Ethiopia: ESAT interview with OLF Secretary, General Kemal Gelchu

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ESAT interview with OLF Secretary, General Kemal Gelchu, on the barbaric and savage eviction of Amharas by Meles Zenawi from South Ethiopia.

The anti-amhara and anti-Ethiopian propaganda of Monster Zenawi has reached a new high. His savage, barbaric, and evil act of evicting women and children who happen to be Amharas is a despicable revenge with a racist motive against a specific ethnic origin

5 Responses to “Ethiopia: ESAT interview with OLF Secretary, General Kemal Gelchu”

  1. Hedet says:


  2. Birhanu Demeke says:

    Your excellency hon,General Kemal Gelchu,first of all I would like to express my gratitude to you and your group,for your your choice of one democratic and constitutional Ethiopia over ethnically fragmented Ethiopia.
    Secondly I would also like you and likes to know that I share your thoughts,vision and concern about the collective political Ethiopia, although I may have differences.
    I would like to invite you to see in your mind how the “Bees”are organized,do perform their task on daily bases and produce the most sweetest thing the earth could offer,”Honey”.
    If you understand the above,I hope you will know the reason behind why the TPLF and CO are still in existence,doing whatever to all Ethiopians with out our will,that is in-spit of all our differences.
    I want you and likes to know,that as Ethiopians, if we need to free our selves from the TPLF apartheid,we ought to do away with narrow tribalism,so that we may organize ourselves under one Ethiopian nationalism instead of bantustant ethnic confinement,by so doing we shall be sure to bring an end to TPLF apartheid,free all our Ethiopian compatriots and establish constitutional democracy in Ethiopia where all could live equally in harmony with equal opportunity for all.
    If we are unable to deliver the aforementioned,we have no moral authority to either blame any Ethiopian group in particular or the Ethiopian masses in general,other wise,if we want to blame,it should be all so called ELITES,in the opposition camp, for their short comings,because they have failed themselves from acting to lead the liberation movement of the Ethiopian people as compared to the “Queens of the Bees”.
    We should create Ethiopian National Congress(ENC),it should be created out of all existing opposition political organizations,it should have its arm wing,its purpose should be to liberate Ethiopia as a country and all Ethiopians as people from the TPLF apartheid,to establish a transitional period from the early post TPLF era to that of constitutional and democratic Ethiopia,to help bring about national reconciliation between and among all Ethiopians,to help establish democratic institutions in Ethiopia so that the human and democratic rights of any Ethiopian individual or group is guaranteed and respected during the post TPLF era.
    The aforementioned is the only way forward,if we really intend to find a lasting solution for all the challenges of the current political Ethiopia,if not we shall remain rhetoric.
    May the good God give us a wisdom to do away with tribalism so we may reclaim our Ethiopian identity for the common good of Ethiopia and all its people.

  3. Dany says:

    Very impressive ! Maturity and social breadth are exhibited. It clearly shows a qualitative change in Ethiopian political arena.God bless Ethiopia!