopia, according to rumors he may involved in the Red Terror siding the military junta. For the past 3 years Aba Mela was working as Zenawi’s mouthpiece cadre in the Diaspora.

12 Responses to “Ethiopia: Frustrated Woyane Cadre Exposed the Meles Regime”

  1. Belihu Mankelkilot says:

    I don’t understand the criticism on posting Abamelas’video.If we get the opportunity I wish to hear even from the meetings of Kebele Cadres. You know why-it is up to us/me to analyze the info. and learn from.

    To me Abamelas’ message is a call for the opposition and diaspora that ” we are ready to- look into what you have been criticizing and -reform the system”. But, it is too late a call, no way to negotiate or deal with stupids[as we can see them from his speech],and we are not to reform , we are to change.

  2. teddy says:

    When things start to go South, the opportunists like Melegnaw Birhanu Damte shertet mallet yejemrallu!

  3. Tesema says:

    The so called title ‘Weyane frustrated cadre exposed the melese regime’need to renamed as “Weyane’s new strategy invite the oppostion to reform weyane’.This is it !Weyane send this cadre in the hope of woeing the diaspora.Melese used divide and rule between tribs, religion and it failed. The final game to call the oppostion to join weyane rank so that she can quel the rising public anger.Becarful of the viper and public enemy number one Weyane -shabia complex.

  4. Samba says:

    What ever his past he is speaking about waht he see wrong in weyane.And the theme of his message is gotenginet yetfa.He reminds us the glorious days of king halessilase and his competent deplomat Endalkachew. What idon’t understand is he still believes weyane can be reformed. Because he keep saying Ethiopia has not run out of thinkers,strategists,and deplomats.for me weyane is not confused it knows what she is came to destry my country and it is doing just that.Weyane has singled out certain section of Ethiopian as prime enmey,having believed that Ethiopians as enemies her exit strategy is clear put all of us in to prison.

  5. asfaw says:


    Is your woyane hero just woke up from his deep sleep? The Woyane crime is as long as the nile river. He should be ashemed talking what he should have said 20 years ago. Too little too late

  6. waw you tray to tell us before & after you wear suport weyane befor now after you fined wrong I said you are realy {abmela}you must be acrobatist a person like you wear give weyane to power now when your interest fineshed or they come after your investement you barke like a dog I think a person like you may stay away from ethiopian poletics becous if weyane stop involving to religon & so on that is your deream we ethiopians need change its our countery you may correct your mistake but help your self firest you had two times in ethiopian poletices .

  7. BEAHILU says:



  8. ecadforum says:

    Dear Debela,

    We are not endorsing nobody we just shared what we got. I think having this info. will not hurt.

  9. teshome says:

    Good job. Berhanu, you are my hero. I know it is not uneasy truce for EPRDF officials but this is the only way to face the reality
    Berhanu, It is really really very constructive critics. I liked it very much.
    The Ethiopian diaspora illusionist thinker politicians, who looks to have zero future should learn a thing or two from you.
    We may Like it or not the government needs such type of sharp critics. Berhanu, I absolutely agree the country is in the midst of corruption and lack of good governance.
    You are again right, the diplomats we have, with the exceptions few, are not only incompetent, but also their knowledge is limited to deception and lies.
    The government officials should need to admit that they need help than ever before because I believe knowing a problem is half the solution.
    Please keep on what you have been doing.
    I believe the government will courageously overcome all odds, people like you have a great role to play with.
    I am with you, if I can be of any assistance….
    Have a great weekends

  10. asfaw says:

    Ethiopia, Are you suggesting he is taken out of context? Don’t sweat too much on it. You know there is no context in Woyane ruled Ethiopia.

    If you are intellectual enough to understand context you better learn fast before the wind of change makes you irrelevant or put you in jail, depending where you stand. There is negotiation with dictatorship on freedom. Don’t even entertain it, take a stand.

  11. debela says:

    ECADF what is wrong with you, are you trying to draw Abamela the bastrd Woyane Slave as if he is talking the truth. I am very dispointed with you, you don’t need the voice of this bastard to show WOYANES poletics. The bastard is flexible for his ‘HODE’. I don’t trust a word this bastard talks. Sorry for Ethiopians in ECADF who put the voice of this bastard on this website, please don’t full yourself the bastard is playing politics because of the current Ethiopian situation.

  12. Ethiopian says:

    Why you have cut the first part where he made critics about problems with opposition?

    I think that is very important.