Added on: May 19th, 2012

Ethiopia: Day 1- Arrest Zenawi Protest Outside Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center

On May 18, 2012 : Ethiopian Americans and Ethiopians from DC metro are turned out in mass to denounce the brutal dictator Meles Zenawi who in the US to attend the G8 meeting on food insecurity in Africa .

The protestors condemned the Obama administration for inviting one of the worst war brutal dictators in Africa, Meles Zenawi, to attend the G8 summit.

The protestor condemned the Obama administration for inviting a dictator who is well known for his government’s arbitrary arrests, torture, use of rape as a weapon of counterinsurgency, killings of innocent civilians as methods to undermine the movement for freedom and democracy, and who reigns with an iron fist for over 20 years and counting. The protestors added that promoting and allowing a tyrant of Zenawi’s proportions to attend a session on food security in Africa is incredibly inappropriate.

Protestors will be holding Day 2 of the protest tomorrow in Thurmont Maryland few miles away form the G8 Summit in Camp David.




    The first huge slap has already landed on the face of the genocide criminal Meles Zenawi. Drugging his body like dead equine is fast approaching. He killed more than 8Million Ethiopians and thousands of Somalians when he went into Somalia to accomplish the assignment given to him by Bush administration. All the genocide crime, ethnic cleansing, eviction of indigenous people and selling out the land and resources of the country happens with the help and design of the so called leaders of the developed world. This can’t go for ever and the time is closing now. Ethiopians of all wake of life, Africans of all wake of life, remove your dependency syndromes and rise up for a real freedom. Although Africa was liberated from colonialism in 60s, still suffering under the yoke of dictators and their plants. We have to rise up and secure our nature given rights.


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