Added on: April 27th, 2012

Gebremedhin Araya Speak on Zenawi’s Hate towards Amhara

In his latest interview with ESAT, Gebremedhin Araya, one of the founders of the TPLF, exposed Meles Zenawi’s hate towards the ethnic Amhara.



  1. By: ben

    we have to get rid of this guy. 6% of the population controls the 94%. it’s shame, we should berry our heads and not talk about our proud historical moments while we can’t even come close to tossing this guy out of his office. there may be 100 thousands tigry fighters controlling the country at this time. come on ,we can do it people Amhara, oromo and others.

  2. By: Abebe

    We need to organize. We can predict what Meles is going to do in the future. Meles will do whatever he has to do to keep in power. He first separated us under ethnic line by preparing an ID card which shows our ethnic origin. Then, He divided the country under ethnic line. Then, he confiscated lands from Ethiopians specially from Amaharas. Recently, he publicly conducted ethnic cleansing from the south part of Ethiopia. What will be next? My sense tells me that he will do whatever it takes to keep himself. We are Meles’s target. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THAT. WE NEED ACTION.

  3. By: Alebel

    There you have it. Tigre hates Amhara and Woyane is thinking to annihilate Amhara. Why are we siting and what are we waiting for? Every thugera hates us whether he shows it or not. That is fact.

  4. By: kidi

    Dear Dassenech,
    That is the root problem of our political and social problem. We made to believe that only foreigners can address and solve our problem. if we believe that the solution of our problem is ethiopians only, then we would not be in this situation at all. we need to learn how to take a charge and eliminate this ascaris from our land. Ethiopia’s problem can only be solved by ethiopians!.

  5. By: tedla

    Dear DASSENNECH, I couldn’t agree more! I hate to hear Ethiopians complaining against 3rd party; instead of doing their part they accused CIA, Arabs or Political orgs. We didn’t hear Egyptians or Libyans complaining against opposition parties instead they just fight the dictatorial regime and won! Folks we have to stop pointing fingers and let’s focus on our enemy TPLF!

  6. By: koster

    It is really sad, Ethiopians who fought and won fascist Mussoloni are now cheated by fascist Meles who is looting and terrorizing for the last 20 years.


    The DEPENDENCY SYNDROME is an attitude and belief that a group can not solve its own problems without outside help. That is what most of Ethiopians are trapped in. We always look up to some countries, or leaders or political organizations to solve our problems. The dependency syndrome has long root in our society. For all problems, atrocities we blame other nations or political organizations. Sometimes we even forget that political organizations are collection of human beings like one of us who strife for a better. We consider them as if they are sent from divine to solve our problem. Unless we dislodge ourselves form such syndrome and start believing in ourselves, there will not be freedom or rights. We will suffer under Tigre Lib ration Front for decades to come.


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