Added on: May 15th, 2012

ESAT Radio: Homage to a great Ethiopian, Mulugeta Hailu

ESAT Radio: Homage to a great Ethiopian, Mulugeta HailuEveryone dies, but not everyone lives. Mulugeta Hailu lived. He lived a life of principle. He lived a life of convictions. He lived it with moral courage, in accord to his dreams and ideals much higher than himself. A life of principles lived to the fullest, a lifelong journey, with steadfast endurance, with so much gloom and pain in the process. All that for the betterment of Ethiopians through his life long struggle for the past four decades in order for social justice and equality to prevail in our homeland. He lived it to the last gasp of air on that fateful night, around midnight of Tuesday, May 08, 2012.
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